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Utilizing a Way to Generate Leads with Social Media

Are you looking for a way to generate leads with social media? Today we're talking about trends that are bringing results.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms to Generate Leads

Audiences consume video content more than ever, leading to competition between companies and influencers for potential customers’ attention. This is further compounded by the fact that people’s attention span diminishes. When it comes to finding a way to generate leads on social media, there are many elements to consider.


With each new iOS update providing its unique marketing difficulties, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to remain up-to-date. Sam Ogborn, a Fractional CMO and a marketing mentor for brands, is offering guidance on effectively marketing on social media in today’s digital environment.


According to Ogborn, the current situation where there is an overflow of video content on social media has made the desire for instant gratification even more acute. She highlights that brands have to contend with two issues regarding their paid social media campaigns – the sponsored logo that viewers are used to spotting and skimming over and the overly aggressive three-second intro that gives off a desperate vibe.


Companies are starting to comprehend that having a longer viewing duration improves their coverage, but that only sometimes results in clicks or sales. This implies that companies must concentrate on producing creative material that quickly and honestly communicates with the customers’ customs, behaviors, and motivations instead of just optimizing for viewership. This goes beyond capturing the attention and getting the click. Brands should ask themselves, ‘why should a viewer purchase this product and buy it immediately?’ By 2023, viewers should be able to distinguish this easily and rapidly – and if they can’t, companies must rapidly reconsider their content.

What Are Some Ways Social Media Can Be Used to Get Leads?


Ogborn suggests that companies should have an extensive collection of professionally created and user-submitted content so that brands can quickly implement them.


Companies should have varied content which tries out disparate language, tones, and strategies to uncover the winning combination for viewers, which elicits an impact. Numerous businesses typically assign content curation and production to a community manager or social strategist. Still, it is much more frequent for this to be a full-time job all on its own since this area is developing so quickly that it cannot be incorporated into another role.

Establish Collaborations With Creators

Establishing a long relationship with content creators is beneficial instead of simply entering into a one-time agreement that may fail to bring the desired outcome.


Numerous companies have a narrow-minded approach when it comes to producing content. This often results in a series of unique collaborations with content makers, which are strictly for business and need more meaningful connections. To make ads that generate sales, it is necessary to establish a genuine partnership with user-generated content (UGC) creators to get the most helpful content. This can be done through a specific campaign or by entrusting a part-time content creator to make recurring videos for the brand. This is becoming a widespread way for brands to manage their video content development, according to Ogborn.


Establishing relationships beyond just a business exchange will communicate a more sincere message to prospective clients.

It is essential to make creators aware of why their content needs to be created and what issues it needs to address for viewers. They can plan their content strategically to meet the desired outcomes. Brand partnerships are not limited to paid promotion. Creators can be encouraged to become advocates for the brand in other ways. This is a great way to build relationships, which is beneficial for making ads. Affiliate programs can also be a part of the partnership to motivate creators further to produce content that will be successful.

The Pursuit for Improved Conversion Rates and Accurate Attribution

The recent iOS updates make it more complicated for companies to evaluate the success of their promotional activities. People can be more private, which involves hiding their IP address, shutting off pixel tracking, and concealing their email address so click-throughs from email promotions cannot be monitored. As a result, organizations cannot access data such as open email rates, conversions, and the effectiveness of their Facebook ads.


Modifications to iOS are the bane of Meta’s existence. 


Many corporations are more eager to try out new networks to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their paid promotion attribution and experience improved functioning. Because of this, we will observe higher CPMs on platforms such as TikTok as companies move their advertisement money from Meta and try out ads on networks like Pinterest, where shopping is becoming a more significant priority.


She emphasizes that even Google has noticed the potential to acquire a portion of the payment market with its new declarations associated with more visual searching and buying. Accreditation is the most important thing at this time, and every platform wants to be recognized.


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