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PR Damage Control; How to Keep a Crisis from Getting Worse

When a crisis hits, you'll want to have a PR damage control plan in place to protect your company before things escalate.

PR Damage Control

The rise of digital communications has given businesses unprecedented chances to reach new audiences through marketing and social media platforms, allowing them to increase their followings, track their customers, and connect with them in meaningful and lasting ways. In today’s world, branding and marketing are heavily reliant on online and mobile platforms.

On the other hand, crises may spread like wildfire because brands are considerably more visible, almost destroying a company’s reputation overnight. Whether your firm is embroiled in a harassment scandal, has experienced a data breach, or needs to stage a product recall, the news of your crisis can swiftly spiral out of control when it’s spread at breakneck speed online.

Take a look at the Weinstein Company’s demise. When Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment by the New York Times in early October 2017, the corporation reacted quickly, removing Weinstein three days later, but the damage had already been done. Recovering from the allegations, which spanned years of misbehavior and scores of complaints, was impossible. The company was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Scandal of This Magnitude


This isn’t to imply that your firm will ever face a scandal of this magnitude. Still, even a minor crisis can harm your reputation irrevocably if you don’t deal with it quickly and in a way that appeases your clients. You don’t want to be judged harshly in the court of public opinion.

What can you and your branding services firm do to counteract negative press, reclaim control, and restore your reputation and business? Here are some suggestions for preventing a public relations disaster from becoming so severe that your company cannot recover.

Prepare for a Branding Crisis – and Recover

Even if you work hard to provide excellent products or services and excellent customer service, a crisis might happen at any time. What if, despite having excellent security procedures in place, your network is hacked, your defenses are broken, and confidential client data is stolen?

No matter how hard you try to avoid a crisis, it can sometimes happen, and you’ll need a plan in place to handle concerns and maintain control of the story. Your trusted Asheville branding, and marketing business, can do more than help you grow your brand and craft effective marketing messaging. These seasoned specialists can also assist you in devising a disaster recovery plan in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Prepare a Response with Your Internet Marketing Company

It is generally desirable to avoid a crisis, but this is not always attainable. Outsiders will rush in to fill the breach with their own messaging, over which you have no control. You don’t want valuable time to slip away while you’re working on a good reaction to a crisis scenario. This implies you’ll need to devise a plan for issuing a statement as quickly as feasible after a disaster.

You and your branding and marketing partner can, to some extent, devise plans for well-known problems (such as a data breach, a product recall, or accusations of wrongdoing of some sort).


You can, however, create generic messaging in advance so that you have something ready to go and then tweak it as appropriate to fit the situation.

When it comes to crafting your marketing response, don’t overlook the opinions of others.

In crisis response, the last thing you want to appear apathetic. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the public’s outrage, so you want to issue your message as soon as possible to try to turn the narrative in your favor, minimizing the damage.

This entails responding in a careful and balanced manner, considering any existing social commentary or public opinion. You should never retaliate against customers who express their thoughts, even if they are incorrect or disagree because this sends the message that you don’t care about your clients.

Expectations should be set from the start.

Working with your branding services firm to set expectations as much as possible from the start is a great strategy to set the stage for crisis response. Create disclaimers for online platforms to let customers know that there will be delays and that you will react to customer inquiries as swiftly as possible if you have limited resources to provide customer support in a crisis.

For crisis management, work with a branding services agency.

Even with in-house PR pros, most businesses are ill-equipped to deal with a crisis on their own. This is where your trusted Asheville internet marketing partner’s knowledge and resources may make all the difference.

In Closing

Contact the experienced professionals at Pushleads if you need assistance building and sustaining branding and marketing strategies or if you want to prepare for a potential PR catastrophe.

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