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What is PPC? Why Should You Care?

What Is PPC, and Why Should You Care?

Here's an intro to PPC advertising and how you can use this marketing method to grab quality leads and scale your business how you want.

It's Time to Get the Low Down on PPC

Whether you’ve never heard what PPC advertising and marketing is or you already know, we’re here to give you the low down. If you want to use PPC to increase your brand awareness or garner more traffic, this guide will help you understand how to do it all.

This will be an intro to PPC advertising and how you can use this marketing method to grab quality leads and scale your business how you want. Let’s define PPC and show you how it works. Then, you might decide to use it for your brand or company.

What is PPC?

We’re going to start this article off by explaining PPC, so you know exactly what we’re describing. What is PPC? PPC is the name given to the ability of advertisers to pay for clicks when someone enters a particular keyword or phrase in their search engine. 

For example, say you’re a jewelry store looking to buy some new items for your store. You create a new PPC campaign that starts to pay off because people enter those keywords in their search engine. PPC is a relatively new type of marketing tool. It is a paid advertising method used by webmasters and businesses to increase traffic and conversions on websites and in-store applications.

PPC allows you to reach customers and leads you otherwise wouldn’t. 

Why should you care about PPC?

People are generally unfamiliar with the term PPC. People don’t think it’s a legitimate marketing method used by brands, but it is. Many don’t realize that it’s an investment you can make, which can help you create more traffic.

There’s a misconception that ads on Google are deceptive and sneaky, but a well-written and executed campaign can make a huge difference in how your business grows.

How does PPC work?

When you Google something, you’re often looking for a specific keyword to search for. When that keyword is searched for in the target market, an ad is served to the user. You’ll notice a page with ads from a company you searched for. The company will then want you to click on their ad and buy their product.

You can sell your products and services on this website or in many other ways. You’ll have the chance to put your logo in the corner, display the content you want your website visitors to see, and many other options.

Getting Results with PPC

You’ve been using search engine marketing on your website, most likely. Now that you know what PPC is, you can utilize it for your business. This guide is the first in a series on PPC marketing, and we will cover the specific elements you need to succeed with ads online.

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