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Find Asheville Marketing Jobs and in the Most Beautiful Place on Earth.

5 Tips for Finding Amazing Asheville Marketing Jobs

Find Asheville Marketing Jobs in the Most Beautiful Place on Earth.
Find Asheville Marketing Jobs in the Most Beautiful Place on Earth.

How to Find Asheville Marketing Jobs and Live Here (Paradise)

Asheville, North Carolina. If you haven’t ever been here, you have no idea what you are missing. Beautiful mountains that stretch into the distance. Crisp air invigorating your nostrils every morning. Endless miles of hiking trails leading to waterfalls, panoramic views, and undiscovered wonders. You can find all of it here small little town in Western NC that we call Asheville. Asheville. Say it again and again and let the word seem into your mind. Asheville is a small town of 60 thousand people who’ve found paradise before paradise. Asheville is (mostly) an undiscovered secret.

This is amazing place to live. You should live here. Why don’t you?

Move here. You won’t regret it. We love it.

Once you get here, you’ll need a great job. If you are do Advertising or Marketing, then you’ll need to find Asheville Marketing Jobs that suit your lifestyle. Here are Five Tips for finding amazing Asheville Marketing Jobs. Use these tips to get started on a journey that will end in Asheville, NC. Take it from a local – moving to Asheville something you’ll never regret.

Asheville Marketing Jobs Tip #1: Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

First, give yourself a Self Assessment to find out where you stand. Give yourself 20 minutes to write out all your strengths and weakness on a piece of paper.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my greatest strengths, where do I shine?
  • How can I capitalize on my strengths?
  • How can I use my strengths to land Asheville Marketing Jobs?
  • What are my greatest weaknesses?
  • Where could I use some improvement?
  • How can I overcome my weaknesses?
  • How can I leverage my weaknesses to my advantage?

Writing these ideas down makes things much more concrete (instead of ideas floating around in your head). Use this assessment to be totally honest with yourself. The last thing you need is to enter the local job market without a true understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

One another piece of paper, write down:

  • Your Career Goals (to an executive working in downtown Asheville)
  • Your Yearly Goals (to make over 150K per year)
  • Relationship Goals (to be happily married with 3 children)
  • Physical Goals (to get in shape and run three miles per day)
  • Spiritual Goals (pray or meditate to grow closer to the Creator God or Divine Presence)

This powerful visualization technique will do both bring together your aspirations as well as provide a yearly benchmark so you can come back annually and reevaluate yourself. Of course, one of the most important reasons that you’re writing these goals down is so that you can increase the probability that they will come to fruition. Remember: get a job in Asheville so you can live here and be happy!

After you’ve done this self assessment, you’ll have an idea what you want out of a job, which strengths you bring to the table, and you’ll begin to get an idea what kind of job that you are looking for.

Tips for Find Asheville Marketing Jobs
Tips for Find Asheville Marketing Jobs

Asheville Marketing Jobs Tip #2: Get Your Resume Together

The truth is that it’s not easy to find a job in the Asheville Market. The major industries are health care, tourism, insurance, or the growing industrial manufacturing sector. Since your options are somewhat limited, you’ll need to move here and decide to either become Self Employed or try to land Asheville Marketing Jobs in the local area.

Either way, you’ll need to put together an excellent resume. Take your time and type out a resume that has both your accomplishments and responsibilities. Make sure that every accomplishment focuses on “Money Make, Money Saved, or Problems Solved.” How did you make money for previous companies? How did you save money (since money saved is money made)? How did you solve problems that arose? Putting all into information into a concise “One Pager” resume is difficult, takes practice, but isn’t impossible. Take your time doing on your resume, work on it over a 3 day period, and keep refining it as you go along.

