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PushLeads PPC advertising services provide you with a chance to purchase top search engine positions and appear on other websites that are relevant. Our Pay Per Click management services draw in instant traffic and provide a number of ways to supplement your current SEO strategies.

An experienced Pay Per Click consultant will test your marketing verticals, business models, and keywords in order to come up with an overall digital marketing campaign. Our PPC agency will create for you an SEO plan that will be fortified with facts as opposed to assumptions.

At PushLeads, we understand that there is an exact science to very specific long-tail keywords. These are low-volume keywords that are not as costly to advertise on yet still provide a considerable return on investment. Such keywords can be useful in hedging against higher-priced high-volume keywords. This is a great way to significantly reduce the average cost per click throughout your entire digital marketing campaign, including local PPC management.

If you are looking for a Pay Per Click company that always has your best interest in mind and is dedicated to helping you grow your business, you have come to the right place. It is easy to see the reasons PushLeads is the top choice for small businesses and mid-size companies looking to enhance their digital marketing campaign over all platforms to maximize their total return on investment. We invite you to browse our portfolio to see for yourself all of the amazing results that we have been able to achieve for all of our existing clients.

PPC Accomplishments

Plumbing Company

Quadrupled calls within the first 90 days. 18 months later, we’re now generating 200+ calls per month from SEO and Pay Per Click services. As a result, client has more than doubled their revenue and had to double their workforce.

Wedding Planner

Generated 90% more phone calls within First 14 days. Quadrupled revenue within the first month.

Real Estate Law Firm

39% improvement in SEO Rankings within first 90 Days. Client’s daily closings went from 3 per day to 7 closings per day from increased traffic, which was a $160K monthly revenue increase. As a result, client doubled their staff and office size to accommodate the increased revenue growth.

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Don’t forget to review the testimonials, too. You’ll understand why PushLeads is the choice for SEO services for small businesses and mid-sized companies alike. An Asheville SEO specialist is only as good as his track record. See for yourself some of the amazing results PushLeads has accomplished through its combination of SEO services and outstanding customer service.