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How Has Covid Impacted SEO

How Has Covid Impacted SEO?

Corona has forced us to pivot. Be sure the your business is thinking about SEO as part of your digital marketing approach going forward.

Without a doubt, the ongoing pandemic has changed, everything.
Covid has changed nearly everything in our culture. Normalcy was washed away in March 2020, when the planet went through multiple states of shut-down in an effort to avoid the spread of COVID19.
It’s changed some major things (no more travel) and minor things (we miss you, movie theaters). People have had to face problems they had not expected and make improvements in all facets of their lives since the pandemic. Even though the vaccine is rolling out, the consequences that COVID has had on us will be felt for months or even years down the road.
One of the biggest changes has been how the pandemic has changed SEO.
Many of the changes brought on by the pandemic may become irreversible, as we have had to rethink every part of our lives and businesses.
One unanticipated side effect of COVID-19 has been that more companies have recognized the opportunities that SEO can offer.
Everybody’s interest in SEO peaked at the start of the pandemic and has stayed high as businesses strive to remain important, accessible, and viable.
In this article, we take a close look at how SEO has been impacted by Corona.

People Keep Googling Pandemic Topics

The pandemic has been on many people’s minds even after a year. We’ve always had a lot of concerns over the last year, and there are still a lot of them.
Early on, Google realized that having up-to-date knowledge of what’s going on with COVID was critical, and Google has prioritized making it easy to find.
When you search for details about the virus on Google, you’ll find a range of reputable sources on the first page, including a rundown of cases in your area, testing information, statics, how to deal with the pandemic, news updates, ways that you can entertain yourself, and more.
People’s interest in topics outside of the virus also soared. Searches have gone way up such as hobbies, music, fitness, and outdoor activities. All of these searches have increased more and more, as lockdowns and ongoing restrictions kept us pinned up on our  homes.
And yes, our lives have changed dramatically since March of 2020. This has lead to many of us finding new hobbies, picking up new interests, finding Facebook Groups to get involved in, and getting connected with new zoom friend groups,.
While awareness to the online world has dramatically shifted, businesses are discovering new ways to connect with people and interest them in their products or services.

Local Business Search has Gone Up

There is no doubt that the pandemic has hurt local businesses.
But, in contrast, more and more people are finding ways to support small businesses. It seems like every week, there’s another Facebook post asking us to support another local business. Or, a GoFundMe begging for support
In some situations, travel restrictions has made local businesses a better choice vs other options.
Pledge for local businesses isn’t going to just go away, either. A new Accenture poll indicates that 84% of respondents plan to continue shopping locally, after after the pandemic is expected to wind down.
As you can image, local SEO is of vital importance for local companies because businesses want to be visible right when people searching for the product or service that they provide. The pandemic has also forced local businesses to shifted quickly to allow consumers to access their physical location, quite often having to change their hours to allow for extra cleaning.
The interest and grow in take-out, BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store), and other contactless services has also drastically increased.
Local businesses need to keep up their Google My Businesses page to that prospective clients can easily find them. The pandemic has also forced local businesses to shifted quickly to allow consumers to access their physical location. Keeping up with your business listing will help Google “trust” you business more, allow customers to interact with you and find your location.
Local businesses must also ensure that their websites are still up to date and carry all COVID-19 information that is relevant to the customer.
Keeping the website up-up- and online listings current guarantees that consumers will have a good experience when they look you up information on the internet.

Online Shopping Is Increasingly Widespread

Despite a downturn in global retail spending, e-commerce sales increased significantly in 2020. eMarketer reported that global online e-commerce revenues will rose 27.6 percent in 2020, totaling $4.27 trillion. With 59% of the world having access to the Internet, online shopping is often the more convenient buying option.
If you weren’t shopping online prior to the pandemic, have you bought anything online in the last year? The data says that you most likely have. According to the Global Connected Customer Index, people are shopping online 28 percent more often than before the pandemic. Why do you leave the house if you don’t have to?
Nonessential retailers have had no choice but to lock their doors at different stages over the last year. And when some shops started to reopen, they discovered that more customers choose to buy online instead.
Stores have had to restrict the number of customers allowed in at one time, thereby limiting revenue. Not only is online shopping the safest alternative, but many people have found that it is much more convenient in general.
Despite the fact that small retailers are dealing with a much bigger e-commerce behemoth in Amazon, many smaller vendors are still in business because they were able to find ways to market their goods and services through the Internet. Many businesses are starting online stores / ecommerce shops. An ecommerce shop allows businesses to continue doing business even though more customers are not leaving their homes.

Evergreen Content Is Becoming More Popular

What is Evergreen Content? Simply put, Evergreen Content is Search Engine Optimized content that stays relevant to changes in the search results and can change with time.
A post or guide that targets a high-volume keyword, features tips that are timeless, and provides useful photographs can drive an increasing amount of traffic to your website year after year. Evergreen content will serve an organization for a long time, and businesses are now starting to focus more and more on it.
Why is evergreen content important for SEO? Because staying relevant means staying on top of the evergreen topics that have recently come up in the minds of people looking for information. In other words, it is important for SEO to consider evergreen articles as important content because that means these articles have been popular and therefore they are still relevant to the reader. Therefore, the more popular a particular article is, the more valuable the information it contains.
It’s also not enough just to publish new evergreen content, Google also likes it if you give your content a nice refresh. Doing this helps to hold your SEO in line and continue winning respect in the eyes of both Google and your audience. A couple of ways to do is this targeting new search terms (keywords) within your existing content, adding more/newer information, updating links with your content, changing titles, including more visuals, and editing your meta description. Here’s a longer article from Wordstream explaining how to improve your evergreen content.

Evergreen Content Is Becoming More Popular

The pandemic has changed everything. Corona has forced us pivot, to make changes, to improve things, and also demonstrated the importance of SEO for small local businesses. Be sure the your business is thinking about SEO as part of your digital marketing approach going forward.

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