Missing Out on Business Because You Still Don’t Have a Website?

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Missing Out on Business Because You Still Don’t Have a Website?

I know, I know. It isn’t easy or you would have done it already.

Let me guess…
● It costs too much.
● It takes time to learn a new process and come up with the right words and images.
● It takes skills and experience you don’t have so you don’t even know where to start and
every time you try, you don’t get far.

Well, I can fix all that.

Missing Out on Business Because You Still Don’t Have a Website?

Hi, I’m Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads and I’ve been building state of the art websites for
people just like you for more than 15 years.

My approach is NOT to sell you some cheap do-it-yourself Web tool that requires you to learn
how to use it first in order to get any results–which by the way are usually pretty terrible.
And my approach is NOT to charge you an arm and a leg–we’re talking $1,000 or $1,500 on the
low end–for a “complete” do-it-for-me site that is really just a collection of cookie cutter page
No, my approach is genius. Why? Because it works. And it costs you nothing to get your site
built. Zero dollars.

How is That Even Possible?

Because my approach is to do-it-with-you , so we capture the key information and unique
characteristics of you and your business but I still do the heavy lifting. I will actually build your
site right in front of you while you give me your ideas and suggestions. Your skin in the game is
your time–a couple, two, three hours, max.

And the best part is that when we’re done, if for some reason you don’t like the site we’ve built
together, you don’t owe me a thing. You’re free to walk away. Simple as that.
But if you do  like the site we’ve built together–and I’m almost positive you will–then you still
don’t owe me a thing for it. All I ask is that you let me host it for you.

I Have a Vest Interest In You

Look you’re going to pay for hosting anyway, so let me take that off the table for you right now. I
want to host your site because I helped you build it and now I have a vested interest not only in
your site but in you. And by hosting your business, I can make sure it is taken care of properly,
all the security and other tools are kept up to date.

So here’s the deal: I build a brand new state of the art website with you in about the time it takes
to binge a few episodes of your favorite show, and charge you nothing. In return you let me host
your site. Normally we charge $799 a year for full-service hosting but since your site is one I
know is built right, your price is only $499 a year.

Seriously, how much business have you missed out on over the past year because you don’t
have a website? More than $499? My guess is it’s way more. So let’s fix that right now.

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