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A recession on the horizon makes all small business owners shake in their boots! Don’t throw in the towel. It’s time to get creative! In this webinar, you’ll learn 5 action steps that you can take now to Survive & Thrive this downtown.

Recession 2022? Don’t Stop Believing!

Who’s thinking about the recession in 2022? It’s summertime! Time for outdoor fun, travel, sunshine, swimming, and enjoying nature! What could overshadow all this fun? A recession on the horizon makes all small business owners shake in their boots! I’ll let you in on an industry secret… SEO companies don’t like recessions either.

For most of us, upsets in the economic environment make us a little crazy… It’s important not to panic! Your business and livelihood depend on keeping a level head and developing a sensible strategy in the downturn.

The Truth About the Recession 2022

The truth is the workforce is down – one person is available for every two jobs. Inflation is up – in a big way. The struggle is real! Many younger people have never experienced inflation on this level. Most entrepreneurs like yourself know that they must make changes to survive. However, nothing could be worse than a knee-jerk reaction based on fear.

The Truth about the Recession in 2022

Don’t Make This Blunder

One thing that most small businesses do when the going gets tough – they cancel their marketing plans. This reaction is the kiss of death for companies trying to position themselves for success during a recession. Unless you need that money to cover payroll or other critical expenses, cutting back will cost your business more in the long run. And, you must think big picture right now!

Stay Positive

At the risk of sounding a bit woo-woo… maintaining a positive mindset is good for business and your mental and emotional health. It’s a win-win! It’s a great time to be grateful for what you have and to use positive affirmations to help set the tone for the day!

It’s About Your Marketing

Perhaps the one thing you can do to increase your chances of survival and thrive in these economic conditions is to focus on your marketing. Keep your name out there – stay relevant – don’t disappear.

Yes… evaluate all your expenses. Try shifting priorities. Get out there, and try something new. Study what people have done in the past. What is your competition doing? Meet with your marketing partners and hear suggestions for stepping up your marketing efforts.  This information can help you formulate a strategy to get through this. 

Prepare Your Business for 2022 Recession

Get Creative

It’s time to get creative! Work with your marketing and SEO teams to look at options and opportunities. Don’t throw in the towel. Instead, look at trying new things with your marketing. Maybe you need to bundle your services differently and add strategies that weren’t important last year.

The important thing is to be open to trying new things and pivot when necessary. Don’t stop believing… remain open to learning and growing as you weather the storm. If you play your cards right, you can grow and thrive, even in a recession!

Help Is Here!

At PushLeads, we’re all about getting you seen! We help you to move up in your Google rankings and position you to be noticeable. Let’s work together and get through this challenging time! We are offering a new webinar for business owners like you. Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your marketing dollars with equal parts support and inspiration for coping.

How Are You Preparing Your Business For this Upcoming Recession?

It's Time To Get Prepared! Sign Up For Our Webinar.

A recession is on the horizon, but don’t throw in the towel. It’s time to get creative! In this webinar, you’ll learn 5 action steps that you can take now to Survive & Thrive this downturn and come out the other side stronger than ever!

Webinar: Survive & Thrive / Recession Survival Strategies
When: Weds Aug 24th
Time: 2pm EST

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A You Sending Follow Up Emails?

Are you expanding your business by visiting BNI Speed Networking?

Are you visiting other chapters and doing 1 on 1s?


What about following up? Are you sending a thank you email afterward?

If you aren’t, you should be.

The Second Touch

According to this article on Pipedrive, “the make or break part of any deal is the second touch.” The second touch is the magic that starts turning leads into prospects and eventually into clients. 

The Thank You Email

In our opinion, the second touch is best done via a “Thank You You Email.”

A Thank You Email is just an email to someone you’ve just met (via Zoom or in-person). 

The purpose of this email is to

  • act as a reminder for your conversation
  • show that you’ve been listening to them by sharing the types of referrals you’ll be looking out for
  • remind them of your ideal referral
  • Use a soft call to action
  • Thank them for the meeting

Here’s an example:

Hey Bob, it was great chatting with you this afternoon. I’ll start keeping you in mind for [their ideal clients] as well as [referral types of clients] who can send you referrals.

Let me know if you come across this type of client:

  • Home Services business > Plumbers, roofers, carpet cleaners.
  • Professional Services > physical therapists, dentists, lawyers.
  • Getting Leads > they are already getting some leads in Google.

For new potential clients, I typically research 100 keywords, find out where they are in Google, and have that data ready for our first meeting.

Again, thanks for the chat!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Ashburn


Using a CRM

It helps to have a system where you can easily find out where prospects are in your sales process, connect with them, and push things forward. 

If you’d like to improve your process, you can consider using a CRM like Keep to send these emails, keep in touch, and do more follow-ups.

Using a CRM

CRMs are powerful if you use them correctly.

