Month: June 2020

Using the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want your ecommerce store to grow, then you must have an ecommerce digital marketing approach that truly makes sense. Traffic must flow to your site, be engaged to want to spend money on your site and ultimately leads must be converted into sales. If these key elements are working like they should, your ecommerce store should be booming with product and service-related sales. The following are some ecommerce marketing tips to help ensure that your approach is on target to boost sales and improve your brand.

Nailing Down Goals and Objectives

When it comes to executing an ecommerce digital marketing strategy, it is essential that you have all your goals and objectives nailed down to a science. The key metrics that you want to achieve must be spelled out in explicit terms, such as the objective of making a 15% increase in overall sales volume for the next quarter. It is only when you are absolutely certain what it is that you want to achieve that you can begin to build a roadmap to achieving that goal or objective. The more detailed and explicit you get when stating goals and objectives, the more focused your approach to reaching them will be.

Using The Best Ecommerce Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Leveraging SEO for Better Results

It does not matter how many websites and subpages your websites have, the key to having a website is to attract as much online traffic as can be had to as many active main and subpages as you have made active. It is counterproductive to go through all the trouble to make pages active that do not perform well, and staying current with SEO best practices is precisely how to achieve optimal traffic to all your pages, not just a few. Try to understand that every hit to any page is a potential sale. So, your SEO strategy should be seeking to optimize the right keywords to attract as many visitors to the pages you have functioning to increase the odds of your converting leads to sales.

Content Is King Is the Law

Nothing is more important than high quality content on every page you manage for your ecommerce store. If you are not yet aware, the major search engines are judging your sites on the quality of the content they contain. No matter how these search engines rework their algorithms, the one constant is always that high quality content is worth far more than low quality content. This means product pages must be rich with names, descriptions and details that are heavily SEO driven. Other content could involve a blog, newsletters, white papers and other additional tools that attract and educate users of your site in a meaningful way. Plus, you must be aware of how your site ranks as an authority site, not merely how it ranks in search engine rankings. Your content will determine how much authority your website exudes and that does matter as a factor in your ecommerce digital marketing efforts.

Online Reviews the Special Sauce That Converts Leads

It does zero good to attract millions of online visitors to your ecommerce store if you fail to convert leads to sales. Yet, one of the best kept secrets in the industry is that reviews are the bread and butter of ecommerce gurus who make consistent profits. Please understand that people trust what other people say when it comes to product reviews. It is as if someone saying that a product is great, is the same as giving the one reading that review permission to buy that product from you. So, if your ecommerce store is not hosting product reviews, then you are missing out on converting countless leads to bona fide sales in your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

While there are many areas of an ecommerce marketing strategy that can use extra attention, your email marketing strategy is one of the most powerful areas for turning leads into repeat sales. Think it through, the person who opts in to your email list is someone you have the ability to market to over-and-over again. You can offer these people discounts on existing products, ramp up interest in up and coming products and, get this, you can even share positive product review ads inside quality email content that drives sales even harder. When it comes to email marketing, this is how many ecommerce professionals take their business to the next profit level. This is also why many ecommerce businesses will offer incentives for anyone who opts into their email list too, because this is a sure-fire way to get repeat sales for years to come.

Using Email Marketing as a Digital Marketing Strategy to Grow Your eCommerce Store
Using Remarketing to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Retargeting Customers

Nothing shows you care more than reaching out to a customer you have not heard much from in quite some time. Maybe they visited one of your website pages, or maybe they bought something from you six months ago. If you did your due diligence at collecting their contact information, grabbing an email or phone number, then it may be time to contact these individuals and let them know their business matters by offering them a great deal on some product. Or, better yet, let them know they were chosen to receive a free sample of some new product you are very excited about. In fact, you could rush it to them in the mail. If they do not mind, maybe they wouldn’t be opposed to writing a nice review for your site too? Nothing like fresh new reviews to spike interest in new products. The thing to walk away with is that some of the best ecommerce marketing strategies involve multiple elements that work in concert together.

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Retail Decline

At this point, Mid March 2020 is ancient history. Completely unexpected, coronavirus pandemic swept through the US economy by storm, causing shutdowns, closures, stay-at-home orders, and an overall decline in the demand of non-essential goods.

Things are continuing to look grim for retail.

Without a doubt, the public health crisis has impacted America’s purchasing behavior. At this point, we’re looking at a 10.% decline in total retail spend, with a 14.0% drop in brick-and-mortar.


eCommerce Growth

On the eCommerce side, things are looking a little more rosy. All of these shutdowns, stay at home orders, and limited retail has pushed digital to the forefront. Ecommerce is expected to grow 18% by this year, following a 14.9% gain in 2019.

