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47 Percent of College Students Use CBD

47% of College Students are Using CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is becoming more commonly used as an additive to food, beauty products, and medication. Many of us are aware that CBD is a great muscle relaxant, pain reliever, and relaxant.

Now, more and more college students are using CBD. NewsHouse at Syracuse University conducted a study that found 47% of college students have been using CBD products.

Here’s some highlights of the study:

  • In 2018, Grand View Business valued the CBD market at $4.6 billion. The investment banking company Cowen did a deep analysis of the market in the U.S and predicted the CBD market could represent a $16 billion opportunity in 2025.
    represent a $16 billion opportunity in 2025.
  • Students often starting out using CBD infused CBD cream to treat injuries in sports. Later on, these same students begin using CBD oil, loose flower, and gummies to lessen anxiety.
  • Quite often students who have had surgery begin using CBD as a pain reliever. This leads to increased CBD usage as well.
  • Young entrepreneurs are creating businesses that infuse food infused with different strains of CBD, which leads to new ways it can be introduced.

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