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Here's 6 Tips to Improve Ecommerce

6 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales

The percentage of eCommerce transactions that contribute to total retail sales has been on a steady incline for more than a few years now. A healthy market is always good news but it can also mean there is stiff competition in a particular market. This can cause it to become more difficult and expensive to attract customers to your business.

The tools available to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign are plentiful. The following six tips are an excellent place to start for business owners who need to drive more sales to an eCommerce website.

Google Shopping Ads

A Google Shopping campaign will allow you to prominently display your product advertisements atop search results precisely as prospective customers are searching for the products you sell. The ads you create should include images of your products, pricing information, customer reviews, and a button that allows customers to add their product selection to a virtual shopping cart.

The first step in the process is to upload a data sheet for your products to the Google Merchant Center. Next, your Google Merchant account and Google Ads account should be connected. Once this is completed, Google will automatically deliver your product ads to customers who use its search engine.


According to a report from Google Shopping, the average conversion rate for a Google Shopping advertisement is two percent. And while these numbers may be a bit disappointing to some business owners, it only means you have a bit more work to do before realizing the sales goals you have for your business.

When your advertising does not result in an immediate sale, customer interaction still took place. This makes it possible for you to remarket your information to prospective customers to increase eCommerce growth. Remarketing allows you to stay relevant in the minds of customers who are on the fence regarding the purchase of your products.

One specific eCommerce marketing method that successfully makes use of the remarketing technique is to target prospective buyers who interacted with your ad on Google with a second ad the next time they sign-in to Facebook.

Likes to Sales Conversions Through Instagram

Conventional wisdom among marketers has for years suggested that the main function of social marketing is to build social awareness while search marketing should be used to drive sales. Though both methods will accomplish the stated goals, absolute distinctions that were once made between the two eCommerce marketing strategies are quickly becoming obsolete.

A major reason for this change of outlook is the shopping that is now done on Instagram.

You will need to set up an Instagram business profile and upload your catalog of products to their parent company, Facebook. These steps will allow you to tag your products in the posts you make to your organic feed.

Users who find your product on Facebook will not be directed to a home or random page on your site where they will then have to navigate the site to locate the desired product. Instead, your prospective customer will be carried from Instagram directly to the page on your eCommerce site where the product in which they are interested is located.

This method of social shopping eliminates friction and allows for an effortless shopping experience.

Use Customer Reviews to Build Trust

It is one thing to use SEO and eCommerce marketing techniques to drive traffic to your website. It is another thing altogether to turn this traffic into sales conversions that will fuel the eCommerce growth of your company.

Savvy customers are cautious when it comes to parting with their hard-earned money. One thing that can prove persuasive when there is any type of buyer resistance is a thumbs up from a customer who has already spent their money on a product.

A rating and review section on each of your product pages is an eCommerce marketing technique that has proven its effectiveness over time.

Cross Sell With Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are another of the eCommerce marketing strategies that have stood the test of time. A pop-up is an additional window that will suddenly appear on the screen of a computer user to show an advertisement. Pop-ups are great to use when you want to offer a customer that is already shopping at your eCommerce website with a discount that can be used to offset the cost of additional purchases.

Gain Customers Through Referrals

A good referral program will provide customers with incentives to refer the people they know to your business offerings. The theory is that prospective customers will place trust in the recommendations they receive from friends and family members. This digital marketing tactic is not too different from gathering customer reviews. The major difference is that customer referral is made directly to an individual while customer reviews are posted online for all website visitors to see.

The Takeaway

Success in today’s highly competitive online business world will not be possible without a well thought out SEO and eCommerce marketing plan. The six strategies above should be enough for you to begin drawing customers to your eCommerce site. Great products and a consistent marketing effort will keep them coming back for more, again and again.

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