The US Ecommerce 2020 Report

All of this data comes from the US Ecommerce 2020 Report. In this report, eMarketer explores the inpact of the public health crisis and explores new predictions.

Here’s some key points from the report:

  • A large result of eCommerce sales are driven by a surge of so called “click-and-collect;” when consumers make intimidate purchases with little human contact. US click-and-collect eCommerce sales are now expected to grow by $58.52 billion. This growth is up 60.4% from an initial forecast of 38.6% growth.
  • The 18% growth forecast for US ecommerce in 2020 is coming from both an increase in people buying things digital as well as an increase in the average spending per person. The pandemic is contining to have a huge impact on new buyers doing online shopping. We also saw a 12.2% growth in the 65+ age range.
  • In a post covid-19 economy, online shoppers are spending more money with trusted and reliable retailers. At this point, it looks like the top 10 ecommerce retail businesses will grow at 21.8%, above average. Amazon is poised to gain US ecommerce market share this year. Walmart’s ecommerce continues to accelerate, which will take it to #2 in online sales behind Amazon.
  • As the economy begins to reopen, the ecommerce sales will drop later this year. However,  certain behaviors like click-and-collect will continue down the road and create long-term ecommerce growth.

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Video Review

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads. Hope you’re doing well. It’s a beautiful Monday morning. Hey, I’m just gonna do a real quick video, and I’m going to show you how to find your review link from Google My Business (GMB). With your GMB, you can actually share that link of your business listing to anyone you like. Today, I’m going to show you how to do that.

Sign into the Right Google Account
Be Sure That You're Signed into the Right Google Account

Getting a Review Link from GMB

So the first thing you’re going to do here is just go to Google. And be sure you’re signed in to the correct Google account. This is my  Google Account. Once you’re signed to the right account,you can just put Google My Business and to Google and click on the result. And then just click on the top result This will take you into your Google My Business Page, you just click on Manage now. Now, I have multiple locations since I’m a SEO Agency and manage multiple locations. But if you just have one business listing, it’ll just show one location. I’m going click on my location for PushLeads.

Google Review Link In Twitter

Then, you’ll click on the Info tab where you add or change info information about your business listing. Once you have this info tab open, then there’s a button here that says share your business profile. Now I don’t why they made this too complicated, but they did. But if you click on share via email, you get a link. However, I have a problem on this computer where I don’t have this link connected to my email. You know, so if you if you have a problem like that,  the best way to do it is click on Share, and then click on Twitter. And then it’ll do a pop up window and open up your Twitter, and then here’s your link right here. So I can copy this link and use it. And so you could put this at the bottom of your email signature. You could put it, you could send it anywhere. And what I normally do is test the link. So go to another browser and go to Chrome or wherever and open up a Chrome browser or whatever the name your main browser, you know, an alternate browser, not your main browser. And you’ll see here that it’ll Open up your business listing. And at this point, you can then click on write a review.

Use Plepper to Get Google Review Link

Using Plepper to Get GMB Review Links

There’s another tool that works as good if you have you’re having problems, or you’d rather use another tool. Go to Google and search for “Pleper Review Tool” to find it. This tool is a review link generator.  You simply put your business name, click generate the awesome review, and you can get a few different types of links. The second one down actually works better.

I would suggest getting this and add it to the bottom of your email signature. I would suggest using that consistently. And you want to build up review links.

With Google Maps, the  more review links you have, the better. And, as you build those up, as you get more and more reviews, they’ll start to show up and more and more maps searches. Now there are other things that go into that. There’s actually four different things that go into making your business show up in Google and Google Maps. But this is one of them.

You can use this Google Review link in your email signature, or even text the review link. Typically speaking, you’re going to get much better response by texting that review link to a potential versus emailing it. People just respond much better via text than email.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Feel free to ask comments, or leave questions that below this review and I’ll respond. I’m Jeremy Ashburn. Have a great day!

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Do you think your business will have to change to thrive in going forward?

Although the COVID has wrecked the world, we’ve decided to turn inwards, do an overhaul of current systems and procedures, and do a pivot in three major areas: client acquisition, client retention, and client connections.

  • We’ve changed the way the find customers (using Cold email, better targeted Google Ads, and more blogging to improve SEO).
  • We’ve changed the way we serve client (using better leads tracking system, meeting with clients weekly)
  • We’re changed the way we meet with current and potential clients (doing weekly zoom meetings).

In the end, this time has been excellent time for us because of the reboot and pivoted. We’re already seeing greater levels of success BEFORE our economy is completely back online.

