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US e-commerce Grows by 49% in April

US e-commerce Grows by 49% in April

Online retailers are seeing Black Friday-like sales due to the impact pandemic on their business. U.S. e-commerce jumped 49% in April, led by 110% increase in online grocery sales between March and April.

Black Friday like-Sales

Well, Black Friday is coming early this year! Online retailers are seeing a “Black Friday effect” on sales due to the pandemic. New data from Adobe’s Digital Economy index indicates that e-commerce jumped 49% in April. This data was compared to March, before shelter-in-place restrictions had gone into effect. A huge part of this increase was in the form of online grocery, which saw a 100% boost in daily sales in that March to April time-frame.

About the Data

So where does this data come from? Adobe does an index of the digital economy, which looks at over 1 trillion online transactions. Adobe partners with 80 of the top 100 US online retailers to get this data.

Here’s a couple of points to consider:

  • Major retailers such as a Amazon and Walmart have had to hire more workers to help with increased demand.
  • The electronics category saw it’s first inflation in years. Computer prices moved up in April, due to increasing demand.
  • Shoppers went online to buy apparel in April, with a 34% increase in sales as prices fell.
  • The report also found that e-commerce purchases of wine, beer, spirits and related accessories were up 74% in April
  • April also saw sizable growth in “buy online, pickup in store” orders. From April 1 through April 20, these surged 208% year-over-year as people attempted to practice social distancing while shopping.

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