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DuckDuckGo Has Fallen Below 100 Million Daily Searches

Before January 2021 DuckDuckGo had over 100 million daily searches, but has been under that mark for the last few months.


The search engine, which before January 2021 had over 100 million daily searches, has been under that mark for the last few months.

According to its public traffic statistics page, DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, is experiencing less than 100 million daily searches. In January 2021, DuckDuckGo achieved a milestone of 100 million daily searches and a year later, 1 billion searches. Although DuckDuckGo has been reporting less than 100 million daily searches since April 2022, the number of searches has decreased annually since 2022.

Here are the figures for 2022:

  • January: 106 million searches per day
  • February: 105.5 million searches per day
  • March: 102.7 million searches per day
  • April: 97.7 million searches per day
  • May: 96.2 million searches per day
  • June (to-date): 93.8 million searches per day

What if DuckDuckGo isn’t growing anymore? What if this indicates that DuckDuckGo is abandoning the battle against Google? Since its inception, DuckDuckGo has recorded over 115 billion queries. In a single day, 111.7 million search queries were recorded. 

On my way to and from work, I don’t hear as many DuckDuckGo radio commercials as I used to, but some are still playing. Is this a sign that DuckDuckGo isn’t growing? It’s difficult to say.



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