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I'm today's video, I'm going to show you how to find your review link from Google My Business. You'll learn how you can actually get a link that you can share with anyone you like.

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Hey, it’s Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads. Hope you’re doing well. It’s a beautiful Monday morning. Hey, I’m just gonna do a real quick video, and I’m going to show you how to find your review link from Google My Business (GMB). With your GMB, you can actually share that link of your business listing to anyone you like. Today, I’m going to show you how to do that.

Sign into the Right Google Account
Be Sure That You're Signed into the Right Google Account

Getting a Review Link from GMB

So the first thing you’re going to do here is just go to Google. And be sure you’re signed in to the correct Google account. This is my  Google Account. Once you’re signed to the right account,you can just put Google My Business and to Google and click on the result. And then just click on the top result This will take you into your Google My Business Page, you just click on Manage now. Now, I have multiple locations since I’m a SEO Agency and manage multiple locations. But if you just have one business listing, it’ll just show one location. I’m going click on my location for PushLeads.

Google Review Link In Twitter

Then, you’ll click on the Info tab where you add or change info information about your business listing. Once you have this info tab open, then there’s a button here that says share your business profile. Now I don’t why they made this too complicated, but they did. But if you click on share via email, you get a link. However, I have a problem on this computer where I don’t have this link connected to my email. You know, so if you if you have a problem like that,  the best way to do it is click on Share, and then click on Twitter. And then it’ll do a pop up window and open up your Twitter, and then here’s your link right here. So I can copy this link and use it. And so you could put this at the bottom of your email signature. You could put it, you could send it anywhere. And what I normally do is test the link. So go to another browser and go to Chrome or wherever and open up a Chrome browser or whatever the name your main browser, you know, an alternate browser, not your main browser. And you’ll see here that it’ll Open up your business listing. And at this point, you can then click on write a review.

Use Plepper to Get Google Review Link

Using Plepper to Get GMB Review Links

There’s another tool that works as good if you have you’re having problems, or you’d rather use another tool. Go to Google and search for “Pleper Review Tool” to find it. This tool is a review link generator.  You simply put your business name, click generate the awesome review, and you can get a few different types of links. The second one down actually works better.

I would suggest getting this and add it to the bottom of your email signature. I would suggest using that consistently. And you want to build up review links.

With Google Maps, the  more review links you have, the better. And, as you build those up, as you get more and more reviews, they’ll start to show up and more and more maps searches. Now there are other things that go into that. There’s actually four different things that go into making your business show up in Google and Google Maps. But this is one of them.

You can use this Google Review link in your email signature, or even text the review link. Typically speaking, you’re going to get much better response by texting that review link to a potential versus emailing it. People just respond much better via text than email.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Feel free to ask comments, or leave questions that below this review and I’ll respond. I’m Jeremy Ashburn. Have a great day!

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