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How to do Broken Link Building

How to do Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a great SEO tatic, but very time consuming. Patrick Stox come come up with a better way. Learn his method.

Broken link building is the process of discovering dead links in your niche, recreating the content, and requesting that the website owner (webmaster) link to your newly developed resource. By doing this, you’re providing immense value to the reader, the webmaster, and the web, in general.

Broken links have been a problem on the internet for a long time but have been increasing more and more in recent years.

The problem is that broken link building has fallen out of favor lately because it’s a very tedious and time-consuming process.

How Should You do Broken Link Building?

If you haven’t ever done broken link building, you might want to jump over to this two-part article by Russ Jones. In part one, Russ gives a complete overview of the process, prospecting, content creation, and outreach. Part Two provides an update with ethical guidelines, new prospecting, content, and outreach techniques.

Reclamation Link Building

As a general rule, link building is pretty hard.

Very hard. Time-consuming. Frustrating. Endless. Ugh!

Let’s look at an easier way to do broken link building. 

This method uses Afrefs to find broken sites to our site. We’re essentially using the power of Ahref’s database to find broken links on your site. All you do is log in to Ahrefs, enter your domain, and click the Broken links button.

You can easily see where all your links are coming from, where they are linking to, and links that are lost. This allows you to quickly focus on fixing broken links that are most important to you.

Most people think of this process as link reclamation, not broken link building. Regardless of how you feel about it, this process improves your Onpage SEO, adds more value to your site, and improves the web.

Using Link Reclamation on Competitors

What about using the link reclamation process on competitors?

Let’s look at mainstreethost.com, a national SEO company. These guys are at the top of Google nationwide for “SEO services.”

As you can see, they have 237 broken backlinks. 

We could export this list of backlinks, group them by pages they link to, and think about creating content on our site that we can pursue in the outreach process.

Next, creating the content is as easy as making content similar to what mainstreethost.com had on their site. We could use Wayback Machine to see precisely what kind of content was on their site, hire a writer to create content, or write our own.

The last step is to reach out to the website owners linking to these pages and encouraging them to update their links.


If you need help with the outreach process, we suggest reading Manual link building’s seven worst outreach offenses and Link building outreach: preparation meets persuasion.

Ahrefs has saved us hundreds of hundreds of hours because we didn’t have to find these links manually. 

So perfect.

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