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Looking Forward to SEO's Future and the Myth of Its Demise

Looking Forward to SEO’s Future and the Myth of Its Demise

In the face of technological advancement and changing search landscapes, I find it crucial to discuss SEO’s continuing relevance, which some fear is heading toward extinction. As an expert with an extensive background in SEO, it feels uncomfortable to use “SEO” and “end” in the same context. So, let’s dive into what lies ahead for SEO. This discussion is speculative yet grounded in experience and current trends.

Change can be unsettling. We’ve experienced it in the world of SEO. But one thing stays unchanged: the need for users to locate our businesses, brands, and clients on search engines.
Historically, direct responses amplified advertisements, and other factors decrease visibility and click-through rates from organic search outcomes. Yet, the worst-case scenario has not happened. The SEO field has shown resilience and adaptation. What does the emergence of AI imply for SEO?

Let’s delve into the crux of the matter. Over recent weeks, I’ve been asked repeatedly about SEO’s continued relevance and survival in the face of AI’s rise. I always respond that a persisting need will be around for a while.

Regardless of the appearance of search engines or the particular source an individual uses to acquire information, businesses, and brands will always want to be discovered by their target audiences. That implies that, whether it’s on Google, an AI tool, or even their refrigerator, a brand-audience relationship needs to be fostered. The medium could be a chatbot, AI, connected device, voice assistant, or household robot. I am enthusiastic about the potential applications for my agency, various businesses, and as a consumer. Inevitably, amidst the exciting developments, we’ll encounter spam and undesirable elements and must assess and adapt patiently.

Embracing AI

Use it to your advantage! My team and I are incorporating AI into our processes, employing it for various SEO, digital marketing, web development tasks, and more. In a time when resources are strained and creative solutions are more important than ever, AI has proven beneficial. Currently, the quality of content is still crucial. We will witness a “good” content surge as AI contributes to content creation.

However, this will quickly become a commodity, leaving room for “great” content to shine.
If we’re all utilizing AI for content creation, the challenge becomes humanizing it to ensure it aligns with our brand and resonates with our audiences.

I’m not advocating entirely handing over content strategy to AI, but it can be an excellent tool for research, drafting, and more. (And to clarify, there’s no AI input in this piece. It’s purely human-created.)

In summary, experiment with AI, utilize it, and understand its current and future potential. Please don’t shy away from it.

What if Google Isn't the Go-to?

Over time, Google’s prominence as a search engine may diminish as consumers turn to AI sources for their information or as this information is delivered to them.
In a recent discussion with an associate, I pointed out that even if Google ceases to be the primary interface on various platforms, it will still feed a significant amount of data to AI.
Another colleague, in a different conversation, argued that Google’s extensive information reserves could place it in a leadership position, despite initial setbacks.

No matter the outcome, SEO professionals must remember that their focus will always be on consumers, businesses, and seekers of products, services, solutions, and answers.

If we concentrate excessively on search engines and neglect our target audiences, we risk becoming irrelevant and disconnected. This guide has been and will always be central to SEO.

What Should Be Our Present Course of Action?

Keep doing what works now while also preparing for the future. Maintain your technical, on-page, and off-page SEO strengths.

Understand SERP features and their implications for your business. Develop a concrete, measurable strategy. Prioritize SEO for long-term gains and allocate necessary resources.
In addition, make AI work for your organization, processes, and opportunities. Stay ahead.
But keep sight of your current objectives. Don’t relinquish SEO.

It might have a different name in the future, but it’s not going extinct. It will continue to adapt and transform as needed.

The fundamental principle that people are searching for and brands want to be found remains unchanged, regardless of evolving technology and mediums.

As my agency focuses on SEO, we’re staying strong.

Stay resilient, and I eagerly anticipate exploring the next phase of SEO with you.

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