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What is the most effective way of marketing a massage therapy business

How Should I Market A Massage Therapist Business?

We’re not message therapists, but we've done many things to market our agency that could work for you. Try these things to start growing.

We just came across this question on Alignable. Irene Kountouris, a massage therapist based out of Westborough, MA, asked the question:

What is the most effective way of marketing for a massage therapy business?

Obviously at PushLeads, we are not massage therapists; we’re a Web Design and SEO Marketing Agency. Our special sauce is marketing your business the right way to start immediately increasing your leads from Google and other search engines. These increased leads translate into immediate growth for your business.

No, we’re not message therapists, but, there are many things that we’ve been doing to market our agency that could work for you. We’ve been in business for Eight years, have tried and tested myriad of things, and have found what works for us. Here’s what works for us, in order of effectiveness:

  • BNI – joining BNI has been the absolute best thing for my business. In a given year, BNI generates about 50-60% of my business. It also helps when I visit other BNI groups.
  • Join the Local Chamber – I just joined the local Hendersonville NC chamber; closed 2 new clients and brought in 3K of new revenue.
  • Join Local Networking Groups – join other local networking groups and attend them weekly to start generating
  • Word of Mouth – a close second, Word of mouth is constantly drumming up new business for our Agency.
  • Current Clients – many of my current and previous clients are passing referrals.
  • Google – Google now generates over 1K on ongoing business.
  • Bing – we’ve just started experimenting on Bing and found that it’s generated a 3K client for us. We encourage you to try out Bing and see if it might work for your business.

Have You Tried This?

Of course, you can always take your marketing efforts to the next level by doing a variety of things such as offering a discount, blogging on your website, and doing on ongoing email newsletter.

Up your game by trying these things:  ​​​

  • Discount – offer some type of incentive discount like 25% off your first visit or 20% Off a 90% minute session. You need to give people a sample of your work.
  • Hone Your 60 Second Presentation – attend at least 3 networking groups per week and get really good at improving your 60 second elevator speech. What is your passion for massage? Why do you do it?
  • ​Follow Up – follow up with current and previous clients and ask how they are feeling and doing? ​Don’t directly ask them for business, just open a dialog. They’ll tell you if they’re stressed and need a massage. Book their next massage view text if so.
  • Blogging – start regularly blogging on your site, this will help your site start showing up in Google. Blogging will also give you an excuse to do an email newsletter.
  • ​Email newsletter – Yes, you knew it was coming. Send out at least a monthly newsletter and share your most valuable blog posts. This will help you become top of mind with your current, previous, and prospective clients.
  • ​Sharing on Social Media – always share every blog post that you do on 2-3 of your social media channels. ​This will help you earn links and show up higher in Google searches.

Go Forth and Prosper

With marketing, there really isn’t one thing that you can start doing that will magically start growing your business. If you rather start approaching the marketing of your business with sound strategies and tactics, things will start improving and your business will start to steadily grow.

Go forth and prosper!

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

Why Your Website Should Add Value To the Web
Why Your Website Should Add Value To the Web


Ever seen this type of writing on the web? Seriously? What does this stuff even mean? What we’re looking at here isn’t high quality writing. No, my friends, this is junk. Everything you publish on your site or on the web should ad value for the searcher. Never, ever, is it OK to publish junk, anywhere on the web. Unfortunately, the web is littered with junk like this:
Here's an Example of "Keyword Stuffing, Adding Junk to the Web."
Here’s an example of Junk Content on the Web, called “Keyword Stuffing.”
See how the words “red apples” are repeated over and over in the content of this paragraph? The process of doing this is called “keyword stuffing.”

Keyword Stuffing

Google defines keyword stuffing as the “practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results.” Quite often, keywords appear over and over again in lists, groups, or patterns. Most of the time, these keywords appear totally out of context and repeated over and over. And, guess what? Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing. This is because the act of doing keyword stuffing is an attempt of manipulate Google’s algorithm. Google especially hates any attempt to manipulate their algorithm in any way. What happens when Google finds out a website is trying to manipulate them? Yep, you guessed it. Whenever Google finds violations like this they will “add a slap” to the website and penalize it in the rankings. In real world examples, this usually means that the offending site will drop out of Google’s First page into the second, third, or hundredth page. Basically, the offending website disappears from Google’s Search altogether and it can take alot of work to make that website “move to the top” again. Sometimes it’s not even possible.

