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Why Aren't You Showing Up in Search

Why Aren’t You Showing Up in Google Search?

What if you website isn’t show up in the top of Google? What’s happening with that situation? Let's walk thru this slideshow and find out answers.

Video Transcription

If you’re just joining, hi, I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I wanted to do a quick little training today talking about what topic that this is a question that comes up continuously comes up: “Why is my website showing why isn’t my website showing up in Google?”

My clients ask me this question over and over again. Now, if you don’t know who I am, I have my own marketing agency called PushLeads. The whole idea is to make your website to be visible at the top of Google and grow. If you website is visible, then people are finding you and they’re calling you and they’re contacting you and that’s awesome.

But what if you website isn’t show up in the top of Google? What’s happening with that situation?  Let me explain that? What I’m going to do here is share my screen and go through a quick little really quick PowerPoint.

I’ll just start the slideshow from the beginning. The first thing we’re going to do is look at some ugly websites. And after we do that, we’re going to talk about domain reputation. You’ll learn how links influence and affect your domain reputation. And then I’m going to introduce PushLeads Academy and what that’s all about.

Let’s start with my bio. I went to school for graphic design graduated and worked for an ad Agency for about a year and was an executive recruiter for eight years. While working as a recruiter, I started making websites because I missed being creative. While making websites, I was started to teach myself how to get websites to the top of Google. By 2008, one of the websites were had reached the top of Google and was generating about $20,000 to business a month, not for me, but for Amazon. I was personally making about 3K per month from that website, which was awesome. I enjoyed this so much that I decided to go into it full time by 2012.

When I first started PushLeads, I did some online mentoring for the first couple years. From 2014 to present, I’ve been doing SEO, web design, Google ads and all kinds of fun things like that and really just helping businesses be more visible at the top of Google and grow.

So let’s look at ugly websites. Oh, I love doing this. You wouldn’t think it but eBay really back in 2003 was an ugly website. I think it still is an ugly website. Look at this thing. eBay! Your eye really doesn’t know where to go! Is it here? Is it there? My eyes are all over the place.

This one probably Takes the Cake for the most of the world’s most ugliest website out there. What is this thing? I don’t know. It’s definitely in Russian. I’m almost expecting to see like a nuke somewhere. Somebody in Russia is probably watching this and make maybe they’re angry.

Craigslist is another a ugly website. You know, it’s not really my favorite website. Obviously, you can go there and buy and sell things but it really still looks like 1999. Craigslist is trying to Party Like It’s 1999. It’s very confusing.

I’m really not sure what this website is. It’s just complete random trash.

And this one though probably Takes the Cake for the world’s worst website: Ling’s cars.com, a UK leasing cars site from Ling Valentine. It’s really bad. You eyes all over the place. What is this background? I don’t know. Apparently, you’d want to buy a cheap new car. I don’t know.

Let’s talk about domain reputation. All websites have a number on a scale of one to a hundred that represents their overall reputation. Once you realize that your site has a 10 domain reputation and your competitor has a 5 domain reputation, then you’re beating out your competitor and showing up in more Google Searches then them.

Let’s say that your competitor has a 25 domain reputation and you have a 5. Because of this difference, you aren’t going to show up in as many searches until your number gets high. This domain reputation number is really similar to sort of like how children grow up and become adults. If you create a brand new website today, it’s going to be a baby and not show up in any searches. If your website is mature, you’ll showing up in a lot more searches.

Let’s look at website ages. This website is a baby website. It’s been out there for maybe three or four months. As your site grows, it becomes this little toddler with the cute little bunny. I like the little bunny! Once your website gets up to a 14, you’re rocking and rolling and showing up in more searches. You begin to take over some more searches you’re starting to show up for some valuable keywords once you’re like this 19 year old. Your website really starts to show up in more and more searches once you hit 33 and 57 domain reputation. Most websites don’t grow beyond a 57 domain reputation (unless you’re YouTube).

