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What is B2C Marketing Automation & How Does it Work?

B2C Marketing Automation is the process of having software send campaigns to your clients automatically.

What is B2C Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using software to send campaigns to your clients and prospects automatically based on your chosen settings. But what is B2C Marketing Automation really?!? Rather than sending out one-off email campaigns by hand, these “automatic” emails can be set up once, with parameters suited for each particular recipient, and will then send themselves once they satisfy certain conditions, saving time in both preparation and execution!

Marketing automation can help you reach out to your prospects with customized content at scale (and in an automated manner) in order to build meaningful connections. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also be able to track engagement, which can be used to create more effective campaigns with a higher return on investment. According to a CRM Essentials report, firms who use marketing automation get a 49 percent to 52 percent boost in qualified prospects.

What is the main purpose of marketing automation?


Marketing automation is a great approach to keeping in touch with your customers. It’s especially helpful for marketers that want to streamline email marketing while saving time!

Marketing automation’s core premise is to use data to improve company operations and marketing channel activities in order to improve reporting accuracy and productivity while also guaranteeing that each channel generates money. Marketers can define marketing material that suits each individual client profile using marketing automation, which provides real-time intelligence on prospects’ interests and activities. 

Marketers can use this information to customize marketing messaging so that it speaks their target audience’s language, resulting in more relevant engagements at the right moment.

What are marketing automation platforms, and how do they work?

Marketers can use marketing automation solutions to automate their marketing operations across numerous channels. These software companies provide a variety of tools, such as email and social media solutions, to assist them in spreading the word about your company with less effort on your part!

Let’s imagine you’re a natural at customer service and want to contribute to your company’s success by offering outstanding support. Marketing automation tools allow you to send automatic emails to clients so that they receive tailored messages from your company even if you don’t have time for one-on-one conversations, making it easier for them to participate and feel heard. These tools can assist you or your marketing team in being more productive and efficient, allowing you to devote more time to strategic and creative projects while increasing revenue.

What advantages can marketing automation provide?

For organizations of all sizes, marketing automation is a terrific way to save time and money. There are far too many advantages to list here, but here are a few of the more notable:

Reduces the number of tasks that must be repeated: Freeing up time for the marketing team.

  • Personalization: Using distinctive messaging to make customers feel like they’re more than just another face in the throng.
  • List segmentation: This feature allows you to send relevant content to the right people.

Even better, automation is said to have yielded an 80 percent return on investment, 46 percent growth, 26% more leads, and more productive marketers.

9 B2C marketing automation examples

1. A series of welcome emails

Your welcome email is your first opportunity to create a positive impression on your readers. Marketing automation is a fantastic approach to providing your subscribers with a memorable experience. One-time welcome emails or a series of tailored communications can assist in the onboarding of new clients, leading them through their initial engagement with you while also thanking them!

2. Email reminders

Allowing consumers to plan reminder emails to send on specific dates is a terrific approach to not only deliver your content when it’s most relevant but also to keep them coming back for more.

3. A birthday or an anniversary

Sending a special offer to your clients on their birthdays or anniversaries is a great way to boost income while also enhancing customer satisfaction.

4. High-ranking official

It’s simple to build up a sequence of emails that will make your VIP clients feel special and keep them engaged and spending when you employ automation.

5. Re-engagement

You can use an exclusive offer, a “Save on your next order” discount, to entice email subscribers who haven’t shopped in a while.

6. Emails with surveys and feedback

Marketers can use surveys to gather feedback on products, services, and upgrades, which is a great approach to including automation in their campaigns. These are usually sent out in response to events such as purchases or programs, site, or product updates.

7. Emails for feedback and testimonials

Do you have a new client? Do you, on the other hand, have a regular customer? You may take advantage of this chance by setting up an autoresponder to send them an email asking them to post a positive review for your company.

8. Product launches and updates

When a company launches or upgrades a product, it’s a great moment to reach out to customers and interact with them. This is easier than ever before, thanks to marketing automation!

9. Newsletters

Newsletters used to be thought of as “one-off” emails sent out when something important needed to be announced. Email newsletters are now set up to go out to subscribers automatically on a regular basis, such as:

  • Weekly\sBi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

In Closing

It’s time to put this motivation into action in order to grow your B2C company’s income and profits. The marketing automation techniques of PushLeads will make your marketing journey a breeze, so give us a call and let’s set up your FREE consultation TODAY!

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