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Jeremy Ashburn forms PushLeads - Grow Your Business
Jeremy Ashburn from PushLeads.com.

Why Your Business Deserves the Best Web Promotion

I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’m very excited to introduce to you PushLeads.com, an amazing and brand new web promotion company. At PushLeads, we use the best web promotion techniques to build sites, quickly rank them in Google, and bring more customers into your local business.

We are different from other web companies because we both create beautiful sites and rank them on Google’s First Page. While most other web companies do one or the other, we combine the Building and Ranking of a site into Amazing Service that is designed to quickly grow your business. More on that in a second.

Let me talk directly to you, the local business owner. Let’s say that you already have a website for your business but it isn’t getting any traffic, and, more importantly, isn’t growing your business. You’ve done some local advertising but have no idea how to grow your business online. There are many different web promotion companies out there, but which one really provides the best web promotion? You have no idea. You aren’t even sure what you need.

You need a way to bring in more people to your local business. You need PushLeads.com!

There are many web companies out there…who choose PushLeads? You should choose us because we are both a Web Design Company and a Web Promotion Company rolled into one service that knows how to grow your business. Why does this matter? The answer is simple: Web Designers and Web Promoters are two completely seperate trades that “don’t usually work well together.” Web Designers love creating new sites but usually have no idea how to promote them. Web Promoters love ranking sites in Google but usually have no idea how to create a good looking site. Neither Web Designers or Web Promotions know how to work together to actually grow your business. You don’t have 2 companies fighting with you either to build and promote you website. No. You need an “All In One” Web Company that both designs and promotes websites. You need PushLeads.

At PushLeads, we know how to profressionally do your Web Design and expertly handle your Web Promotion so that you end up with more fresh new customers coming into your local business. When you hire us, you’ll see a flood of new prospective customers calling you, walking through your doors, and emailing you. As a premiere web promotion company, we know that we aren’t successful unlessful unless you are! Our whole process is designed to grow your business with our best web promotion services so that we can make you more successful.

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We want to prove to you that we do the best web promotion compared to any other company. Give us a call at 828-333-5729 and we’ll give you a free Growth Evaluation and let us show you how quickly we can grow your business.

Why PushLeads Does the Best Web Promotion
Why PushLeads Does the Best Web Promotion

About Our Background

As I mentioned either, I’m Jeremy Ashburn. I founded PushLeads in September 2012 to use my expertise to grow local businesses. I’m the President and CEO of PushLeads and have a team of diverse Internet Marketers working for you. Since I’m going go be your main “point of contact” to grow your business, I’d like to explain a little more about who are are by giving you a brief explanation of my background.

I’m originally from Florida but grew up in the Asheville NC area. After graduating from High School I attended UNC Asheville for two years and then transferred to UNC Charlotte. I graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2003 with a BA in Graphics Design. After graduation, I entered the advertising world and worked for a local advertising agency in the Asheville area for one year. My time at this advertising agency was “fast and furious” because every day, I improved my graphics design and web promotion skills.

Doing graphics design was fine for that time period, but towards the end of this year, I realized that I really needed more direct business experience. I then joined Kimmel & Associates and became an Executive Recruiter in the transportation industry for about Eight years. My time as a recruiter was the “best business training course” I’ve ever taken! I met so many people and learned very much about about how local, regional, and national businesses work in today’s marketplace. Since I was so exposed to recruiting and placing people every day, I had the privilege of learning how people think, seeing how they work with other people, and learning how to place candidates in the best job for their particular skills.

Of course, while working as a recruiter, I also kept refining my advertising skills by doing part time jobs. During my Recruiting Years I built websites, did corporate design, and started to learn more about how to do the Best Web Promotion.

Finding Experts Who Taught the Best Web Promotion

By 2009, I started thinking about moving back into full-time advertising. I didn’t want to go back into Graphics Design but realized that I had a true interest in learning how to promote sites on the Internet. You see, my education at UNC Charlotte had taught me very much about Print and Web Design, but nothing about how to rank sits quickly with Google and other Search Engines. Many people don’t know this, but Google actually doesn’t want people to learn how quick rank sites because they think that’s a “manipulation” of the search engine principles. Since the best web promotion training didn’t exist, I had to initiate my own “self guided” training to learn Internet Marketing.

For about two years there, my desire to learn how to Internet Marketing actually became an obsession. I went to Barnes & Noble to read books on the topic. I asked friends and acquaintances if they knew people who did web promotion. I spent countless hours on the internet researching and trying to find answers. Like chasing breadcrums, here and there, I found little clues that began to fit together like puzzle pieces snapping into a puzzle. Slowly, ever so slowly, answers came. Slowly, I began to realize answers.