In the past month, we’re closing new clients as well as servicing existing clients doing Web Design, SEO, Google Ads, and Faceboook Ads.

We’ve helped Plumbing Company in South Carolina grow by 425% in just 6 weeks! Now that’s amazing!

Contact us here to do a free marketing meeting with us to learn more. You can also call us directly at 828-348-7686 or use our contact form to reach us.

The Client Dashboard Video

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Video Transcription

This is Jeremy Ashburn with Pushleads, And in today’s video, we’re going to be looking at the dashboard that all of our clients receive when they’re working with us. Now, this dashboard is great because it gives you everything you need to know from a marketing perspective. Whether it’s SEO, Google Ads, social media, or whatever you’re doing with us, you’ll get access to a dashboard that clearly shows everything we’re doing. So let’s take a quick look at it.

Dashboard Overview

And as soon as you log into the dashboard, you’ll see access to the overview. Now this dashboard gives you access to everything you want to know about your business from a marketing perspective. It goes over SEO here, so you can see your keyword positions. It shows how many leads you’re getting. It shows your reviews. It shows your SEO audit. It shows your business listing. How many people have visited your website. How many people have called you. It gives you your business insights, and of course, this comes from Google My Business.

Client Dashboard Overview

It shows how fast your website is loading. And it shows your traffic from Google Analytics. It gives you a little snapshot of visitors by device. How many people are coming in from mobile phone versus tablet versus desktop. And it gives you a PPC snapshot, so this is whether you’re doing Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads. How many ads are generating visitors from mobile, versus tablet, versus desktop. So you can see here that mobile is pretty huge for this client. And then this is a snapshot of your social media. So how many page likes do you have, the number of posts, your demographics, male versus female, and your page engagement.

SEO Dashboard

Now this dashboard gives you everything, but each of these has a subdashboard in it. So if I want to look at my SEO results, I can click on Keyword Positions in Google and click on View All Report, and this shows us that we’re tracking 111 keywords for this client. We’ve got 78 keywords in the Google’s first page, and 30 keywords in Google’s second page, with about 30 keywords improved. And I can see the actual keywords here, the current rank this week versus previous week.

SEO Dashboard 2
A Closer Look at the SEO Dashboard

You can see the keyword HVAC Repair Greer is at the top of Google. In the previous month, it wasn’t showing up at all. And I can scroll down here and see all the keywords, and when I see an arrow up with one, that means the keyword has improved week over week. In many cases, you’ll see the keyword moving up 20 positions or more as we’re doing SEO and as these keywords move to the top of Google.

So this client we’ve been doing work for about six to eight weeks or so. And you can see a lot of keywords at the top. For example, Plumbing Greer, it went up 10 positions in the last week, from the top of Google’s second page to the top of Google’s first page. In some cases, the keywords moved down a little bit, but generally speaking, most of them will be moving up. And so every week you can log in and see your results here on the keyword ranking.

Lead Tracking

The next thing I want to show you here is the lead tracking. So when I click on view all reports, what we’re doing here is we’re tracking how many calls come in. And what we’re doing is we’re recording the calls, and we get the caller ID, and we get all the details, the caller ID, the phone number, and how long the call was, as well as the call recording. So we’ve had 126 calls, and I can break it down by how many calls came in from Google organic and hit filter, and this has that one call came in when someone was visiting the website and called them.

Lead Tracking Marketing Dashboard

So that’s Google organic. If I wanted to sort by how many calls came in from Google Ads, I can just click on this, and hit Filter, and it’s 125 calls that came in from Google Ads. So again, you get all the details, the caller ID, the phone number, how long the call was, and you can match this against if you’re tracking calls and recording calls yourself.

Reviews Marketing Widget

Reviews Widget

So the next thing I want to show you is the Reviews widget. This is how many reviews you’re getting from across the web, whether it’s from Google, from Facebook, from Yelp, or other places. When you click on View All Report, this will give you the breakdown of where the reviews are coming from. So you can see your review visibility, how many reviews you’ve had, and what your overall mentions is. If you wanted to break it down further, you can click here to see a full list of visibility, and this gives you search engines that are generating reviews for you.

SEO Audit Dashboard

Next, let’s look at the SEO Audit Score. Your SEO Audit as a number on a scale of one to a hundred, and it usually starts with a 10, 20, or 30, a low number, and as we do SEO over time, your number goes up. So I think when we started with these guys, it was a 10 or 15, and now it’s up to a 66. So you can see here as we do the SEO work, these numbers go up. So all of these numbers are now maxed out. If I want to see details, I can actually go into it and see the breakdown of each component. Your overall score, your on page optimization, your mobile speed, keyword ranking, all of these things add up together to give us our final number of 47. So that’s the SEO Audit.

