Here's Why You Should Be Adding 100 Images
to Your Business Listing

Visual quality plays a big role when it comes to promoting your local business online. With the rise of visually heavy platforms like Instagram and Yelp, their importance is only growing. Simply put, customers want to see what they are getting for their money.

Photos are a big part of the Google My Business (GMB) platform. They demonstrate just how important looking your best is for attracting consumers.

Need Proof?

A recent study looked at over 580,000 images found in 15,191 GMB listings. The focus of the study was to identify the impact of those photos on search and user behavior. Here are some key findings:
  • Businesses that have more photos uploaded into GMB get more attention. Businesses receive more website clicks, phone calls, and direction requests.
  • These images are often close to the CTAs.
  • The presence of more photos in a GMB listing increases the chance of customer moving from discovery to conversion.
Here are some details.
  • A business with over 100 photos gets over 500 percent more calls than a typical business. Those with a single image get 71 percent fewer.
  • A business with over 100 photos gets over 2700 percent more requests for directions compared to a typical business. Those with a single image get 75 percent fewer.
  • A business with over 100 photos gets over 1050 percent more website clicks than a typical business. Those with a single image get 65 percent less.
  • A business that has more GMB photos will get more views via search and more views on maps.

Get Found on Google Maps

Google has taken its Maps in new directions. They want it to be more than just a way to get directions. Maps users are looking for some place they can go to right now, not in a few days. Local businesses with a lot of foot traffic, such as restaurants and bars, get a head start when it comes to appearing on Google Maps. People frequently take photos and offer reviews at these types of locations. So, it’s no surprise that companies with a lot of photos get better local search performance in Maps, rather than the traditional search engine.
  • A business that has over 100 photos has almost 1000 percent more search views compared to an average business. A business with just one photo gets 62 percent.
  • A business that has over 100 images gets almost 3500 percent more map views than a typical business. Those with one photo gets 71 percent less.
  • A business that has more GMB images appear in more direct searches and discovery searches

Direct Searches vs. Discovery Searches

A direct search is one where someone searches directly for a business name or address. A discovery search is one where someone searches for a service, product, or category, companies offer. There’s still a strong trend between a high photo count and the number of times a business appears in both direct and discovery searches.
  • A business with over 100 photos gets over 700 percent more discovery searches than a typical business. Those with one photo get 65 percent fewer.
  • A business with over 100 photos gets over 1000 percent more direct searches than a typical business. Those with a single photo gets 71 percent fewer.

Is It the Photos or Something Else?

Even though the numbers show a strong trend between GMB photo count and the appearance in direct and discovery searches, is there a true correlation? The number of Google My Business photos may be affecting those search figures. However, it’s possible that the photos are part of a larger effort to boost search performance. Those extra efforts can improve actions, searches, and views. It’s also possible that the trend is related to industry type. Certain businesses get more pictures because customers want to take photos there. For example, restaurants, hotels, and bars are attractive locations filled with plenty of customers. They will take photos and post reviews of such venues. A factory, on the other hand, won’t get as much foot traffic or people wanting to take photos. Even if these trends are not a direct correlation to how many GMB photos are uploaded, the numbers provide a strong argument to increase the photo count on your GMB business listing. This applies to any business, from a trendy club to a stuffy accounting office.

Posting Your Own GMB Photos

Post your own photos to increase your GMB photo count. But, they can’t be just any photos. GMB photos need to be a reflection of the customer’s experience. So, posting photos of your staff doing their jobs isn’t going to do it. Host customer events and invite everyone to come check it out. Take some photos of your customers. Find interesting places inside your business and take a photo or two. Get multiple photos of your building’s exterior.

Getting Customers to Post Them

Encourage your customers to post photos of your business.

Google-using customers may get a request to review your business after they leave. You can also request a review from them yourself.

Ask customers to snap shot their experience in your business. Car dealers do this by asking customers if they want a picture of their new luxury car. The customer gets a great photo. The dealer gets a photo that the customer can use in a review.

For service companies, like plumbers or decorators, who want to increase local search performance, ask for photos of the completed handiwork. You make the customer happy, and the customer has a photo to upload.

Here’s a trick you can use. Create an interesting wall or area of your office where clients will want to take a selfie. The clients get a great photo. You get the potential of a photo-loaded review.

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