Why Facebook FanPages Matter

Marketing is All About Building Visibility and Trust

PushLeads Facebook Fanpage
PushLeads Facebook Fanpage

Facebook FanPages Really Matter!

Many businesses realize Facebook Fanpages are important because Fanpages help “get the word out there” and increasing market visibility. Many have created a Fanpage their businesses, sent out invites, and hoped that was enough. Yeah, no. That’s not enough to make your Fanpage successful. But, don’t worry. It is possible to create a Facebook Fanpage the right way. Keep paying attention to this article and we’ll tell you how.

Seriously, have you looked Facebook Fanpages recently? We’ve found that many Fanpages just aren’t very successful. Jump on over to Facebook and do a search right now and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Search (inside) Facebook for a “lawn and garden” Fanpage. You’ll find a whole bunch of Fanpages that are visually boring, have no call to action, and don’t have many likes. Now do another Facebook search for the key phrase “Best Gym.”  You’ll see a lot more Fanpages that are designed well, have great call to action, and have more likes.

Our point is this: people just don’t know how to create a successful Fanpage that will actually grow our business. But, don’t worry, there’s hope. At Pushleads, we know that it is possible to create a Facebook FanPage that really helps to grow a local business. How? Because we’ve done it! Now on to the good stuff!

SOGO Fusion Facebook Fanpage
SOGO Fusion Facebook Fanpage

How To Create A Successful Facebook Fanpage

What are the components of a good Facebook Fanpage? A stellar Fanpage needs high End Branding, A Sexy Sales Page, and Regular Customer Interaction. You got to have professional branding. You need an easy to locate Sales Page. You’ve got keep customers with regular interesting and engaging posts. Lets break this down.

  • High End Branding: Your business needs professional quality branding that easily distinguishes you from the competition. The Fanpage needs to have “zing” that grabs the viewer’s attention. It needs visual “pow” and “pop” combined with a clear call to action. If you have these things, you’ll grab the visitor’s attention so can you next direct them to something with the Sexy Sales Page.
  • Sexy Sales Page: Next, you’ll need a great looking sales page that Facebook users can easily find. And it has got to be sexy. What is sexy? It has got to look as good as a model shoot! Also, your Fanpage has got to be easy to find. At Pushleads, we like to create Apps that show up as “Tabs” in Facebook. Go to our Fanpage now and you’ll see these “tabs” right below the Timeline image. Notice how easy they are to find? See how the words match the branding and have a clear Call to Action? You have to direct the user to do some action that will help grow your business. Actions such as “like us,” “enter our contest,” or “free gift” are sure ways to build up your sales funnel with qualified prospects. The next thing we’ll look at is Regular Customer Interaction. Having this will help will keep your viewer’s attention after they’ve done your call to action.
  • Regular Customer Interaction: Ok. It’s easy to do a Facebook post to your Fanpage. We all know how to do that. However, your Fanpage needs a lot more than just regular posts about your business.  Your Fanpage needs regular interesting posts about a variety of Value Adding Content. Restaurants need a variety of posts about food and entertainment. Visual Artists need regular posts about their creative process. Service Companies need to post valuable tips that can help people. Regular interesting and engaging posts give value to your readers and help grow your brand’s reach and recognition. The more people who like your posts, the more your likes will increase. Today, you have a smaller audience. Tomorrow, you’ll have a larger audience who’s engaged with your posts, liking them, and helping you grow! Oh yeah. Don’t stop me when I’m preaching good.

Wow, that’s alot! But, can you see how having High End Branding, a Sexy Sales Page, and Regular Customer Interaction will help your business? You betcha.

See Our Examples

Are you ready to see another example of a successful Fanpage? We know you are! You’ve already seen the Fanpage for our business above. Now, click on the button below to see another awesome Fanpage that we’ve created.
[button link=”https://www.22social.com/22S/srm/url?sid=21937&ctid=2&ptid=11″ color=”orange” target=”_self” size=”medium” title=”Amazing Fanpage”]See An Amazing Facebook Fanpage[/button]

Ready for a Quality Facebook Fanpage?

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