SEO Audit
We Improve Your SEO Audit which Boosts Your SEO.

Google My Business Insights

Reviews Marketing Widget

The next thing we’re going to look at here is your Google My Business Insights. So this is data coming from your business listing of how many people have visited your website, requested directions, or called you. And when I click on View All Report, it’s pulling data directly from your business listingm, and then when you click on Insights, it shows you how many total searches you’re showing up in, how many total views, and how many total actions. So as we do SEO, these numbers will go way up, and you’re going to scroll down and see the breakdown here.

Direct search discovered through keywords. You can see your listing showing up in Google Search, so you can see here as we’re doing the work, the listing is going up. Now we’re showing up in 260 listings, and then you can see your calls over time. So we had like seven calls happening around May 15th, and we had a total of 26 happening on June 8th. Huge increase from seven to 26. So that’s pretty awesome.

The page speed and load time shows you how fast your website is. So as we’re doing SEO, we will work on improving that. So I’m not going to spend a ton of time working on that, just to show you that that is one of the components that Google looks at, how fast does your website load. You can click on Mobile Page Speed Insights, those are the details. And we’re constantly working on improving that.

How Many Calls Is Your Business Listng Generating?

Google Analytics Dashboard

This is a snapshot of your Google Analytics. So you can see around 15th of May we had about 50 visitors coming in, and now we’re at about 482 visitors a day. And so that’s pretty awesome. And when I click on View All Report, this will give you the breakdown. How much traffic is coming directly to your website, versus coming from Google, versus coming from referrals. And each of these things gives you further breakdown, where the traffic is coming from, the behavior of the traffic. If it’s coming from mobile or not, the traffic sources, etc. So there’s a lot of details in here, but the overall snapshot just tells you how many sessions you’re getting, how many users are coming into your site, how long they’re spending time on the site, where they’re coming from, and so forth.

Google Analytics Gives Details on how much Traffic is Coming to Your Website.

Pay Per Click Dashboard

So if we look at the PPC Overview, and PPC, so that stands for pay-per-click, and this is from Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads, wherever the ads are coming from. This is a snapshot of your ads coming in. So when I click on view all report, it’ll give us the breakdown. It says here in the last month, we’ve had 9.6K clicks, and we’ve spent about $12K, and you can get a breakdown of the clicks happening over time. The demographics of the people coming in from your ads, how many conversions you’ve had, your quality score, your clicks over hour, your clicks over the day, what device is generating clicks, where most of your clicks are coming from, the network, and your budget utilization. So a lot of data here, you can actually look at a weekly report, a monthly report, or a custom report.

The PPC Dashboard Shows Clicks from Google Ads over Time
Social Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard

The Social Media Dashboard is your overview of what’s happening across your social media channels. How many likes do you have, and number of posts, and demographics, etc. So when I click on View All Report, this will tell you your recent post, your new fans, how many people were talking about you. And you can connect Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. You can connect all of these things.

We just have Facebook connected on this one. And so you can look at the posts coming in here. These are your posts on Facebook.You can look at your active fans here, and you can look at a social media report. How many new fans, how many liked your page, how many liked your page, etc.

Weekly Marketing Report

Weekly Reports

The last thing I want to show you here is a snapshot of the weekly reports we send out. So here’s the breakdown, the SEO reports, your social media reports, your PPC reports, and other files. So I could download and look at the report and see exactly how my SEO is doing, what keywords have moved up, what’s happening from a project management perspective, new backlinks, and more. How many calls that have come in from lead tracking, all that stuff. And the same is true for all the reports.

Want to See a Demo?

I hope you enjoyed that video of the dashboard. And again, as a client of Pushleads, you’ll get direct access to this dashboard so you can see everything we’re working on. You can see all the results, whether it’s SEO, social media, Google Ads, regardless of what we’re doing, you get access to everything, and you don’t have to go to multiple places. You don’t have to go into your business listing. You don’t have to go to your Google Analytics. You don’t have to go to your social media platforms to look at engagement. It’s all in one place. So if you want to see a demo of the dashboard directly, or you want to learn more, just give us a call at (828) 348-7686 or you could email me directly Thanks.

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Video Review

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Video Transcription

Hey, this is Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads. And in this video case study, I’m going to show you how we’re doing with a plumbing company based in Central Northern South Carolina. And we’ve been working with them for six to eight weeks right now and seeing some really great results. So let’s take a look.

