Quality OffSite SEO

Quality Offsite SEO

OffPage SEO Linking

We’ll continue with these tasks to further improve your site’s ranking:

  • Mini Sites – we’ll do research, buy domains in your niche, and build up sites that direct links and web traffic to your site. Doing this will send more traffic your way as well as raise your ranking for the keywords we are targeting.
  • Directory submissions – we’ll submitting high quality content to relevant sites, directories, and blogs. These include sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Weebly. Links from these powerful so called “Web 2.0 Blogs” will help push up your ranking in Google.
  • Natural search optimization – we’ll continue to go ongoing monthly continuous link building, both on and off your site. The includes things like adding titles and meta descriptions, siloing, and reducing the crawl errors on your site.
  • Article & Blog Marketing – new articles written and promoted each month to direct traffic to your site. The act of publishing fresh and unique content, over and over, will reinforce to Google which keywords that we want to rank for.
  • Video Marketing – we create 30 second videos that describe your product or service and place them on various YouTube channels. This helps to capture traffic from these “Video Websites” and direct them towards your site.
  • Reporting – we’ll send you monthly tracking reports which show your increased rank and increased traffic. Our goal is rank your site on Google’s First Page within 90 days for the target keywords.
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