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Listening to Your Business Needs

Listening and Learning About Your Business

Our first step is to ask you about your business. We need to find things like how long you’ve been in business, your marketing strategy, and how much traffic your site is getting every month. How many sales and leads per month do you get from your site? We need to understand things like the value of your customer and the average sale.

Your answers to these and other questions allow us to form an effective Marketing Strategy for going forward. Our marketing strategy will consist of choosing which keywords we’ll rank for in Google.

Forming a Marketing Strategy

People find a business on the internet by typing keywords into Google and other search enginess. Identifying those keywords that potential customers enter is the key to online success. We will help you identify which keywords that potential customers can search for to find your business.  It’s absolutely essential to do the right type of Keyword Search so people can find your business. Keyword research shows you which keywords that people can search for and find your business.

Another important stratey is to combine keywords with location names near your business. This combination is powerful and will lay the groundwork for all search engine marketing, for being in local search natural search results.