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What is SEO?

I'm Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads. Today, we're asking ourselves different questions about marketing. So what is SEO?

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By Jeremy Ashburn
September 25th, 2017

What is a SEO?

Hey guys. I’m Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads. And, right now we’re just gonna ask ourselves some of the main questions that clients ask me throughout the year. So, the very first question is, what is SEO?

Defining SEO

So, SEO is essentially, is the process of making little inside tweaks and outside tweaks on your website, so that over time your website becomes more search engine and friendly to Google. Essentially, your website looks more streamlined and beautiful to Google.

Learn all about SEO with PushleadsAnd, these little inside tweaks could be changing different words around on your website, finding really common search phrases that people are looking for, and also making inside tweaks on the back end. Like, adding a site map and other technical things that we’ll do over time.

And what happens is, over time all these little inside tweaks add up along with outside tweaks, such as other websites linking towards you and other properties across the web with your name, address, and phone number. Those are called citations.

So, over time, all of these little inside tweaks and outside tweaks add up to where your website looks more beautiful at Google and you start moving up to the top of Google, and other search engines for common search phrases.

SEO Compared to Falling in Love

I kind of think of this whole process like falling in love with somebody. You go on a first date with somebody, and it’s like oh, I think you’re kind of cute or, I’m interested in you. And then over time, then you go on the second and third date. And maybe their buying you flowers, or taking you to the movies, or taking you out to dinner.

Learn all about SEOOr maybe over time, you’re doing more and more things, and over time, maybe after 10 or 15 dates, you’re like hey, I think I’m falling in love with this person. Well, SEO is very similar in the sense that you’re making these changes over time.

You’re doing all these little things, and Google begins to fall in love with your website because you’re doing things that Google loves. And essentially, Google sort of falls in love with you. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it’s totally how it works.

You probably heard … We’ve probably all heard the expression that, it’s all the little things, right? When you’re falling in love it’s all the little things that somebody does, that makes you think wow, this person really loves me.

You bought them dinner, you took them out to a drive-in movie theater, whatever it is. And so, essentially SEO, getting back to what is SEO. SEO is making all these little inside tweaks and outside tweaks to your website over time so that Google then falls in love with you and you show up at the top of Google for common searches.

And, when you show at the top of Google for searches, then that begins to change your business, because more people can see you at the top of Google. They can call you, they can walk into your business, they can do a contact form submit on your website and, your business can start to grow.

Want to Learn More?

So if you want to learn more about how this works you can call me directly at 828-348-7686, or go to pushleads.com where you can do an SEO audit, and we’ll find out how strong your website is for a particular search phrase.

I’m Jeremy Ashburn with Push Leads, thanks.

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