What are all these numbers mean? Keep in mind that these domain reputation numbers correspond to site ages. Hopefully that kind of makes sense it’s similar to the ages of us humans growing up. As your site grows up, it becomes an adult and once it’s an adult it begins to show up in more Google searches, generate its own business, and grow and grow.

So how do you find out what your domain reputation is? There’s two different tools that you can use: Moz Link Explorer and Ahrefs Site Explorer. You can go to both of these tools and they will give you a slightly different domain reputation number. I think Ahrefs Site Explorer is a little more accurate than Moz Link Explorer.

Now, we’re going to talk about links. In the SEO world, people are always talking about links.

What is a link? Look at a picture here. Let’s pretend that this circle is your website. Let’s pretend that these other circles all around you are other websites. Let’s say that you start writing blogs and sharing content. When you do this, people start linking to you and your website starts getting links from other websites.

When all these other websites start linking to you, they’re connecting with you. These little arrows represent that your website is starting to get links. As you get those links your domain reputation goes up, which is awesome. As your website gets more links, your domain reputation grows from a 10 to 15 and 20.

Now, obviously, on the interest, there’s many more websites that just yours. After you have links from this six websites, let’s say that your website starts getting links from these other websites. As these other websites link to you, your domain reputation grows from 20 to 25 and maybe 30. As this happens, your SEO is taking off and it starting to snowball.

So that’s how links affect your domain reputation. The more links, the merrier. The link more, the more your domain reputation goes up.

The whole process isn’t instant and takes time. It might take five years to grow all the way up to 57. But, it’s not about getting your domain reputation to a 57. It’s about growing your domain reputation up to and beyond your competitors.

It might really take five years to get to a 33 5 to 7 years. But you know, it’s really not about being at 57 or 33. It’s a really about getting up to where your competitors are and then passing their number. Once you overtake their number, your website starts showing up for their searches, which is great.

Getting more and more links influence your reputation. If you remember nothing else about this teaching, just remember that getting more links directly influences and grows your domain reputation. Every time a new website links to yours your domain reputation is going to go up.

Another thing about links is that different links have different values. Let’s imagine that you somehow are featured in a local magazine and get a link from them. That’s awesome! Links from magazines and newspapers are the Holy Gail because one of those links is a thousand times stronger than a link from a social media channel like Facebook.

The real question here is this: “How Can I earn more good quality links?”

How can your website start earning more links? How can you do that naturally without using any type of software?

Let’s talk about some real quick basic ways of learning of earning earning links. One of things that you can do is write Four blog posts per month. It’s not about writing blogs that are thousands of words long as much you write content that people might find it fascinating. As you write your blog posts, always publish them on your website and them share it on social media. Always, always, always be sharing any content that you write on your social media.

Here’s another idea. You can make videos answering common questions. If you’re a chiropractor and want to bring in more elderly clients, you can shoot videos and publish blog posts with the video transcription talking about the benefits of getting chiropractic care. After you’ve published the blog post, you can share that you on social media.

Another thing you can do is create blog posts on Weebly or Blogger. These type of site’s are called “Web 2.0 Sites.” Google pays more attention to these sites that other sites on the internet. You can write blog posts on those sites with a link back to your site. If you’re linking from those to your site that will help.

What about next level link building? How can you take your Link building to the next level?

One of the things you can do is find influencers in your niche who are further along that you can  in the same industry may be a similar industry.

If you’re a mom that wants to get into blogging, then find a mom that’s already blogging and connect with her. Ask if she’ll let you write blog posts for her that she would publish on her site. In that blog post, have a link back to your site. This is called Guest blogging and attracts links.

Another think you can do is create infographics. Those are beautiful and almost all the time  attract links.

You can make guides. If I’m the owner of a roofing company, I could write (or hire a writer to writer) and article about the five things that you need to do this winter to protect your roof from from hail damage. That’s a guide that would actually help people.

You can make tutorials. I have a friend who the sculptural artist in New York City. She could make a tutorial video about how to create a wooden sculpture. This could either be a long written blog post or video.

