New York Butcher Shoppe Asheville NC

By Jeremy Ashburn

New York Butcher Shoppe Asheville NC

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Well, I ran into this business when I was in Augusta, Georgia visiting my step kids, and we just… My husband and I fell in love with the concept. We went in for a sandwich and we ended up bringing a steak home, and it was an amazing steak. So, this is the only place in town where you’re going to be able to find certified Angus beef that you can take home and cook. And, the certified Angus beef is one of the highest quality cuts of beef that you can find. So, of course we’re a full service butcher shop, and that means we have our own house-made sausages, our own meat grinds. We also do a wide variety of prepared meals. So some examples of that is a meat lasagna, white chicken lasagna. We also do a beef stroganoff. We do a number of different prepared meals and sides. In addition, we’re introducing smoked meats now as part of our offerings. So we’re going to be cooking it up on Saturdays if you want to come on by, and that’s a great time to try some of the cooked meals as well.

What I love about this business is absolutely the quality of the product., And I had to have something that I could really stand behind and something I wanted to buy for myself. What I love about the concept is not only do we have great food products, we have great meats and seafoods and prepared items, but we also have wine and a fantastic fun wine club, and we’re actually kicking that off this evening. So we’re super excited to kick off our wine club tonight. This is our inaugural wine club. We brought this business to Asheville. One of the main reasons was to really start building a sense of community.

We know that Asheville is such a foodie community and they love their food, love their wine. So we’re going to be sampling a number of our products from inside the market, as well as many wines from our local distributors.

So, tonight is our first wine club, October wine club, and we are celebrating by a number of wines that we’re going to be presenting tonight. During our wine club event, we not only do we taste wines throughout the evening, but we also have certain high-end wines that we put on special discount. So wine club members are eligible to purchase wines on that night only, that we would not offer at these low discounts on any other day of the month. So, tonight we’re doing the Archery Summit Pinot Gris. This’ll be served with one of our earlier dishes, I think it’s the salmon salad. We are also serving a couple of Pinot Noirs from different regions in the US. This one in particular is from Oregon, The Unconditional. The Frank Family Vineyards are part of our focus this evening, so we are going to be offering the Cabernet and the Pinot at very special discounts this evening, and prices you won’t find anywhere else. And finally, the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Forefront is also one of our Pinots that we’re serving tonite.

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