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5 Ways to Boost Your Content in 2018

5 Ways of Boosting Your Content in 2018

Now that 2018 is here, all of my clients are excited about producing content that helps them rank at the top of Google. What if you’re producing content for your business but aren’t gaining traction in searches? Here's help.

Now that 2018 is here, all of my clients are excited about producing content that helps them rank at the top of Google. Of course, creating content is always fabulous, but what if you’re producing content for your business but aren’t gaining traction in searches? Sherry Bonneli with SEM Rush just wrote this excellent article about 5 ways of doing more with your content which will help it reach its full potential. Here’s the skinny:

Tip #1 - Make Your Blog Posts into an Ebook

The “Olden Days,” creating an eBook used to require hiring a writer, design firm, and various editors to produce the final finished product. Fortunately these days, Technology is here to save the day! Designrr is a publishing tool that allows you to take a blog post you’ve written and turn it into a visually stunning e-book. From there, you can use the e-Book as a lead magnet on your site, sell it on Amazon, or make it as a value adding product as part of something bigger. Pretty cool! I’m definitely going to check this tool out.

Tip #2 - Turn Videos into Blog Posts

If you’re not already producing videos for your business, you need to start doing this right away? Why? Because videos are fast and easy to do, are easy to make into blog posts (or other site content), and do amazing things for SEO! Sure, you can use tools like Content Samuai or Lumen5 to help you make video, however, if you’re already a “one take wonder” with video, don’t hesitate and get going! My suggestion would be make a list of commonly asked questions and answer those questions in 2-4 minute videos. From there, you can upload them to YouTube, get them transcribed on Rev.com, and make them into blog posts on your site.

Google has sometimes been known to include video results within searches, so it’s a bonus if that ever happens for your business. But, the best thing that I love about creating videos is just the fact that one can get excellent content at a small fraction of the cost $5 to transcribe a 5 minute video on Rev.com) vs hiring a writer (which costs $12 to $200 per article, depending on article quality).

Tip #3 - Create Inforgraphics

For the past 5 years, Infographics have been “all the rage,” and is easy to understand why. Jeff Bullas says in this blog post that ine one day “we create 1.5 billion peices of content, 140 million tweets, and 2 million videos.” Wow! That’s just a lot of content. Overwhelming. He describes this content as a “mountains and oceans of data” that everyone is constantly trying to make sense of. Actually, since  it’s really impossible to consume that much data, so the best thing is to create an Infographic that makes sense of it all.

Inforgraphics are:

  • a beautiful piece of art that communicates complex data in a stunning visual format.
  • wonderful at taking tons of data and presenting it in a beautiful shorthand format.
  • an efficient way of combining the best of images, text, and design into a story that people might want to share.

Tip #4 - Harness the Power of Email

Ladies and gentleman, we have an announcement: “email is not dead.” No, email is in fact, very much alive. Sending emails to your clients and customers is still a great way to keep in touch with them, start a two way conversation, and let them see your brand.

The thing is, some of us just don’t know the first thing about how to distribute email. If that’s you, don’t panic. All you need to do is get in the habbit of emailing your list about your most recent piece of content, link to that content in your email signature, and send out personalized emails. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Share your most recent piece of content: Send out a simple email (with little html or design) informing your list about your latest piece of content. This could be a blog post, Youtube video, or inner page on your site.
2. Link to that content in your email signature: Tweak your email signature to include a link at the bottom to your most popular piece of content. Yes! People will click that link in your email and read your blog post! Absolutely.
3. Send out personalized emails: Don’t be afraid to email your best clients and customers directly with a personalized note, special offer, or other value adding bit of content. They’ll love you for this!

Tip #5 - Use Reddit and Web 2.0 Blogs

Reddit and other Web 2.0 Blogs like Weebly, Tumblr, and Blogger are great ways to sharing and promoting your content. Also, when you share content on these places, it sends the right signals to search engines. This then, in turn, helps your new content rank in search engines.

When using Reddit, all you have to do is create an account, do a search and find a sureddit that has an audience and would be interested in your content, and submit a link to your content right there.  Easy.

Boosting Your Content

Now that you know a few ways of boosting your content here in 2018, I totally encourage you to start incorporating these ideas into your content publishing this year. If you do, you’ll see your content become superpowered! When content becomes superpowered, it’s liked, shared, and linked to. All of this fabulousness will translate into more business, more growth, and a bigger bottom line.

Go forth, always add value to the web, live, and prosper.

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