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Our 1-800 Water Damage Client Experienced an 80% Increase Over 8 months in 2015

Our Client Experienced an 80% Increase Over 8 months

Our Vision

At Pushleads, our vision is to “increase our client’s digital profitability.” To put it more simply, we aim to do a variety of tasks on and off your site to make it more profitable for your company. At Pushleads, we believe that your website should be much more than just a website sitting out there on the internet. We believe that your website should actually be an integral part of your sales team. Your website shouldn’t be just “sitting there” on the internet, it should be aggressively capturing search traffic, bringing in more prospective customers into your business, and generating more sales. One of the main ways we accomplish this is through doing SEO. What is SEO? Glad you asked! When you have a quick 5 minutes, read 8 reasons why your website needs SEO. It’s a simply fabulous article explaining what SEO is and why your business needs it.

Exponential Growth

Diane Holmes, Owner of 1-800 Water DamageSo, how well are we doing at increasing our client’s digital profitability? Last year (in 2015), we took on 1-800 Water Damage, a disaster restoration client, and started doing SEO work for them. After a few months, they starting getting many more phone calls and decided to check their internal phone records. When they did this, they realized that after 4 months of us doing SEO that they had experienced 40% more phone calls, year over year! Again, this was them checking their own internal numbers. When they looked closer at these phone call numbers, they realized that all of them were coming from our SEO. They were thrilled because they were experiencing almost double growth in just a Four month period. Fantastic.

Want to hear something even more incredible? Eight months into the SEO process, they checked their numbers again and discovered that they were getting 80% more phone calls, year over year. Same situation, all of the new growth was occurring via their website. How in the world had this happened? Our consist ant SEO work had turned their “normal” website into Aggressive Sales Machine! If you know anything about Google Analytics (Google’s free website traffic tracking tool), their website traffic, sessions, users, and pageviews tripled over a six month period.

Does Your Business Need This Type of Growth?

For just this one example, you can see why SEO is so powerful. SEO is a long term investment that provides the highest ROI, drives offline sales, builds your brand and trust, eliminates your competition, and helps make your website produce more leads. If hearing how we helped this one client gets your excited, we totally encourage you to reach out to us. We’ve love to help.

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