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The Importance of Follow Up Emails

The Importance of A Thank You Email

After your 1 to 1's, are you sending you Thank You email? If you aren't, you should be. Here's why.

A You Sending Follow Up Emails?

Are you expanding your business by visiting BNI Speed Networking?

Are you visiting other chapters and doing 1 on 1s?


What about following up? Are you sending a thank you email afterward?

If you aren’t, you should be.

The Second Touch

According to this article on Pipedrive, “the make or break part of any deal is the second touch.” The second touch is the magic that starts turning leads into prospects and eventually into clients. 

The Thank You Email

In our opinion, the second touch is best done via a “Thank You You Email.”

A Thank You Email is just an email to someone you’ve just met (via Zoom or in-person). 

The purpose of this email is to

  • act as a reminder for your conversation
  • show that you’ve been listening to them by sharing the types of referrals you’ll be looking out for
  • remind them of your ideal referral
  • Use a soft call to action
  • Thank them for the meeting

Here’s an example:

Hey Bob, it was great chatting with you this afternoon. I’ll start keeping you in mind for [their ideal clients] as well as [referral types of clients] who can send you referrals.

Let me know if you come across this type of client:

  • Home Services business > Plumbers, roofers, carpet cleaners.
  • Professional Services > physical therapists, dentists, lawyers.
  • Getting Leads > they are already getting some leads in Google.

For new potential clients, I typically research 100 keywords, find out where they are in Google, and have that data ready for our first meeting.

Again, thanks for the chat!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Ashburn


Using a CRM

It helps to have a system where you can easily find out where prospects are in your sales process, connect with them, and push things forward. 

If you’d like to improve your process, you can consider using a CRM like Keep to send these emails, keep in touch, and do more follow-ups.

Using a CRM

CRMs are powerful if you use them correctly.

CRMs can be used to spam people as well.

Once, I met a sales guy who would do too many follow-ups with prospects, driving them crazy.

No one wants to be emailed one day, called the next, sent a text the day after that, and then sent a video the following day.

Don’t become that guy.

Be sure that you add value to every interaction you have with prospects. That way, you’ll never end up spamming people.

Start Sending Follow-Ups

If you haven’t been sending out follow-ups, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Just start doing follow-ups from this point forward.


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