The Most Effective 3 Things Your Web Developer Can Do To Improve Your Search Rankings

Here are three of the most effective things your web developer can do to improve your search rankings in Google!

Improving Search Rankings


There is a multitude of effective strategies for attracting visitors to your website, as any marketing or branding professional knows. But what should you do if your paid search traffic and display advertising aren’t generating the intended results? This is where natural search engine results come in. You’re in luck if you’re just starting to code your pages—now is the perfect time to incorporate SEO best practices that will help your pages rank better in search results.
Martin Splitt, Google’s webmaster trends analyst, revealed the top three things web developers can do to improve search ranks last month. 

However, before you can optimize your site, make sure that your web developer ensures that your page is visible to search engines so that their bots can see what’s on it. Access Google Search Console and utilize the Fetch as Google function to see where your page ranks in search results. Once your web developer has confirmed that your page can be crawled and indexed, they’ll be able to put these three techniques into action to assist you in improving your organic search ranks.
Write with SEO in mind when writing your content.

Write with SEO in Mind

Your content is one of the most important components of your site in terms of user experience and SEO. This includes elements like the meta description, title, photos, links, and more, in addition to the actual content. That isn’t just an Asheville internet marketing strategy; content is your visitors’ first point of contact, so do everything you can to make it as interesting and descriptive as possible without being overbearing.
For two reasons, both Google and Asheville branding and marketing professionals agree that creating interesting content is essential for SEO. The first is the user experience: if your page contains information that users want to interact with, they are more likely to stay on it. “Content that serves a purpose,” as Splitt put it.

Two, the keywords and phrases employed will aid consumers in finding your website in the first place. Splitt suggested that you figure out how your target audience searches for information using specific phrases:
“So you want to make sure that you’re attracting and engaging the individuals you want to interact with your content, and you want to make sure that you’re using phrases that I would use… If you call your ice cream by a specific name, such as Smooth Cream 5000, I’m not going to look for it because I’m not familiar with it. I’m just going to look for some ice cream.” In a nutshell, you should create your material as if you were one of your clients, rather than employing language that only techies would comprehend.

Metadata and Its Importance

Many business owners overlook the significance of metadata when it comes to attaining better organic search results. While you should use a branding services agency to make sure your metadata is in the appropriate locations, here are some pointers to help you understand what’s going on.

Optimize the title tag first. This is the most important aspect of on-page SEO because it is the most effective approach to inform search engines that the topic of your page is significant. This is why you should place your most significant keyword at the start of each title. Also, make sure the tag is no longer than 60 characters, including punctuation and spaces.


The meta descriptions come next. Despite the fact that they have no direct impact on page ranking, they are nevertheless utilized to determine the topic of a page. Meta descriptions also make up a percentage of your search snippets when paired with title tags. Overall, a succinct meta description will increase your click-through rate, which search engines adore.

Finally, utilize the robot’s meta tag to tell the search engine whether or not the links on the page can be indexed or followed. This meta tag prevents search engines from indexing your pages based on links from third-party sites. Also, make sure your site developer inserts the keyword “nofollow” into the content section. This prevents Google from indexing the website and is useful when you don’t want to pass a value or are employing paid links.

Improve the Performance of Your Website

Splitt acknowledged that “site performance” might refer to a variety of factors, such as security, navigation, and speed. Anything that makes it easier for visitors to traverse your site with ease. Splitt also pointed out that a well-optimized site has better visibility, which increases your chances of being found in search results.

Consider employing an Asheville branding and marketing agency like PushLeads to help you optimize your site for better search rankings. They are unrivaled in the field of Asheville internet marketing. Their staff consists of branding and marketing experts who understand how to take your SEO to the next level. They recognize that building and maintaining a brand is both an art and a science. As a result, they will do everything possible to assist your brand in realizing its full potential.

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