Incredible 400% Growth with Plumber SEO

So if you could see the screen right here, what I’m showing you here is they currently have this 1.46%. Okay. So this is a tool that tells us how much of the market do they have. And when we started out, you could see they were at 0.18, way less than 1%. We hovered 2.28% and then you look in the last couple of weeks, we’ve gone to 1.16% and now 1.46%. So what does this mean? Well, basically the higher this number is the more keywords that are on the top of Google.

Plumbing SEO Company Growth

So if you could see the screen right here, what I’m showing you here is they currently have this 1.46%. Okay. So this is a tool that tells us how much of the market do they have. And when we started out, you could see they were at 0.18, way less than 1%. We hovered 2.28% and then you look in the last couple of weeks, we’ve gone to 1.16% and now 1.46%. So what does this mean? Well, basically the higher this number is the more keywords that are on the top of Google.

And so in the last two weeks, we’ve seen a 400% increase between May 28th and June 4th. And then in the last week, we saw a 25% increase. So the higher this number is, the more keywords are the top of Google. And you can see they’ve gone up, whereas Ken’s Plumbing, one of the other competitors, has been as high as 3.46%, and now they’re going down the 2.1%.

So anyway, this basically means that you’re getting more of the digital market share. Okay? So the higher this is, the more keywords you own. And if we look at the rankings, this shows us exactly what’s happened for this client here. So you can see here, professional plumber is now at the top of Google and this moved up 50 positions. And then plumbing is position two, plumber service is position two. Plumbing repair, plumbing services, all of these are at the top of Google and all of these have moved up in the last couple of weeks, really from Google’s fourth or fifth page, or sometimes the seventh or eighth page, all the way to the top here.

And so this has translated into a lot more traffic. Their traffic has started to go up and up and up. So we started tracking it here and we had to do a new tracking program, new Google Analytics, but their traffic has gone from 32 to 189. And so in the last week, we’ve seen 315 visitors, June 5th to 11th. Anyway, that’s the plumbing side.


SEO Growth on HVAC Side

Now on the HVAC side, you can see here that we’re starting to get momentum. It’s a little more competitive started with a 0.06%. And now we’re up to 0.59%. We’re starting to see some improvements there. And if we look at the rankings here, we can see that they’ve gone up. That we’ve got heat and air here, heating and air services. All of these keywords are now… We got three keywords that weren’t at the top, and now they are at the top of Google.

How Plumbing SEO Grows Your Company

So my point about all this is, this is a company that’s paying for us to get 15 keywords to the top of Google, and we’re doing something called SEO. So that basically means that we are doing a lot of changes inside the site and getting other websites to connect to the site. And we’re doing that on a daily and weekly and monthly basis, as well as publishing blog posts on the site. And just doing a lot of inside tweaks and outside tweaks and all that translates into this kind of growth. So if you are looking for this kind of growth, if you have a plumbing company or HVAC company, or you’re a dentist or lawyer or whatever service you provide, we actually specialize at helping service companies grow.

Do You Want This Kind of Growth?

And so if you want to see this kind of growth and want to start really taking away business from your competition and growing, then just reach out to me. My number is 828-329-4777. You could email me, And I have a whole team of people that do SEO. We can do Google Ads. We can do web design. We can do a variety of things. We can do retargeting and remarketing. So just wanted to let you know we’re available. We’re taking on clients and we’re definitely growing. I’d love to help you grow if you’re interested. Thanks a lot. I’m Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads. I’ll talk to you soon.

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HVAC Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

It is estimated that 97 percent of people find local services by going online. If you are trying to get more leads and book jobs, then you will need to get your tips from people who are experts in HVAC marketing.

We Can Help You Grow

PushLeads can help your HVAC company. We have over 15 experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. We have large HVAC and Plumber Companies are the are current clients. They have been with us for a long time and received amazing results from our company.

Here’s the kind of results that we typically see:

  • 300 percent in organic website leads after using our HVAC marketing company for just five months
  • A 91 percent increase in phone calls
  • A 60,194 percent increase in growth in three years

The right type of HVAC marketing company will be able to take care of all your  online marketing needs. We can keep track of your content marketing and advertising. We will also make sure that the content is optimized for local search engine optimization, or SEO.

All clients receive access to a dashboard where they can see the work we’re going, get weekly reports, and see the tasks that we’re doing. This dashboard holds us as well as the client accountable for the work we do and the results we achieve.

Grow With Digital Marketing

If you want to know how your company can improve your marketing, then just call us at 828-438-7686, email us, or use our contact form.

We provide a free 1 hour consultation where we get to know you, find out about your current marketing efforts, give you feedback, and start to formulate a plan that will help you grow.

We look forward to talking with you.

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