Asheville Marketing Jobs Tip #3: Get Realistic About the Asheville Job Market

There are those who are very successful in the Asheville area, and those who aren’t so successful. Trying to find the right job in such a narrow job market can be very frustrating since most jobs seem to revolve around health care, manufacturing/construction, and hospitality/leisure. Since typical Asheville Marketing Jobs don’t call into this category, you’ll have to look even harder to find the perfect marketing job. You might have to do is find a job with a slighter lower salary that what you’re used to. If that’s what you end up doing, don’t worry. Many other local Ashevillians who live here have had to make the sacrifice of lower wages to live the Asheville lifestyle. Ask yourself this question: What’s better? Making tons of money in a city you hate or making less money in a city you love? All of us locals love Asheville and consider taking a financial step back worth living in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Once you move here, you’ll agree!

Asheville Marketing Jobs Tip #4: It’s Not What You Know But Who You Know

Before the Great Recession, back in the Good Ol’ Days, we use to college, graduate, and expect to immediately find the job of their dreams. Ha! No so today. The recession has changed all that and created an even tighter market. The truth is that you’ll have to work extremely hard to find Asheville marketing jobs which can sustain your standard of living. Landing the Asheville job of your dreams means that you’ll need to do extensive networking, ask around for referrals, and try to meet people in Advertising who might someday become a potential employer (or client if you end up being Self Employed). Make sure that you use the online world to generate leads and referrals. You need to be actively searching, looking, and digging through the worlds of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare. Also, be sure to actually call people on the phone and actually talk to real people (yeah, imagine that). Let the internet be an asset for finding leads but don’t let it be a crutch – be sure to also call people. Again, be sure you actually call people, talk with them, and ask them for leads. Talking to real people is something that happens less and less in today’s culture. Be sure you engage and talk with people, introduce yourself, get to know people, and ask for leads and referrals.

Put In Real Effort to Find Asheville Marketing Jobs
Put In Real Effort to Find Asheville Marketing Jobs

Asheville Marketing Jobs Tip #5: Be Proactive, Push Gently, Push Hard, Push!

You’ll need to exert real effort to start getting momentum in your job search. “Finding a job in a full time job” is the expression that comes to mind here. While some of us end up in the right place at the right time, the rest of us actually have to dig deep to find leads, referrals, interviews, and job offers. Being proactive is the true key to success. Be proactive.

Here’s some tips for Proactive Job Searching:

  • Go to the Chamber of Commerce and get a list of Advertisers in Asheville. Also ask about clubs, meetings, or organizations that help people network.
  • Look for local Periodicals like the Mountain Xpress, WNC Magazine, Sophie, and the Laurel of Asheville to get names, companies, and leads.
  • Newspapers (while they still exist) are also a good place to track down starting point to locate potential employers and organizations.
  • Once You’ve Built a List, make tons of phone calls introducing yourself to people, let them know what you do, and get your name out in the right circles

Don’t Give Up. You’ll Find The Perfect Asheville Job with Persistance

This article is just the beginning of your quest to find an Asheville Marketing Jobs. Give yourself at least one hour per day and put time into looking for leads, referrals, and building your network. Let the list of leads, names, and real people be your hope and guide. You won’t fail if you keep asking, keep knocking, keep opening doors. You need to keep motivating yourself to keep exerting some good ol’ fashion hard-core persistence. When you get frustrated or tired, just tell yourself to “keep moving” and do that. Keep moving. Don’t stop. Where there’s life, there’s movement. Pinch yourself to make sure that you’re still alive…then keep moving.

After putting in long hours of researching, list building, calling, and networking, opportunities will start generating their own momentum. Crazy as it seems, opportunities will stop “popping up” on their own (really the result of your persistence). You’ll smile when seemingly random people will call you introduce themselves and setup an interview. Take these opportunities without thinking. Set interviews as soon as possible. First Interviews will turn into Second, Third, and Final Interviews. Before you know it, you’ll have a strong offer from a local Asheville firm who wants you expertise. If the offer is good, then take it. Setup a start date, turn in your notice, and never look back at any Counteroffer.

Good luck my friend. You’ll actually need persistence, intelligence, and a bit of luck to succeed. You can do it!

We Help You Find Asheville Marketing Jobs

After you’re hired, don’t forget where you originally read this article. On the first day of your job, tell Your New Employer that PushLeads.com helped you find Asheville Marketing Jobs. You thanks be will enough.

We’re glad to help,
– Jeremy Ashburn

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