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Service Companies, eCommerce, & Artists

PushLeads is a SEO company founded in North Carolina, by our CEO Jeremy Ashburn. We have just opened a new Texas location, just outside of the beautiful city of Tyler, and we are offering SEO Services in Texas. We specialize in Branding, Local SEO, Web Design, Marketing & Social Media. We love helping companies beat out their competition in Google Ranking. 


"When every local business is scrambling to reach the top of the Google search results page, you need an SEO expert in your corner. You need a professional, competent SEO specialist who speaks your language to explain how the process works."

Jeremy Ashburn ~ PushLeads Founder & CEO

Local marketing via a local SEO company will help you reach consumers in your area. Visits to your website and storefront have a direct correlation.
Increasing one inevitably leads to an increase in the other.

Woman Business Owner & Native Texan

Victoria Nicodemus heads our new Texas Branch of PushLeads! 

Victoria has grown up in Texas, she loves God and country, and can’t imagine ever leaving the Lone Star state. She’s been an expert in all things tech since early 1995 when personal computers and the internet were still in their infancy. As a woman business owner, and SEO expert, she knows how important it is to rank well in the SERP (search engine results page) and raise brand awareness, if you are going to succeed in this modern technological age. 



Plumbing Company

Quadrupled calls within the first 90 days. 18 months later, we’re now generating 200+ calls per month from SEO and Pay Per Click services. As a result, client has more than doubled their revenue and had to double their workforce.

Restoration Company

Generated 40% more phone calls within First 120 days and 80% more phone calls within first 8 months. Quadrupled revenue within the first year.

Real Estate Law Firm

39% improvement in SEO Rankings within first 90 Days. Client’s daily closings went from 3 per day to 7 closings per day from increased traffic, which was a $160K monthly revenue increase. As a result, client doubled their staff and office size to accommodate the increased revenue growth.

Hair Salon

Created a 631% Google Ranking Improvement within 14 months. Client saw an improvement of 14.4K of revenue per month and, as as result.

Laser Hair Removal

Created a 506% Google Ranking improvement within first 90 days. Client saw an improvement of $12,900 of monthly revenue.

Visual Artist

Created a 253% SEO increase within first 9 months. Went from $0 monthly sales to $7K per month sales from website traffic.

Design Portfolio

Service Companies, eCommerce, & Artists

We do Web Design with the focus of our customer in mind. Web design is much more than creating a beautiful website. We also factor in the user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and functionality. Whether you’re in a need of a simple WordPress website to get your business online, or a more complicated eCommerce website, our web development team will help bring your vision to life.

Web Design for Plumbing Companies

Service Companies

Local Businesses

Web Design For Ecommerce


Online shopping

Web Design For Artists


Various MEdiums

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PushLeads has helped many other businesses grow with its SEO services; you’re next!

Don’t forget to review the testimonials, too. You’ll understand why PushLeads is the choice for SEO services for small businesses and mid-sized companies alike. An SEO agency is only as good as their track record. See for yourself some of the amazing results PushLeads has accomplished through its combination of SEO services and outstanding customer service.

Gain Greater Exposure with SEO Services in Texas!

Are you seeking higher performance from your business online? Search engine optimization is the most effective tool in your overall digital marketing strategy. As a leading SEO marketing agency in Texas, PushLeads offers the most robust service that ensures that your brand is highly visible online. We focus on delivering the most affordable SEO services to businesses around the country that not only maximize your performance but generate the most valuable leads for an incredible increase in ROI that directly boosts your bottom line.

I Need a Trusted Local SEO Service Near Me

There are many options when it comes to looking for a partner in creating an SEO campaign that works. In Texas PushLeads is second to none, in creating stunningly effective campaigns that cater to the individual needs of each business. Our SEO services in Texas are custom designed to harness your unique message, then implemented in the most powerful way to increase the visibility of your brand in a way that engages your users. As a professional SEO company, we truly understand what works in order to deliver value to our clients at the most affordable prices.

Book an Appointment with an SEO Agency that Cares Around Me

Are you looking for more from your digital marketing campaign? A custom-built SEO strategy designed by PushLeads in Texas, can help you to reach your business goals. To learn more, schedule an appointment today by calling us at (214) 585-5888.

Our Services

Our vision is to increase the profitability of your website. Here’s a summary of our services:

Web Design Services

Web Design

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Beauty & Functionality. Get a ew beautiful site with SEO built right in. Succeed and thrive.

SEO Services


SEO makes your website easier to find, which generates more leads for you and adds directly to your bottom line.

Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click

Bring traffic instantly to your site, test what’s working, and quickly grow your business.

Marketing Workshop

Conversion Optimization

Improving the design, layout, and content on your site to make it easier for people to contact you, use your services, or buy your products.

Need SEO Services in Texas?

If you are a small business owner who is in need of increasing visibility, and seeing a fast ROI, contact Victoria Nicodemus, she’s our SEO Services expert in Texas: 


We’re looking forward to helping your business not only show up somewhere in Google, but to REALLY Be Visible & Grow!

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