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A Google My Business Profile Can Generate Revenue

A beefed-up Google My Business Profile can bring you more visitors and prospective clients, leading to more revenue for your local business.

Google My Business Profile

A beefed-up Google My Business Profile can bring more visitors, leads, and sales to your local business. Focus on these variables when gearing up your profile to generate revenue.

Customers look for reviews and references before purchasing to reinforce and validate their decision. Here is an example of the searches done by someone looking to find the perfect florist:

  • Holiday flower arrangements (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.) are what to look for.
  • What kind of flowers to buy for a date.
  • Flower arrangements for weddings. Learn how to create a Christmas wreath.

A potential customer has a clear intent can lead to two things:

  • They will begin their influence journey on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube by watching flower arrangements or flower selection videos and seeking inspiration.
  • Go directly to Google and type one of the following phrases:

1. Flower Delivery + location
2. Same-day flower delivery
3. Same-day flower delivery + location
4. Wedding flower services
5. Flower subscription services

A Well Optimized GMB (Google My Business) Profile


A Google My Business Profile (GMB) that is well-optimized can become an influential source of leads due to its reviews, content, images, and products. Even if you are not ranking as highly as other listings, an enhanced GMB can generate leads for your listing. Here are the elements you should optimize to turn your GMB into a revenue-generating channel.

1. Categories on the ‘Info’ section.
The category you select significantly affects local rankings. Your firm’s main category defines what it does (for example, a law firm, dentist, plumber, or hair salon). Furthermore, this category will be the only one available to everyone.


2. Reviews
Reviews are a critical ranking component and a conversion factor. They are critical to local businesses, not only to differentiate but to build legitimacy. According to BrightLocal’s recent survey, 77% of consumers consistently or regularly read online reviews when searching for local businesses.

When a customer searches for a brand, Google will display the company’s reviews prominently on its profile, increasing its credibility. Always replying to customers’ comments increases the likelihood that they will leave reviews for you.

Consumers may be drawn in by positive reviews and may identify issues with customer service through negative ones.


3. Products
A frequently updated Products section can be a powerful revenue generator if positioned higher than the Services category. It is more prominent than the Services category because it is higher on the page. You can include the following in this section:

  • Images
  • Call-to-Action Buttons
    Having the right product in front of the right customer at the right time is critical in e-commerce. Matching customers’ search intent with relevant products helps them make a purchase decision faster and more efficiently.

4. Images
There’s no denying the significance of visual content in marketing. Google has made it simpler for users to search for pictures and text, resulting in more relevant results. You may want to add pictures to the Image section of your GBP, but it cannot be easy. Ensure high-quality pictures you post for your products, logos, and general imagery. When adding pictures to your Product section, ensure that they adhere to Google’s rules for Business Profile pictures.

5. Posts
Posting new products, events, workshops, or special offers on your Business Profile is a great way to advertise. It’s always best to add call-to-action buttons to your posts to help you increase sales and revenue and make it simpler for your customers to complete a transaction.


You’ll want your posts to be precise, informative, and valuable to your customers. Creating unhelpful content by turning keywords into topics is not the way to go if you like your posts to rank well on search result pages. It is against the rules, and it won’t work.


6. UTM tags
Google My Business Profiles can be utilized to track precisely how many visits, transactions, and revenue your website receives as a result of Google My Business Profiles. In order to add UTM tags to your website URLs, follow these steps.

Create a bookmark for Google’s Campaign URL Builder (it’s worth the effort). Then, enter the following information in lowercase:

  • Website URL.
  • Campaign source.
  • Campaign medium.
  • Campaign name.

At the end of the page, you should include a URL such as this:


Paste the website link you just created into the blank space with the earth icon (which represents a website) in the information section of  your Google My Business Profile.

It should begin tracking, and you will see its data on Google Analytics in a few days. You can see its data on GA by going to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.

Local Flower Shop Case Study

In January 2021, before the critical season (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter), I assisted Magnolia’s Flower Shop, located in a stunning village in Northamptonshire, England, in making some modifications to their Google Business Profile.

  • They want to improve the information section.
  • Build a catalog of items and classifications based on the most popular products and services.
  • They began posting updates about new product launches, upcoming flower workshops, and offers to keep their customers informed.
    By the end of April 2021, Magnolia achieved approximately $27,000 in revenue just by using their Google My Business Profile to generate sales.

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Things You Should Avoid When Creating Your Profile

  • Keyword Stuffing

Google Business Profile names cannot include keywords or cities; therefore, adding them is pointless. Having different keywords won’t have any effect on local rankings or organic listings. Remember that GMB activities won’t affect other listings and vice versa.


Lawyers, insurance firms, and dentists all had a tough time in late April. Businesses far from their sites or with keyword-laden names were hurt the most.

It’s a common misconception that adding keywords to your business description (in the information section) will improve visibility or local rankings. This is incorrect and just a spammy practice. Your business descriptions should be brief and include details that will be helpful for your customers. In 2021, April will be over.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags will not be helpful on your GMB content since Google is not Instagram or Twitter. They don’t affect discoverability or local search.


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