Why Facebook Fan Pages Matter

Most of us know that Facebook Fanpages are important. Honestly, most Facebook fanpages just aren't successful. Here's how to create a successful Fanpage.

A stellar Fan Page needs high End Branding, A Sexy Sales Page, and Regular Customer Interaction. You got to have professional branding. You need an easy to locate Sales Page. You’ve got keep customers with regular interesting and engaging posts. Now we’re onto something!

High End Branding

Facebook Fanpages need high end, high quality branding that attracts visitors to your brand and business. It’s important that your fan page be consistant with your online presence. This means that it needs to have the same “look and feel” as your brand. It needs to visually have the same logos and designs that your Website, Business Cards, and Flyers have. By extending your brand into Facebook with a well done Fanpage, you’re telling your clients and customers that your business understands the importance of being part of the most popular social network out there.

Call to Action

The Fanpage needs to have a crisp and clear call to action, or you simply won’t attract the right type of attention to your brand. Facebook’s new Call to Action signup button is a great way to build a clear way for people to interact with your business, right from the Fan Page. Ask yourself: “What is the goal of the Facebook Fan Page? Is it to get more traffic to your website, to get sign-ups, or to download an app? Depending on your goal for the Fan Page, you can place the call-to-action button to the left of the Like button to push visitors in the direction you want them to go.

Regular Interaction

Your Fanpage needs customized Fanpage AND engaging interactions. You’ve got keep customers with regular interesting and engaging posts. You have to interact with your visitors through your Wall Tab and elsewhere you Facebook and the web. Interacting with your visitors is one of the best ways of getting your visitors to keep coming back to your Fan Page, again, and again.

Go and Be Successful!

So, how does your current Facebook Fan Page measure up? Go there and look at it now. If you need to improve it, start setting aside time in your schedule to do so. As you improve the High End Branding, Call to Action, and Interaction, you’ll need a spike in your likes, sign-ups, downloads, and traffic to your website.

Now, go. Go and be successful with your Facebook Fan Page creation. SmileDon’t forget to tell us about it!

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