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The Rise of Typefaces in Web Design

Can text be a design element? YES. Today we'll be talking about the Rise of Typefaces in Web Design during recent years.

Typefaces & Web Design


In the 20 years since chat rooms and primitive pages were the wonders of the day, the internet has gone a long way. With the advent of the iPhone in 2007, the addition of mobile devices capable of supporting browsing changed the picture even more, and a long list of rapid advancements has now produced an era of unequaled access where users can find information and make purchases while on the go.

As a result, to maintain optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal, organizations must stay up with the current web design trends. Another way to put it is, if you want to keep consumers and bring in new business, you need to be competitive in the internet and mobile worlds.

Along the same lines, you’ll want to join the typeface revolution as a decorative feature. You’re no longer limited to plain, black sans-serif fonts for your content. You may now incorporate innovative typefaces, styles, and effects into your overall design, resulting in text elements that are also graphic.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Or how do you join this increasing trend without looking like a complete noob?

You may use recent advancements in typeface to turn your text into an interesting design element with a little background and support from a seasoned web design specialist.

Big, Bold Text Hero fonts, often known as bold, creative typefaces, have exploded in popularity in recent months, displacing photos as a solitary means of attracting attention and engaging visitors. What is causing this? There are several causes for this.

First and foremost, from a responsive standpoint, various graphic image and video elements can cause functional challenges. For mobile browsing, they may take longer to size or load, affecting the user experience. This issue is not present in less elaborate hero material.

Furthermore, it allows websites to provide a simplified, yet appealing and compelling, layout to draw reader attention and encourage additional engagement. It’s a growing trend, as it appeals to a modern audience with little time for frills that don’t improve the user experience.

Fonts with Serifs

Serif typefaces, which have superfluous strokes connected to the ends of the letters, are traditionally employed in print writing, but sans-serif fonts feature crisp lines that are simpler to read in digital format. Digital formats, including resolutions, have, of course, vastly increased over time.

The old conventions, like the exclusive usage of sans-serif typefaces, are being flung out the window in this new era of typeface creation. Go ahead and bold ize your Times New Roman font if you’ve been itching to. Your web design experts can assist you in determining the finest ways to experiment with various font types and make them function in a digital format.

Text In Motion

We’re not talking about the Star Wars intro with text auto-scrolling to a faraway point on the horizon, but rather text that moves in two or even three dimensions to attract the eye and interest viewers as they scroll, much like video material.

Fixed Text with Scrolling Images

This is appearing as a delightfully unexpected graphic element on current webpages. Instead of the usual upward scrolling text, viewers will be treated to an interaction of text and graphics that will make them wonder which is fixed and which is moving. It’s a simple but captivating piece of visual trickery.

Typography that is Expressive


Can the correct typeface elicit an emotional response from viewers while still conveying a message? The answer is yes when you employ expressive typography. Font size, shape, style, and color can all trigger different emotions. What happens if the font’s edges are feathered? What if you gave them movement and turned them into an active part of your interface?

In Closing

When it comes to utilizing typography to its full potential, you’ll need a web design partner with the knowledge, expertise, and insight to assist you in creating a modern interface that incorporates type as a design feature. Make an online appointment with Pushleads today!

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