You could make a list. Let’s say that you’re a destination blogger in Indianapolis and you write content for somebody how wants to know the five best restaurants in town. Or write another guide about the five best Bed and Breakfast places in your next of the woods.

You could sponsor a festival or event we did this last year with PushLeads. You’ll get links from that.

You can do a webinar or a Facebook live and answer common questions there like I’m doing now.

Lastly, let’s talk about PushLeads Academy. This is essentially an online community and creating for local business owners. This whole idea here is that if we could work with each other and give feedback on web design, we’ll help each other grow. We can learn from each other from step with step-by-step video learning little 5 and 10 minute videos.

This is like 20 minute webinar, but most videos are 5-10 minutes long. You can learn about SEO and Facebook and Google ads and all kinds of ads and just Google in general. I’m putting everything into a membership site so that if you wanted to go through the linearly you can.

We’re also sharing everything in a Facebook group. Right now PushLeads Academy is totally free because we’re just getting it off the ground. We’ve already got people in the group that are responding and talking and building a community with is great.

I’ll post the link at the bottom of this video and you can join for free. After you sign up, you’ll get a login email an introduction.

Have a great evening!

Want to Learn More?

So if you want to learn more about how this works you can call me directly at 828-348-7686, or go to pushleads.com where you can do an SEO audit, and we’ll find out how strong your website is for a particular search phrase.

I’m Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads, thanks.

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Video Review

By Jeremy Ashburn

What is a SEO?

Hey guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads. And, right now we’re just gonna ask ourselves some of the main questions that clients ask me throughout the year. So, the very first question is, what is SEO?

Defining SEO

So, SEO is essentially, is the process of making little inside tweaks and outside tweaks on your website, so that over time your website becomes more search engine and friendly to Google. Essentially, your website looks more streamlined and beautiful to Google.

Learn all about SEO with PushleadsAnd, these little inside tweaks could be changing different words around on your website, finding really common search phrases that people are looking for, and also making inside tweaks on the back end. Like, adding a site map and other technical things that we’ll do over time.

And what happens is, over time all these little inside tweaks add up along with outside tweaks, such as other websites linking towards you and other properties across the web with your name, address, and phone number. Those are called citations.

So, over time, all of these little inside tweaks and outside tweaks add up to where your website looks more beautiful at Google and you start moving up to the top of Google, and other search engines for common search phrases.

SEO Compared to Falling in Love

I kind of think of this whole process like falling in love with somebody. You go on a first date with somebody, and it’s like oh, I think you’re kind of cute or, I’m interested in you. And then over time, then you go on the second and third date. And maybe their buying you flowers, or taking you to the movies, or taking you out to dinner.

Learn all about SEOOr maybe over time, you’re doing more and more things, and over time, maybe after 10 or 15 dates, you’re like hey, I think I’m falling in love with this person. Well, SEO is very similar in the sense that you’re making these changes over time.

You’re doing all these little things, and Google begins to fall in love with your website because you’re doing things that Google loves. And essentially, Google sort of falls in love with you. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it’s totally how it works.

You probably heard … We’ve probably all heard the expression that, it’s all the little things, right? When you’re falling in love it’s all the little things that somebody does, that makes you think wow, this person really loves me.

You bought them dinner, you took them out to a drive-in movie theater, whatever it is. And so, essentially SEO, getting back to what is SEO. SEO is making all these little inside tweaks and outside tweaks to your website over time so that Google then falls in love with you and you show up at the top of Google for common searches.

And, when you show at the top of Google for searches, then that begins to change your business, because more people can see you at the top of Google. They can call you, they can walk into your business, they can do a contact form submit on your website and, your business can start to grow.

Want to Learn More?

So if you want to learn more about how this works you can call me directly at 828-348-7686, or go to pushleads.com where you can do an SEO audit, and we’ll find out how strong your website is for a particular search phrase.

I’m Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads, thanks.

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

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