CRMs can be used to spam people as well.

Once, I met a sales guy who would do too many follow-ups with prospects, driving them crazy.

No one wants to be emailed one day, called the next, sent a text the day after that, and then sent a video the following day.

Don’t become that guy.

Be sure that you add value to every interaction you have with prospects. That way, you’ll never end up spamming people.

Start Sending Follow-Ups

If you haven’t been sending out follow-ups, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Just start doing follow-ups from this point forward.


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BNI Blog Recap

Play Video about The View From Your Windshield

Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads. And what I’m going to be doing today is a quick little summary of the most recent BNI podcasts. So let’s get into it.

I just presented this in our BNI today. I’m both the President and the education coordinator of our Chapter, which is a lot of fun. So I get to do these educational moments here.

And so today’s education moment was the “view from your windshield.” Ivan Meisner was talking about driving and the view through the windshield. And this is episode 757 on May 11, 22.

Summer Here in the Mountains

It’s almost summer here in the mountains. When summer happens, we always think about road trips; you gotta love those beautiful road trips.

And Ivan was talking about the view from your windshield. Obviously, it’s huge. You have this huge view of where you are and driving, and then the rearview mirror is tiny. And so you have these beautiful views. You also have sometimes these kinds of views, where it’s like, you’re driving along, and it’s like rainy, and you can barely see, and you’ve got cars stopping on the interstate, who knows what’s happening?

Can you imagine having this view right here?

Driving along, and it’s like, oh, my gosh, these beautiful beaches!

I believe this is a picture from Portugal.

And then, of course, the side-view mirror, can you imagine having this view!

There have been times when I felt like in my business; I had this view; there’s a dinosaur coming up behind you. And this reminds me of Jurassic Park. I’m an old-school guy, you know, so to speak, I’m 44. But I remember seeing Jurassic Park in the theaters, just like this scene where the dinosaur is coming up behind you. And then it says objects in the side view mirror are larger than they appear, right?

So, if you’re talking about the rearview mirror itself, the rearview mirror is pretty tiny compared to the windshield. And, you know, I think the whole idea of the rearview mirror versus the actual windshield, you know, what he was saying was that basically the view
in the windshield is much larger than the rearview mirror.

The whole idea here is that looking forward, your vision is much more awesome and expansive, and it should be the focus versus the rearview mirror.

But, some people are just they’re always looking in the rearview mirror; they’re always looking in the past.

And that doesn’t really get take you anywhere, right?

I mean, you can just see where you’ve been.

And some people just are always living in the past, not living in the future.

And Ivas was saying that there is a reason why your windshield is larger in there than the rearview mirror. It’s important that you have the clearest view possible of where you’re going.

And, of course, you need to know your destination; you need to know the route you’re going to get there take to get there.

And if you’re going in the wrong direction, that’s not going to really help correct, and you need to know you’re going in the right direction. So moving faster doesn’t actually help when you’re going the wrong way. And so your business goals are your destination and BNI joining BNI being part of a local BNI. And also, networking with other BNI chapters is the route you’re going to take to get there.

And so, if the weather is bad, you definitely need the help of windshield wipers to get things off the windshield. You need someone looking at the side of the river window, the side window there, their rear windows. So you can see clearly, but sometimes you need more help than that.

And, of course, we all have blind spots, right? And we know when driving, if you don’t look around, don’t know what your blind spot is, don’t have someone looking for you, you could be really in danger. So even when it’s real rainy and you’re going slow for safety, it’s still important to focus on what’s in front of you. So keep the windshield of your life clear of obstructions.

And this is an interesting idea here: instead of letting things frustrate you, you can actually turn it a trait of frustration into something that can be a future. And so, if something’s frustrating, you let that motivate you to change things so that you can move into the future successfully.

And so the whole point here is to focus on where you’re going and not where you’ve been.

We always have an opening quote in our BNI, something that I came up with. And the quote here is a vision with action makes a powerful reality. So it’s more than just having a vision; you need to have action.

And so the challenge here for this month is, or this week here is, what’s your vision for the summer?

What’s your business vision? What goals you want to accomplish? And then what action goals are you going to take to get there?

At PushLeads, we do SEO Services; I’m working on getting my business out there in front of other people and meeting other people and other BNI guys.

For me, my vision is to increase my business. And, in order to do that, I’m essentially visiting other chapters, doing BNI, speed networking, networking, all that is translating into more visibility. And, when I do one-to-one, those increases my visibility, credibility, and some of those people will want to do business with you, or they’ll refer business to you, and that increases your profitability.

So anyway, I’m starting this little BNI blog on PushLeads to give back, share my thoughts on the weekly Ivan Meisner podcast.

Hope to see you guys in the next one.

And I’m Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads. We play in traffic.

See you next week.

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