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Are Meta Robots Tags Important For Search Rankings?

Today we're discussing the question; are meta tags important for search rankings? To answer that, let's first understand a meta robots tag.

Are Meta Tags Important?

Is there any relation between search rankings and meta robots tags? Google’s John Mueller addresses this frequently asked SEO issue.


“If a site does not have a robot meta tag, does this affect the ranking negatively?”

To answer this question, let’s first understand a meta robots tag.

“Meta tags,” also known as robots meta directives, are snippets of code that tell the bots that crawl the page how to access or index the content that is on the web pages.


You are able to use a robots meta tag to control how a particular page is indexed and displayed in Google Search results.

SEO Aspects of the Meta Tags


John Mueller of Google talks about Meta Robots tags.


“We talk about some of these SEO aspects so often that it’s easy to assume they’re needed. In this case, no. A meta robots tag is not needed for ranking.”


The robots meta tag can pinpoint how a specific page should be shown in search or if it shouldn’t. This metatag is only required if you want to change the default appearance of a page in the search results.

For example, if you want to modify how long the snippet can be, you can use the max snippet robot metatag.


If you don’t have any preferences concerning how a page is to be displayed, then not having a robots metatag on a page is also absolutely fine.


If you’re interested in the options, I will check out our documentation on both the robots meta tags and on other tags that Google supports.”


Everything people see in search results will not necessarily affect search rankings.

Meta robots tags do not send signals or information to Google that can be used to determine where a page would appear in search results. As a result, a page with meta robots tags does not automatically have the edge over a page without them.


Meta robots tags are still useful. You can use them to change how Google displays your pages in search results if you are dissatisfied with how they look.


Google won’t count the nositelinkssearchbox tag as a signal of your content’s quality. If you prefer not to have the search box, you can use the nositelinkssearchbox tag. 


Visit Google’s official help page for information about the meta robots tags they support.


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