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How to Get Started with Digital Marketing

How to Get Started with Digital Marketing

There's a web of confusion surrounding digital marketing. Get ready to learn digital marketing strategies and starting points.

The mention of digital marketing puts many people in a swirl of thoughts. They tend to get confused about so many aspects of digital-marketing. There is a web of confusion about where to start, the primary thing that one must know about digital-marketing, etc. Digital-marketing is a broad spectrum of topics. Some of the digital-marketing issues include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, content strategy, and Analytics.

Strategies in Digital Marketing

Recommendations on digital-marketing are constant regardless of the business’s audience, industry, or age. It is always advised that you commence from the end of the lead generation process in digital-marketing.

The strategy involves going to the last step in the process, the call to action, and the conversion pages. Start by fixing these last steps. Once the last parts of the process are set, start moving upwards. For each step, make the necessary improvements to suit your audience. Make the changes until you get to the top step.

Digital marketing strategy
Some of the necessary improvements for the last step include improving your business website. The improvements on the last stage of a process are always durable as they involve permanent upgrades. The value of all the traffic to be expected in the future relies on the improvements on the last step as they directly affect the conversion rate.

The Starting Point

Recommendations on where any business should start when it comes to digital-marketing include:

Improving the business contact page

A business’s contact page acts as a customer’s first experience with the company. Your topmost priority should always be to improve the background of your page visitors. Everyone who visits your page expresses interest in contacting you for business.

Most businesses ‘ contact pages lack the basic things that often make them stand from their competitors. A contact page must have the business’s contact, email, fax, and physical address.

Building more credibility for the business

Your contact page proves to your customers that you are running a legit business. Showing pictures of the building you are located, sales representatives, business certifications, business logo, testimonials, and awards proves you are running a legit business, hence, building credibility. It would help if you always let the prospective customers know of your promptness to respond.

Making the contact form shorter and more accessible to fill

The questions asked on the contact form should be limited. A business whose contact page requires the visitor to give too much information scares prospective customers away. Limit your questions to those that you qualify and can respond. Additional questions will be asked during sales.

Test your contact form and ensure that it is working

Test your contact form for impressiveness. Ensure that it includes a thank you page. A good business contact page should be tracking in Analytics and populating your business CRM. The contact page should be filtered regularly for leads and prompt follow-up made. Businesses tend to lose information every day due to broken contact pages or delayed responses.

Improve Your Business’s Call to Action

A business’s call to action falls second in the reverse-order chain of digital-marketing. The call to action is responsible for bringing visitors to the business contact page. There are chances of yielding fruits if the call to action is clicked.

A prospective contact page visitor will only click on your call to action after calculating cost benefits and determining that the benefits reaped exceed the costs. On your call to action, always ensure that the costs are smaller or the services are bigger by improving your call to action click-through rates ( CTAs CTRs)

Upgrade Your Business’s Service Pages

Your newly optimized buttons can only be accessed at the service pages. The service pages should be as persuasive as possible. In addition to the calls to action, service pages comprise two main content; evidence and answers.

Answers found on the service pages should satisfy visitors thirst for information, meet the visitor’s expectations, and give them what they are searching for. The responses on the service pages should be equivalent to sales representatives by answering any unasked questions.

Evidence acts to support your marketing claims. Evidence on the service page includes testimonials such as as-seen-media mentions, client logos, case studies, data, and certifications.

In addition to answers and evidence, ensure that your web page design is appealing to visitors.

Enhance the Homepage

The homepage serves to lead the visitors deeper into the business’s site. Designing and writing a homepage is considered a tough task as you know very little about the visitor. However, you can communicate fast with your visitors by:

  • Making the homepage header descriptive.

A descriptive header communicates to your visitors the business you are in.

  • Making the navigation labels descriptive.

Ensure that the navigation labels used on your page are simple and straightforward for both search engines and visitors.

Improve your Bio and About Us Pages

Ensure your customers can learn more about your business brand from the About us page before taking action. Most bio pages are self-centered hence failing to meet the needs of the visitor. The bio pages should answer questions regarding the origin of the business, values, vision, and mission of the company, and its employees.

Search for your Company in Google and Improve Your Search Results

The Google search results are evident to your customers but invisible to you. Problems on your Google page result in minimal traffic and limited leads. Most marketers tend not to prioritize Google search results as it does not pop up in the Google Analytics. You can, however, make your Google search visible to you by watching the site often.

Improving Your Marketing Content

Once your digital-marketing pages are satisfactory, you can now work on improving your marketing content. First, document your content marketing mission statement. Secondly, repurpose the content marketing mission statement into a call to action for all your email subscribers. Thirdly, ensure your content supports your business sales directly.

The topmost step is in-depth research to refresh your blog content. Original content is not only valuable to your blog but also to your visitors, and competitors’ sites, hence giving you leverage.

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