Learning the Best Web Promotion from Internet Marketing Experts

My quest knowledge increased. I began spending money on books, PDF Training Documents, Videos, and Online classes. Later on, I began to join online communities and discovered many different Internet Marketing Experts who, over time, taught me how to do the Best Web Promotion. Over years, I keep talking to and learning from these experts, finding out how they were effective, and learning how to reproduce their results with my own websites.

A couple of years progressed. As time passed, my web promotion skills began to increase more and more. Good favor followed me as I kept discovering more and more experts, joined weekly classes, attended personal meetings, and joined group “mastermind sessions.” Everyone I spoke with contributed something different to my education by showing me their Internet Marketing Strategies, Tools, Tricks, and Techniques. Every step of the way, I learned more and more “how to do it” skills that enabled me to do the best web promotion on my own sites. Every step of the way, I got better and better. It was exciting time and a nervous time. I did many different experiments on my different sites. Initially, I saw many different minor successes and major failures. I saw these minor successes as “steps in the right direction.” Refusing to give up, I didn’t let my failures derail me from learning. I saw these failures as more examples of “what not to do next time.” Everything worked in my best favor to keep teaching me exactly how to promote sites on the web to get the best successes.

Learning the Best Web Promotion Techniques

I ended up spending three years learning the art of the best web promotion. What exactly have I learned? My research, experimentation, and interviewing of experts taught me many strategies, tools, and tricks of the Internet Marketing trade. This is a summary:

  • How to Build Beautiful Sites: Improved my web design skills to build sites that look beautiful.
  • How to Optimize: Learned how to strategically place words within sites so they rank quickly in Google.
  • How to Quickly Rank: Discovered the best strategies for doing the best web promotion with sites.
  • How to Make Money Online: Learned how to creates sites that make money from web traffic (called Affiliate Marketing).
  • How to Make Money Using a Service: Created and implemented two different service oriented businesses that made money selling these services.
  • How to Teach Internet Marketing: Organized all my knowledge into weekly coaching sessions where I taught internet marketing in live weekly classes.

Creating Successful Membership Training Sites

As I learned more and more about Internet Marketing, I decided that it was time to “give back” and start teaching newbie Internet Marketers my best web promotion techniques. In 2011, I created a membership site that taught people who to use a particular piece of internet marketing software. This site was very successful and ended up getting 1500 active susbscribers users over a one year period.

In 2012, I created another membership site which formed a community of individuals that learned Internet Marketing together. There are many people who are learning the online world but often don’t have a place where they can “learn internet marketing” together. I formed this second site as a place where fellow Internet Marketers can go to learn the trade in live weekly classes and trainings.

Both of these sites were wildly successful and made me into a “Micro-Celebrity” of sorts in small online communities.

And Now, The Present

All of this brings us up to the present day. Looking over my past, I realized that my initial forray into advertising was “fast and furious” at the Asheville advertising company. I know that my Eight Years as an Executive Recruiter taught me amazing business skills. I see that my two successful membership sites “gave back” by teaching Internet Marketing to how to do best web promotion so they could learn the trade and grow their business. It goes without saying that this past 11 years have been very exciting, fun, and of course, immensely educational.

At the end of this three year period, I entered a time of much thinking and deliberation. I decided that I while I liked building and ranking my own sites, I also wanted to get back into the business world and promote sites for businesses. I wanted clients to be amazed at how fast their business could grow with a company who specialized at the best web promotion. So, in September of 2012, I formed PushLeads.com to use my expertise to grow local businesses.

What have I really learned?

Creating Pushleads to Give Clients the Best Web Promotion

I’ve learned that the best web promotion is both designing beautiful sites and ranking them in Google. Since Web Designers and Web Promoters are two completely seperate trades that “don’t usually work well together,” I’ve learned that businesses really want a service that does both. Businesses really want an “All In One” Web Company that both designs and promotes websites. PushLeads is effective because we do both.

The PushLeads Vision

The Pushleads Vision is simple: “to create beautiful sites, quickly rank them in Google, and grow your business.” Our process builds the best web promotion for you, the client. We Listen to your needs, Design a beautiful site, Promote it to Google’s First Page, then you leads that Grow your business.

Listen: We learn about your business. Which searches we can rank quickly for?
Design: We create a beautiful site with targets these searches.
Promote: We use our best web promotion techniques to quickly rank on Google’s First Page. You site now has hundreds of visitors!
Grow: Potential Customers call, email you, inquire, and visit your business.

This simple vision to create and rank sites in Google really works! Our clients see the value in working with us because they’re getting more business from the customers we bring them.

See Why We Do the Best Web Promotion

Free $497 Business Evaluation

We’d like to personally show you why we have the best web promotion services out there. Give us a call at (828) 333-5729 and we’ll give you a Free Growth Evaluation which will show you exactly how quickly we can grow your business.

We are the best web promotion.
We are the best web promotion.

PushLeads.com is the Best Web Promotion, Period.