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Learn Why Content is King in the Marketing World

Three Reasons Why Content is King

For websites, the expression "Content is King" is more important than ever before because content produces big ROI. Here's 3 reasons why.

For many years, everybody has been hearing about the importance of Content Marketing. The whole idea here is that in the marketing world, the expression “Content is King” is more important than ever before because it’s a crucial element that produces big ROI.

What, exactly, is content marketing? Quite simply put, content marketing is the regular production of unique, high quality, and completely authentic content that is useful, entertaining, and interesting for your customers. Content marketing can take the form of videos, blog posts, articles across the web, online meetings, images, surveys, infographics, or podcasts.

Content Superpowers SEO

Three Reasons Why Content is King in MarketingWe’ve already mentioned that content is king because it produces big, big, BIG ROI.  The biggest reason why we get the big ROI is because content marketing is great for SEO. Let me repeat that in a different way: content is amazing and superpowers your SEO. The author of this article on Kissmetrics says, “the main problem is that SEO and content marketing are separated, as if they were two very different things. The truth is, however, that they go together, overlap, cohere, and blend.” You see, high quality content that’s unique (not anywhere else on the web) has a big impact on SEO for three reasons:

1. Unique content helps a website rank in Google. The fact is that regularly publishing blog posts just forces Google to continually notice your site, again and again. As more content is published, Google keeps “bumping up” the site to the top of more searches, again and again. As your site becomes more visible in Google, more people are exposed to your brand, and as more people are exposed to your brand, your business will start getting more calls, emails, and walk-ins.

2. Unique content builds a great backlink profile. If you continue to keep publishing great content, people will see it and begin to share your content on social media. When this happens, it produces a backlink to your business. We call this process “natural link-building” because the fact is that people will always share and engage with great content. Bojana Dobran says that natural back-linking are links on other websites that are in natural context, provide value for the readers, and the link itself (anchor text) is meaningful on the page. So, as this natural link-building process happens to your site, things start to snowball, that is, your site will slowly begin to receive more and more links, building up a healthy backlink profile that Google and other search engines will love.

3. More Content = More Keywords. Another great benefit of publishing regular content is that each piece of new content creates the opportunities for your site to show up in Google for more keywords. In this type of situation, it’s a numbers game for sure. Think about it; if you were Google, would you pay more attention to a site that has 50 well written blog posts AND keeps publishing great new content every week, OR would you pay more attention to a site that has 10 blog posts and NEVER publishes new content? The answer is obvious!

Content Encourages Engagement

Content is King for SEO and MarketingWhenever you publishing good content, whether it’s in the form of videos, blog posts, or social media, doing so encourages people to connect and engage with your brand. If you’ve done a great job publishing content, then your people will take a pause from what their doing to read your content, understand your brand message, and maybe even share content. If you’ve done a poor job publishing content, then users will just ignore your content and never see it. Engagement, without a doubt, is what you want from your consumers. Here are 3 reasons why engagement is so important:

1. Engagement boosts your visibility: Jason Meyers, contibuter with Forbes, explains that almost any and every type of engagement can create more visibility of your article across the web. A clear example of this is whenever someone finds something interesting and shares it on Facebook. Whenever they share that content, that content shows up in all their friend’s feeds. From this point, the possibility exists that the content can keep being shared. It’s easy to see how, with enough sharing, things could become viral.

2. Engagement boosts familiarity: Whenever anyone interacts and engages with your content, they engage with your brand and start to become what we call “integrated with it.” The whole idea here is that the more people engage with your brand, the more they are pushing along the process of converting from a potential client into an actual client.

3. Engagement boosts effectiveness: More engagement means that your content has done its job and has become more effective for your business. It’s generated interest, potentially been shared, and has the potential to boost your audience. Remember the snowball effect that we explained above for SEO? With enough effective content, it’s possible that your site can become a Content Market Leader. Neil Patel explains that people who craft compelling and valuable content experience drastically more growth in web traffic than their competitors.[

Content Generates New Sales for Your Business

Be Creative with Your Content IdeasLets look at how content can create a new sale

1. Publishing great content exposes others to your brand.
2. People consume your content.
3. They interact with other content on your site.
4. They either convert or enter the sales funnel.
5. They become a lead for your business.
6. You contact them to start the sales process.
7. You close the lead into a new client.

Is your content strategy helping you generate new leads and increase sales? That’s the real question here. If your content isn’t producing new leads for your business, then either you haven’t been producing content long enough or have the wrong strategy. We echo reddit user victoriarudi when he said, “the sad fact is that most business owners have no idea about content strategy. They lack content vision for their business and have a very careless attitude towards it.”

Or perhaps you’ve gone the other direction and overcomplicated your content marketing strategy? In this video on Entrepreneur, Kate Volman says that it’s best to block out time in your week to write blog posts, record videos, or have a conversation with a creative writer who’s doing the work for you. When writing content, don’t overcomplicate things and instead lean on your expertise.

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