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Using Schema Markup to Boost Your SEO

How to Use Schema Markup to Boost Your SEO

Schema markup is another way to signal what your content is about to Google. Here's how stand out get your audience engaged and clicking.

The Importance of Schema Markup

Schema markup is another way to signal what your content is about to Google. It may be helpful to think of Schema as structured data. Today, we know that more than ever, Google wants to appeal to keep its users happy. Because of this, they are providing smarter results that meet a searcher’s intent. Schema markup tells Google that a page includes a recipe. Seeing that, they can use the recipe in the carousel of recipes at the top of the search results page. These are known as “rich results”. There are 32 different kinds of rich results. If you want your content to show up in this way, you’ll need to use Schema markup to indicate what kind of content you have. This will help you stand out on the search results page and get your audience engaged and clicking.

The Different Ways You Can Stand Out With Google Rich Results

As mentioned above, Google is using Schema markup for 32 different rich results. This may grow in the coming years. Some of the ways they’re using this is for recipes, image results, home activities, books, and shipping information.

How to Use Schema Markup to Boost Your SEO

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Changing How We Use Google

Google knows that users’ needs are changing as we become more reliant on the internet. The COVID pandemic has given users some specific needs. For example, users need to track packages more often. They also need information on COVID statistics and updates. In response, rich results are now giving the latest information on COVID. This is sometimes related to statistics for a specific area or information on what may or may not be open. So many consumers are now shopping online. Because of this, one of the rich results Google introduced was Product Shipping. Users can search their tracking numbers directly in Google. They can then see the information on the search results page instead of having to load the shipper’s site. There are also new additions like Home Activities. This feature gives people in lockdown activities like exercise focused specifically on how they can do them at home. When businesses have their information shown in the rich results, this starts to build trust with the consumer. They already trust Google, and Google is showing your information. One of the key ways businesses are working to show up in the rich results is through helpful Frequently Asked Questions pages. These pages have authoritative answers. Businesses are also using How-To pages that give clear guidance.
The Importance of Using Schema

Optimize Your Pages With Schema Markup To Communicate With Google

Don’t create generic content with structured data. Instead, use this as an opportunity to create unique content that reflects your brand. Think about the quality of content you want your audience to find. Create that while using the Schema markup to structure the data in a way that Google understands how to use these results for users.

Remember to always create content that is useful for the user. This builds trust with both the visitor and with Google.

Use the requirements from Google and Schema.org to structure your data and create great content.

Use Schema Markup To Create Content That Fits

The structured data from Schema Markup gives you an architecture to work with. As part of your strategy for SEO, first, decide what kind of rich results you want to show up for. If you want your content to show up as a Product, then you need to look at what’s required by Google for a rich result. Once you know that you need things like pricing information, and how to structure that, you can add that content to your page. If you find that you don’t have essential information for a particular type of rich result, pivot to one of the other rich result options. Always create content that fits the required structure. The more opportunities you create on your website to show up in the rich results, the more likely that is to happen for your website, and the better boost you’ll see in the search results.

Always Know Your Analytics

Make sure to add Schema markup from your website into your analytics. This way, you’ll be able to see more information on your semantics analytics. As you move forward making SEO decisions for your business, you want all the analytics you can get to tell you what is and isn’t working with your digital marketing.

Use Schema To Tell Google About Your Brand Changes

Use Schema To Tell Google About Your Brand Changes

Have you recently changed your branding? You can use Schema markup to help communicate these changes. There is markup coding like “sameAs” or “parentOrganization” that can help communicate these changes directly to Google.

Always Know Your Analytics

It may seem like Schema markup is just coding. That it has nothing to do with your branding. However, every piece of code that defines your website and helps you better communicate with your customers helps define your brand. In this case, Schema markup shows off that your brand is useful, trustworthy, and showing up as an authoritative source in the search results. It is a way to help your business stand out and gain the search traffic your business is after.

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