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Google is Showing More Crawls On Your Site

Google Is Showing More Crawls On Your Site

Noticing Google crawling your site more? Don't worry. Google is simply showing more types of crawls to your website.

A Google Reporting Change

News flash! Google just posted an update indicating that they are increasing the number of crawls in Search Console.

What is Search Console? Why does this even matter?

Search Console is the tool that shows you how people are finding you in Google, how often Google’s “bots;” it’s algorithm, is looking at your site.

So, now, Google is reporting that their bots are crawling your site more frequently than previously.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry. These reports are for Advanced users. If you have a smaller website that’s less than 1,000 pages, you don’t need to worry.

As for us, we like to stay on top of things like things to better understand how Google is working so that we can do better SEO for you, our valued clients.

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