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How Can The Latest Digital Marketing Trends Better Connect With Customers?

Today we find out about the latest marketing tactics for delivering outstanding experiences that help in connecting with customers.

Digital Marketing Trends

Today we’re going to find out about the latest marketing tactics for delivering outstanding experiences that help in connecting with customers.

Despite the significant alterations of recent years, marketers are still adjusting to them. On the other hand, buyers continue to expect personalized and engaging experiences from marketers. Fortunately, the technology and data that can assist are becoming increasingly accessible.

Oracle surveyed marketers across the US, Canada, India, and the UK in partnership with Ascend2. This report reveals what trends and technologies are assisting marketers pivot when necessary, connect with customers, and drive conversions.

The top problems digital marketers currently face are as follows:


According to 38% of marketers, achieving maximum performance across channels was one of their toughest challenges. Audiences are digitally everywhere now, consuming and interacting with content across various channels and devices.

No matter what, marketers must keep up with online consumer behaviors and deliver value. Customers provide all the information you need to satisfy their online behaviors. The right technology collects this data and makes it available to marketers to connect with customers and modify their strategies.

Tips and methods for digital marketing success.

Nearly half of all marketing organizations plan to provide more customized content and promotions in the coming year. Videos and virtual events will play a significant role here, making the content simpler to consume. Personalization will also allow marketers to focus more on retaining customers rather than acquiring new ones.

Which technologies will assist?

  • A CDP allows you to anticipate customer needs.
  • A content management system (CMS) allows you to create and manage more innovative content.
  • An incentive and reward customer loyalty program keeps your brand engaging with customers.

One of the Best Digital Marketing Tactics are to Go All-in on AI

According to 59% of marketers who claim they couldn’t live without AI, as it has helped them develop successful marketing strategies. Thirty percent of all respondents fear they are missing out on AI’s ability to predict customer behavior and alter campaigns.

AI is essential in helping save time and money by automating routine, labor-intensive tasks such as:

  • Create campaign workflows.
  • Test different offers, subject lines, and text.
  • Customizing content.

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Nearly half of all marketers (42%) say they are already using AI to personalize content and promotions in real-time.

Digital marketing trends are exciting this year, according to an impressive 94% of marketers. Thirty-seven percent anticipate a successful year in 2022, as well. Learn what trends and technologies will make it so.

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