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7 Things You Need to Be Doing to Boost Your SEO in a Post Covid World

7 Things You Need to Be Doing to Boost Your SEO in a Post Covid World

The pandemic has affected many businesses and hurt the economy. Here's how to leverage SEO best practices and make a quick come-back.

Making a Comeback

The pandemic affected many businesses and hurt the entire economy around the world. This led to closed shops, poor sales, and slashed budgets, and reduced costs in most organizations.

Fortunately, companies can leverage SEO best practices for intensive marketing and make a quick come-back. The world is now getting better, and companies can boost ROI after these post-covid times.

Companies are now creating quality content to market their brands on online and offline platforms. This is a smart move that will help brands set records straight amidst the covid challenges. Below are several ways to help you make a quick come-back.

Identity the Most-Researched Keywords

It would be best if you found out the keyword with the most queries and a high ranking. Try various sources, including Google Search Console, Google Trends Scout Suggest, among other platforms.

Note down all the queries relevant to your area of focus and determine your current performance. You can split them into Page 1 and Page 2 rankings and use several queries to rank below Page 2.

Update Existing Content

Check your first page rankings and do some minor changes on your content to rank your site higher and give you a larger audience.

The second-page ranking is usually challenging. In this case, you may need to include more sections to your current content as you target the queries with specific content. This can earn you a featured snippet. Improve the content further by adding FAQs to give your audience direct answers to their concerns.

Integrate the Existing Content

It is now time to check the queries ranked below Google’s Second Page. You might find similar content. Sometimes, this content may not be effective, but you can consolidate it into one strong page for better performance.

Create Short-Search Content for Long-Trail Queries

Integrate the low-form content you found during keyword research. The individual search volumes may not be high, but they become better with a combined search volume and minimal competition. Integrate the queries into new and short-form content.

Go for a FAQPage Schema Markup

At this point, you need to be creative and implement content with the Schema FAQPage. Doing this will help you extend the snippet with the FAQ box. It will help you achieve quick SEO results because Google can pick up the FAQPage Schema markup’s performance and bring you results quickly. This isn’t a hard task. However, if you do not want to write JSON-LD code, you can use relevant tools to generate it.

Schema Markup

Implement Tools Suitable for Your Target Audience

You can identify a Schema markup generator to do the lifting for you if you plan to add more information about covid on your website. This depends on your priorities.

Create Fresh Content Relevant to the Current Situation

If you create new SEo content relevant to your brand, it will drive high traffic to your site instantly. You can identify various online tools that offer special deals on the pandemic.

The Type of Content Preferred by Your Audience

With the above tips, you can get quality results. However, if you still have time, you can create more content relevant to your target audience’s needs during this post-COVID.

Even though this content will not bring high traffic to your site, there will still be consistent growth if you maintain the content well. This is a great investment that will bring in profits in the long run.

The Bottom Line

The tips above are among other numerous ways to utilize every free moment during this pandemic. You can start by implementing easy ways to achieve quick results. If you have extra time, do not hesitate to invest it in better content to drive your target audience to your traffic.

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