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Recession in 2022 - Dont Stop Believin

Recession 2022? Don’t Stop Believing!

A recession on the horizon is making small business owners a little nervous. Don't panic, keep a level head, and develop a solid strategy.

Recession 2022? Don’t Stop Believing!

Who’s thinking about the recession in 2022? It’s summertime! Time for outdoor fun, travel, sunshine, swimming, and enjoying nature! What could overshadow all this fun? A recession on the horizon makes all small business owners shake in their boots! I’ll let you in on an industry secret… SEO companies don’t like recessions either.

For most of us, upsets in the economic environment make us a little crazy… It’s important not to panic! Your business and livelihood depend on keeping a level head and developing a sensible strategy in the downturn.

The Truth About the Recession 2022

The truth is the workforce is down – one person is available for every two jobs. Inflation is up – in a big way. The struggle is real! Many younger people have never experienced inflation on this level. Most entrepreneurs like yourself know that they must make changes to survive. However, nothing could be worse than a knee-jerk reaction based on fear.

The Truth about the Recession in 2022

Don’t Make This Blunder

One thing that most small businesses do when the going gets tough – they cancel their marketing plans. This reaction is the kiss of death for companies trying to position themselves for success during a recession. Unless you need that money to cover payroll or other critical expenses, cutting back will cost your business more in the long run. And, you must think big picture right now!

Stay Positive

At the risk of sounding a bit woo-woo… maintaining a positive mindset is good for business and your mental and emotional health. It’s a win-win! It’s a great time to be grateful for what you have and to use positive affirmations to help set the tone for the day!

It’s About Your Marketing

Perhaps the one thing you can do to increase your chances of survival and thrive in these economic conditions is to focus on your marketing. Keep your name out there – stay relevant – don’t disappear.

Yes… evaluate all your expenses. Try shifting priorities. Get out there, and try something new. Study what people have done in the past. What is your competition doing? Meet with your marketing partners and hear suggestions for stepping up your marketing efforts.  This information can help you formulate a strategy to get through this. 

Prepare Your Business for 2022 Recession

Get Creative

It’s time to get creative! Work with your marketing and SEO teams to look at options and opportunities. Don’t throw in the towel. Instead, look at trying new things with your marketing. Maybe you need to bundle your services differently and add strategies that weren’t important last year.

The important thing is to be open to trying new things and pivot when necessary. Don’t stop believing… remain open to learning and growing as you weather the storm. If you play your cards right, you can grow and thrive, even in a recession!

Help Is Here!

At PushLeads, we’re all about getting you seen! We help you to move up in your Google rankings and position you to be noticeable. Let’s work together and get through this challenging time! We are offering a new webinar for business owners like you. Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your marketing dollars with equal parts support and inspiration for coping.

How Are You Preparing Your Business For this Upcoming Recession?

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