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How to Do Guest Blogging

How to Guest Blog

Guest blogging isn't hard. Just be extra careful the SEO aspect. Do too little or too much, and things can go sideways. Here's what keep in mind.

Guest blogging isn’t rocket science. It does take more work to get it done right, but you’ll be rewarded with high quality relevant backlinks from high Domain Authority sites….the one thing that really matters to Google in 2020.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing guest blogging on the web.

Make it Make Sense to Your Readers

First and foremost, the content in a guest blog has to make sense to both a blog’s readers as well as casual and affiliates. Your main objective as a blogger is to come up with content that entertains, informs, or in some other way creates a loyal audience. Focus on that objective over trying to sell you yourself or your company too much.

Be Authentic Over SEO Impact

Second, focus on being authentic over “just getting an article published for SEO.” After writing your article, sit back, re-read it, and then re-reader it again. Place yourself in the shoes of the blog owner and re-read the article. Are you being completely authentic throughout the whole article? Are you using SEO keywords too often? Quite often, there are blogs where the author claims to be professional and then litters search phrases throughout the article. It’s important to be as authentic as possible so that visitors trust what you’ve written and will look for that. Going down the road, these are the readers who will give you the best chance of ranking high in the search engines and earn you more revenue.

Linking Back

Third, after it’s written and published, always ask the blog owner for a link back to your blog. Guest blog posts should not be written in isolation. If you want the article to have any success it should be linked to your main site. Ideally, you want some traffic coming from that blog post to your site; you want those visitors to your blog to see you  reputable site.

Keeping Track of Links

Fourth, keep track of the backlinks from your guests and SEO links. Look at the number of page rank your guest post receives and use this as a measure of its importance. Keep your SEO strategy in place and you will see your SEO take off with the new links. The time it takes to go from zero to hero can be lengthy. Like blogging, SEO is the long game. Consider the time involved to be part of the process of receiving success and rewards as your reputation and SEO improves.

Never Post Duplicate Content

Fifth, never post duplicate content on your guest post. Duplicate content may seem like a good idea, but it does not give you the kind of exposure you are looking for. Instead of trying to cut corners you should try to write original content that focuses on that topic or keyword. Once visitors find it on your site, they will be more likely to click through to your main site. When you’re guest posting it is best to think of it as another step towards getting your message out there.

Have SEO Experience

Sixth, spend time getting experience with SEO in general. Knowing what you’re doing on the SEO front will help you write better content, get better quality links, and steer your blog in the right direction.

Guest blogging can be a great source of income on the web. Keep in mind that the more you can offer in value the better your chances of success will be. Guest blogging may even be your primary source of income if you do it right.

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