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Google Creates Ads Distinguishable From Organic Results

Google ads is enhancing their look in the search results by including new graphical elements that highlight company names and logos.

Google Ads Enhances Their Look

Google ads is enhancing their look in the search results by including new graphical elements that highlight company names and logos.
Google is removing the “ad” label from search ads and adding company names and logos to make them easier to distinguish from organic results. These alterations are part of a broader initiative to improve the user experience on Google Search.

Google Search Ads Feature Business Names


In recent times, Google has altered how search snippets are displayed for website homepages, making the website name the most noticeable visual element. Now, business names will be featured in search ads.

Before now, the landing page URL appeared at the top of search ads, followed by ad title text.

The new design from Google still displays the URL and title text. It is not removing information but making the company name more noticeable.

This adjustment might be beneficial when a company bids on a competitor’s keywords. Customers will recognize which firm’s website they are on once they click an advertisement.

Google Search Ads

Google is now showing business logos in search advertisements and business names. This ensures that searchers know which business paid for the ad, so they are not surprised by the landing page.

Logos help searchers tell the difference between ads and organic search results by making the ads stand out with more visual elements. Searchers usually see plain text in organic search results, with a thumbnail on the right-hand side.

Google has been criticized for making ads look similar to organic search results. With this update, there should be less confusion. Now, the business logo is positioned on the top left of search ads, setting them apart from organic search snippets.

Google Search Ads feature sponsored labels.

Google is replacing the “Ad” label with a “Sponsored” tag to indicate that a webpage is an advertisement. The words “Sponsored” and “Ad” will now appear on separate lines in the top left corner of search ads.

Google Search ads are being updated on mobile, and the same experience will be available on a desktop later.


Google Search ads featuring business names and logos are currently in beta and are limited to eligible advertisers. The following criteria must be met to be eligible:

  • Your account has been active for more than 90 days.
  • The account has a decent track record of policy compliance.
  • There are active campaigns on the account.
  • At least 28 days have passed since the account last accrued spending on a Search campaign, and the account has been running text ads.
  • At this time, sensitive verticals or sub-verticals (such as sexual content, alcohol, gambling, and healthcare) are not eligible for Business Information.
  • Google has verified the ad account.
  • When the eligibility criteria are met, Google Ads will crawl your landing page to find the business name and logo and automatically add them to your campaigns.

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You can manually add a business name and logo to each campaign. If you remove automatically added information, you can review and remove it. Google will review all business names and logos to comply with Google Ads policy and format requirements.

These new business name and logo features are being rolled out automatically. Google will show the domain from your display URL rather than your business name if it cannot include it. If Google cannot display your logo, it will add a blue globe icon. Advertisers will receive a notification in their Google Ads account when they receive access.


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