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The Significance of Google’s May 2022 Fast Core Update

The Google Core Update for May 2022 has initiated its first broad core algorithm, and today we're ready to discuss its consequences.

Google Core Update 2022

The newest Google algorithm update appears to have impacted data from tracking tools based on early reports from the tools. Continue reading to find out more about the Google Core Update for May 2022 and the impact that it’s making. 

Within 24 hours of the May 2022 core update announcement, Google initiated its first broad core algorithm update on May 25. This update was noticed across the board almost immediately, so we believe it’s now safe to discuss its consequences. We’ve waited longer to publish these core update effects in the past. However, after writing several of these articles, we’ve found that most impacts are usually realized within the first few days (although there are exceptions).

May 2022 Core Update Data Providers


According to the data providers (Semrush and RankRanger for these reports), these updates have been particularly volatile. However, they disagree with this update until you examine the information.

SEM Rush: May 2022’s core update arrived pretty quickly after the announcement, according to Semrush data (you can view the live volatility tracker at the Semrush Sensor tool).

According to Mordy Oberstein, Semrush Communication Advisor, the speed at which these core updates are deployed has been impressive. 

He says that “these core updates are being deployed in quick succession, with the initial phase seeing a significant burst of rank volatility,” and he thinks this is a new development.

According to the company, the November 2021 core update was more volatile than the May 2022 core update, except for the real estate industry, which appeared to experience a significant upheaval.

During the initial release of the May 2022 core update, rank volatility increased 19% less on desktop and 24% less on mobile than before the November 2021 core update, according to Semrush. Unfortunately, according to Semrush, the average level of volatility before the May 2022 core update was higher than before the November 2021 core update.

Even if you had Semrush data, the May 2022 update might have been more volatile than the November 2021 core update. Again, it all depends on how you process and interpret the data.

  • Rank Ranger: After RankRanger’s tool picked up on Google’s May 2022 core update, the RankRanger team analyzed the results. You can see how quickly their tool did so (you may also view this at the Rank Risk Index tool). According to RankRanger, the May 2022 update was ‘significant.’

RankRanger also compared the May 2022 core update to the November 2021 update regarding position changes based on their data. RankRanger discovered that the May 2022 update had a greater average position change than the November 2021 update.

When you compare across positions, the volatility seems more similar.

  • SISTRIX: Another data provider that monitors Google search results for alterations, Sistrix, released its top 20 winners and losers for May 2022’s core update. These are U.S.-based websites from Sistrix’s dataset.

“On Thursday, we observed the Domain Visibility score was 25.84 points, which then rose to 27.95 points on Friday. It stands at 31.98 points (Monday, May 30, 08:55).”


More Detailed May 2022 Core Update

I reported on the SEO community’s response in one post on the Search Engine Roundtable. The May 2022 core update appears to be much more significant than the November 2021 core update. The November 2021 core update occurred at an inopportune time, when retailers were experiencing their busiest shopping season, whereas the May 2022 core update was set at a much better time. Ranking charts and social shares from some SEOs are included.

With this update, there are plenty of instances of SEOs sharing client chart results on Twitter—mostly showing wins but also losses.


A core update may lead to a bit of recovery, but a significant change would occur due to a subsequent core update. Google has assisted with what issues to consider in the event a core update negatively impacts you in the past. There are no specific steps to take to recover from a negative rankings impact, and your pages might be fine even if you see one. You may wish to consider a few queries if a core update impacts your website.

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Identifying the steps, you must take to reverse an algorithmic hit to your site is frequently challenging. Identifying anything wrong with a Google core update is even more difficult. These core updates are massive, extensive, and affect many quality issues across the board. Our data and previous experience agree that these core updates are widespread, extensive, and impact various quality issues. The data above confirms this. If a core update has impacted your site, you should take a step back, consider your overall website, and look for ways to enhance it. It’s possible your company and clients benefited from this update.

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