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Seth Godwin Everything You Don't Know About Marketing

Seth Godwin: Everything You Don’t Know About Marketing

Do you know everything about marketing? Seth Godwin explains all in this YouTube video. Everything comes from his marketing book entitled "This is Marketing."
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Video Transcription

So what can other brands learn from this case study?

Let’s talk about Logos and Brands. Of course, you need a logo and a brand. However, companies all the time spend way to much money and time on their logo. And, of course, people on YouTube spend way too much time on their hair.

What if Niky owned a hotel? That wouldn’t work. If Hyatt had sneakers, we’d be cludness. This is because Hyatt doesn’t have a brand for sneakers.

What does it mean to have a brand? A brand is a promise that you’ve made to people. A brand is shorthand, explaining to people what they should expect from you. If you have earned their respect, you’ve earned something valueable.

What is the value of a brand? It’s how much extra you’re paying above the substitue for that brand. If people aren’t paying extra, that you don’t really have a brand in the marketplace.

I don’t generally do much consulting. This is because I don’t have much patience for this every days.

What do I love? Giving people free advice about how they can do things like achieving their goals, getting more work, and growing their business.

I started a hundred day marketing seminar that so far 6,600 people have taken. And, what I’m seeing is that pepole love to interact with my lessons.

So it occurred to me to make books. Being part of a seminar started a chain effect. This eventually lead to creating the book I wrote.

If someone wanted to learn marketing, what would I teach them?Marketing isn’t about social media, gross rating points, and the like. Marketing is about work for people who care.

What about someone who wants to learn marketing? What would I teach them? First, you have to make someone unlearn what they’ve learned. You have to get them to unlearn that marketing is selfish; that it’s a scam.

Of course, we marketers make change happen. But, who do we want to change? Who is marketing for? What’s marketing for? Sadly, people don’t even consider this.

Then, we get to the idea that culture is a defeater of everything. The best way of looking at things is having culture at your back. When you do, everything is easy. When you don’t, change is difficult.

At that core of things are some big ideas here. One of the biggest ideas is that we humans made decisions based on status of who’s moving up in the world and who isn’t.

Things like this inform us about our culture.

Now that we’ve talked about this, let’s get into some tactics. These tactics will work, weather you’re a brand marketer or direct marketer.

Before the internet, most people were brand marketers. However, if you’re a direct marketer, then this conversion is for you.

Let’s talk about the assembly line. Way back in 1925, the keyboard was introduced. Since then, keyboards have been immensely popular. With a keyboard, you can touch our culture. You can create things.

If using a keyboard helps you made a living, that’s great. If you don’t make a living with a keyboard, that’s your choice.

What’s the difference between brand marketing? One is a push button, the other a pull level. Brand marketing is a pull level because it’s drawing people inwards, building attention, and generating trust, all in the advertising process. Advertising is about getting a return on investment while doing these things.

One thing about brands. You can’t measure them. You can measure their impact, but not measure them directly.

If you’re counting Facebook likes or YouTube views, you’re making a big mistake because you’re trying to measure direct marketing. Doing this will undermine your brand and waste your time.

The best thing to do is use direct marketing most of the time and brand marketing some of the time.

What if I can buy jeans for five bucks this week when they are normally 40 bucks? When this happens, this is direct marketing. The trouble with direct marketing like this is that it can be expensive and miss the mark.

What’s the reason that we know about Land’s End? Every time they spend 50 cents on stamps, they turn around and make $1.50 in profit. This is the marketer’s dream, because it’s brand marketing with a dash of direct marketing thrown in. While it doesn’t make a ton of money at first, down the road it makes millions. This kind of reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hair.

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