Here's the Best Lead Magnet Examples

Visitor becomes a lead when they provide their contact information. A lead can then begin a one-on-one conversation with them about a subject they might be interested in. Here are 10 of the best lead examples, to convert visitors into leads. I’ll also discuss some approaches to draw visitors to your magnets and some suggestions to magnify them.

List of the Most High Quality Lead Magnet Ideas & Examples

Find out about the most popular and effective ways to gather leads.

1. Free Tools

There have been a lot of companies leveraging the expectation of getting something for free on the internet to get prospects closer to their brand. Is it too much to give out free tools? Is providing free tools too much to ask for contact information? These days, everyone expects to get something for free on the internet.

Why would you want people to try your product if you’ve paid a lot of money to get them to your website? When you think about it, eliminating friction makes perfect sense. You may distribute free samples of your product’s functionality to reduce resistance. Ahrefs, a comprehensive SEO toolkit, is an example. Visitors can register for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools if they aren’t ready to buy them.

It works because:

  • Free offers to solve a problem increase
  • Your brand awareness and attract visitors.
  • You can show a sneak peek of your product and offer an upgrade to entice your customers.
  • Provides the lead on a nurturing program.

Give Away Cool Stuff!


2. Giving Away Product Trials And Samples

It’s important to remember that free tools should be free forever. You can offer your product a free trial if that doesn’t suit your needs. You can restrict a free trial by setting a time limit or restricting certain features. How about providing product samples? Are you still giving away too much?

Here, we have one of the best lead examples of a competitor who offers book summarization services. Blinkist offers a free trial of its full service for a limited time.

An interesting takeaway from this example is how it surveys visitors before letting them in. Why wouldn’t someone “invest” one minute or less to fill the survey and receive something for free?

Soundview is listed below and is its competitor. Although you can’t try out a product sample, you can sample a book summary. It makes sense since one book summary should sufficiently tell whether Soundview’s product is of good quality.

It works because:

  • Users can try out your product before purchasing it.
  • When someone signs up for a free trial, you can entice them to sign up for a newsletter (or some other lead nurturing process).
  • The difficulty of using your product is reduced.
  • During onboarding, you can collect market research data by surveying users.

3. Waiting Lists and Easy Access

You may want to launch your product with an early access. This is another one of the very best lead magnet examples. If you want to see it in action ASAP, test it with a small group of people before releasing it to the entire internet, which also gives you an opportunity to gauge feedback from those people. 

It works because:

  • You can build a list of people who might be interested in your product before it is launched.
  • When creating a list, you can discuss product functionality. Savvy people within your niche are often early birds.
  • You can ship quickly to a small/controlled group.

4. Bonuses and Discounts

To increase the proportion of people who buy your goods, you want to provide an extra incentive.

To establish a “direct line” for prospective buyers, you want to make purchasing your goods more accessible.

When people sign up for a free Quiksilver account, they receive free shipping and free returns. This is almost certainly a win-win situation. It solves both problems at once. Because distributing its goods through other shops costs the company less than offering free shipping and returns, I surmise that free shipping and returns save the company money. Very smart.

I love how genuine and upfront they are about the amount of spam you will receive. A clothing brand, WAWWA, is giving you 15% off your first order as long as you provide your email address. Everybody guarantees not to spam people, but WAWWA will probably send you product offers, which you will appreciate and expect. Nobody can complain about that.

It works because:

  • People love saving money, and getting an email in exchange for giving up their information is a pretty good deal.
  • You may persuade your visitors to purchase from you if they are offered discounts.

Creating Sales Materials

5. Creating Sales Materials And Product Demos

Prospects having difficulty comprehending complicated products will probably not be persuaded to try a self-service trial. In such cases, prospects prefer to have some guidance rather than be bombarded with a range of buttons and dials. Guided product demos are an option. In addition to sales materials such as comparisons, fact sheets, and third-party reports on your product, you can also target specific market segments.


There is no doubt in Help Scout’s mind that giving new customers a 1:1 demo of the product is the best way for them to get acquainted with it and become satisfied customers.

You can use a chatbot to prequalify leads and schedule appointments with your sales team.

It works because:

  • People who want a product demo are usually quite serious about the offer.
  • Directly addressing the lead’s concerns or showing how your product’s benefits stand out is possible when you get in touch with them.
  • You can use this subtle but effective solution if you don’t want to divulge information about your product publicly.
  • This method usually attracts enterprise clients with high demands and specific requirements.

6. Free Assessments and Expert Advice

An expert providing free assessments or advice in exchange for filling out a contact form seems like a smart choice for all types of agencies and service providers.

An agency called Single Grain is offering a free, custom marketing plan. This is the best foot in the door for a marketing agency.

It works because:

  • Get in touch with your target audience and deliver a customized message.
  • It allows you to get started.
  • It can create the reciprocity effect.

Offer Courses


7. Courses

Qlik covers all bases about courses as lead magnets in this example
1. People searching for data literacy resources can find free courses on the platform.
2. Taking free courses can lead to paid ones.
3. Answering questions and taking paid courses prompts users to provide their contact information.

Qlik believes that the more people know about how data is used in business, the more customers it can attract. 

From points #1 to #3, you get to know what the user thinks about the product. From points #3 to #1, you know what the company thinks about the product.

It works because:

  • Courses are valuable assets.
  • You can educate your audience for a more extended period.
  • You can generate organic traffic through courses.

8. White Papers

A white paper is an in-depth analysis of the problems faced by clients, the solutions offered by the company, and how those solutions compare to the competition. It’s halfway between a B2B sales pitch and an academic paper and is intended to be a serious document that shows the necessary data and facts.

Because product information is sprinkled throughout the post, I believe this is an excellent example of effective content marketing. Furthermore, Ultimaker can gather the information they need since the post includes a picture of one of their products. I believe this is successful because a) you are informed about the product without feeling like it’s being forced on you, and b) it’s true that other companies are not always as forthcoming about the actual expenses of owning a 3D printer.

It works because:

  • Save your most in-depth and expert content for your most qualified audience.
  • It’s a great way to demonstrate your expertise.
  • You can use this chance to personalize your material for particular market segments.

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9. Ebooks

Some issues are just too extensive to address with one blog post. Ebooks answer those concerns. Ebooks are excellent lead magnets because they provide complimentary education on complex, professional subjects, which you would have difficulty finding elsewhere.

It works because:

  • Ebooks entice those interested in learning more about your field. Lead nurturing programs may be an excellent way to target them.
  • Ebooks are valuable content.
  • You can distribute content via ebooks. Repurposed content can even be used to create them.
  • Having someone’s attention for more than five minutes is a rare feat.

10. Virtual Summits/ Webinars

You can stand out when everyone else publishes ebooks by hosting webinars and virtual summits. A webinar is particularly effective (i.e., superior to your competitor’s educational materials) if the subject is conveyed better than spoken.

It works because:

  • Industry professionals are attracted.
  • Invite key guests to social events, especially if they are influential members of your profession.
  • Creating content is not always necessary—the speakers can handle that.
  • By having a live session, you can communicate with your audience.
  • A recorded lecture can be used as evergreen content.


In Closing

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