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Search Central April 1st 2021 Office Hours

This is a recording of the Google SEO office-hours hangout from April 1, 2021. These sessions are open to anything webmaster related topics.


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Video Transcription

All right welcome everyone to today’s google search central SEO office hours hangout. My name is John Mueller, I am a search advocate here at google in switzerland and part of what we do are these office hour hangouts where people can join in and ask their questions around their website and web search.
We can try to find some answers. A handful of things were submitted on on youtube already so we can have some of those to go through but as always if any of you want to get started with the first question feel free to jump on in robin go for it.

Oh we can’t hear you. Oh no you’re not muted but the microphone doesn’t seem to work. You can hear me now, yes perfect.

Here you go okay it’s fixed so thank you for your opportunity. I don’t want to take too too much time. So if i take too much time please interrupt me. I’m  i’m wondering how does it work when um lots of links to web websites are deleted. For example, after a manual penalty uh is it considered as some kind of alarm signal by the google algorithm which would uh for example take lots of quality pages that were on page one and push them far far in the pages of four or five.

So it wouldn’t be considered an alarm signal in the sense that it’s like links come and links go, and that’s that’s kind of normal. I think the effect that you might see is if the website previously was artificially showing too visibly in search because of those links, and then you remove those links and
obviously like that artificial support is no longer there, and then you would see changes in search. But, that that’s not because lots of links disappeared or
lots of links became nofollow or got disavowed. It’s more that oh there they’re fewer links and we we do use links to some extent in our rankings so
like we we don’t have that support anymore that affect the rankings.

Maybe those were some some good links, maybe could it be could it be because when you get a manual penalty or in general right I’m speaking general
not specifically. It feels very urgent and and you have to act super super quickly and it feels is very fearful because like your website has disappeared in Google’s Search. Maybe a website’s owner took away too many links and and some of them affected your website. I think that that happens
every now and then, but okay I mean the the important part is also it’s like we we use a lot more than just links for rankings so it’s not like if you removed one link too many then suddenly your website will disappear kind of thing we we use a lot of
different factors and
i i do understand kind of the
decide that oh you get a manual action
and it’s like oh i will just delete
and it’s like make sure everything is
clean it’s terrifying
it’s terrifying when yeah i i think
going too
extreme is is not very useful but
it’s it’s sometimes tricky like if it’s
if it’s your website and you care about
and you just want to get everything
cleaned up again then i
i could see that some people might say
well i’ll just remove everything i can

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