Why Publish this Junk?

So why do we see this so called “keyword stuffing” across the web? Once upon a time back before 2012, keyword stuffing was actually common practice among people that did SEO. The reason that SEO people did this was because it actually worked. The combination of keyword stuffing and publishing articles across the web would actually make a website go to the top of Google. Unfortunately, the web was littered with more examples of things that look like this: Alas, here's yet another example of keyword stuffing. Google hates this. Keyword stuffing is, at it’s core, spam. And, Google hates spam. When the engineers at Google saw that the web was being littered with all this spam, they decided to do something about it.

Google Responds

Ready to laugh? We're some humor about keyword stuffing.
Here’s some keyword stuffing humor.
So, what happened? Google got smarter. Around 2012, Google started releasing a whole bunch of updates to their algorithm that began to penalize sites for keyword stuffing. At that time, thousands of sites that were using keyword stuffing dropped out of Google completely, never to be seen again. 2012 were dark days for many SEO’s because they lost thousands of hours of hard work down the drain. Because they considered Google unpredictable, many people stopped doing Search Engine Optimization completely. Since 2012, Google has gotten better and better at recognizing and penalizing all types of spam. The actual process of Google’s engineers updating the algorithm, over and over, have made it much more intelligent. It’s my opinion that all this algorithm updating has made Google into the first Artificial Intelligence (AI). No worries though, Google isn’t an artificial intelligence that wants to “take over the world,” it’s an AI that wants to make the world a better place by giving the user a great experience. Thing about it? If suddenly, Google started delivering search results that had spam, would people keep using it? Of course not. People would start flocking over to Bing (gasp) and Yahoo (double gasp) away from Google. Google would start loosing it’s 64% desktop market share of the search engine market. For that reason, Google’s top concern is delivering an excellent user experience. Google wants:
  • people to quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • results that solve problems.
  • results that answer questions.
  • to suppress spam as much as possible.
The more Google can keep doing those Four things, the more Google can stay ahead of the other search engines, make money, and grow.

Adding Value

One of my mentors would always repeat this mantra: “Always add value to the web.” When he said this, we meant that whenever we publish anything online, we must make sure that it adds value. We need to make sure that the content we’re publishing answers questions, solves problems, and helps people. Why is Value so important to Google? The reason is that sites that provide a high amount of value help people quickly find what they’re looking for. The more value that people find using Google, the more they’ll tend to keep using Google vs other search engines. When a site answers questions that people are asking for, that’s value. When site’s provide direction to life’s persistent questions, that site is providing value. When a site has a high quality design, that’s value. When a site publishes excellent content, that’s value. Value also gets ranked at the top of Search Engines.

How Can You Add Value?

Ok, we get it. Value is, well, valuable. Publishing high quality content on your site will actually boost your company in the search results and also increase your site’s value at the same time. So, what are different ways that you can add value to the web? Here’s a list of pages or blog posts that you could create on your site to add more value:
  1. Blog Posts that answer your most common questions.
  2. Pages that Answer Specific Questions.
  3. Videos about your Company’s Service and/or Offerings.
  4. Info-graphics about humorous, interesting, and great topics.
  5. Transcriptions of videos or audio that you’ve recorded on your phone.
  6. Blog Posts that comment on trending relevant topics on the web.
As a SEO Professional in the industry, we can assure you that if you publish this type of content at least four times a month, you’ll start showing up in more and more searches. You can’t publish this type of valuable content and NOT be ranking in Google.

Go Forth!

Now that you know the importance of value, we encourage you to start adding value to your site. Also, the process of creating great content doesn’t have to be hours and hours of writing articles while looking at the screen. Content doesn’t have to be boring; it can be fun! You can actually get a 500 word article by recording a 2 minute video on your phone, getting it transcribed at rev.com, and publishing the content as a blog post (along with the video). Go forth, always add value to the web, live, and prosper.

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