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Local SEO services are what brings in more business and more customers with less Effort. Learn why.

Local Search Marketing & How it Can Help Grow Your Business

While expanding your business to new towns, states, and nations is always a wonderful idea, you don’t want to forget about your neighbors. If you don’t implement local search marketing, for example, your competitors could take a significant portion of your client base. 

Especially when the area is quite huge, local SEO services keep you at the top of your neighbors’ minds. Our goal with local searches, like all SEO, will be targeted to your individual needs with the goal of increasing customers, search engine visibility, and revenue. One method we do this is by employing tactics that are designed to propel your company to the top of online search results. When your neighbors look for businesses in the area that are similar to yours, they will find yours first. 

Online Presence


You’ll need to improve your online profiles so that search engines recognize your business in the right searches to promote your local search presence. Creating a profile on Google My Business can help you achieve that.  

To offer your company the best chance of appearing in searches, you must provide correct, consistent NAPU (name, address, phone number, URL) to the most prominent search directories in your industry. 

This consistent information will convince the search engine that your company is trustworthy. 


If, on the other hand, the listings on those well-known directories contain false or inconsistent information, the search engine will be unsure whether or not to trust your company.

Local marketing refers to a company’s online marketing methods for getting its products or services in front of local customers and engaging new and potential customers within a certain radius with the goal of turning them into diehard fans.

Local Business

Businesses with a physical storefront in their town, such as restaurants, bars, spas, medical offices, and chiropractors, typically use local marketing. 

Why is local marketing important when there are so many different types of marketing that can help your business grow? Simply said, without using local marketing tools and strategies, it is nearly hard to win over the clients who will support your firm.


In Closing

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Video Review

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Video Transcription

Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn with PushLeads. Today, we’re going to do a quick little video about Local SEO.

First thing this Monday morning, I received a phone call. Somebody found my business in Kingsport, Tennessee. So we’ve been doing ongoing SEO, and we’re showing up higher and higher and Google in other areas, not just Asheville.

He has an HVAC business, and times have been tricky for him. While other businesses have been doing well, his particular business isn’t doing well. He’s consolidating. So he asks me this question: “What happens if I delete my website from the Google My Business Listing?”

His business listing is showing up in Google maps, and he’s paying about $15 a month for his website. And he was wondering what happens if I delete my website.

So I was like, “wow, that’s a great question. Let’s, let’s do a little video about that.” Let’s jump into a bit of presentation right here.

I’m not going to go into my background, but essentially I’ve been doing SEO since 2005. For the last ten years, I’ve been working with local service companies.

Let’s talk about Google maps. So, if you don’t have a business listing, you’ll need to create one because it’s super important that your business shows up in Google maps (the maps pack).

To demonstrate, I’m going to use this tool and enter “SEO Services” because one of the services I provide is SEO services. And I can see here in Asheville that there were Google Ads at the top, White Fox my competitor, then I’m number two on the maps. I’ve got more reviews than my major competitor. Of course, my team is much more awesome than them!

As I said, it’s super important that you show up in the maps because people look at that first results, then the regular search results. If people can see you in the maps listing, they’re going to call you.

That’s actually what just happened to me.

So, regardless of whether you have an HVAC business or a plumber or a carpet cleaner or whatever you are, it’s super important that you’re showing up as many in as many Google maps searches as possible.

Of course, it’s free to create your business listing if you haven’t already.

Like what just happened to me this morning, the first thing on a Monday morning, my business received a phone call from Google. Google Maps listings drive people to your website, and they can call you. If you don’t have a maps listing at this point, then definitely make one in the future.

We’ll talk about how to improve your maps listing in the. If you don’t have a map listing, go ahead and create one, even if you’re an e-commerce business. And even if you’re, you know, you’re serving people nationwide, it’s still important to have a maps listing because it tells Google that you want to play nice with them.

And in the past, Google has been abused repeatedly by people, that we’re just trying to pull the wool over Google’s eyes. And it worked for some time, but Google eventually learned that it was being abused. Just like real people, Google hates being abused and is always looking for ways in which people try to abuse it. And when finds situations where people try to abuse it, it shuts that situation down.  

So, if you play nice with Google and have a maps listing and do other things, like having Google Analytics on your site and do regular blogging, Google likes that.

I always tell people that working with Google is sort of like falling in love.

You know, when you meet somebody on a date. Then, afterward, you send them a text, bring them flowers, and get to know them. You spend more and more time with them, going out to dinner and movies and eating in and going on hikes and doing different things with them. You’re building a relationship.

Google likes the same thing. Google wants you to build a relationship with it. It’s not looking for a quick fix. It’s looking for a serious long-term relationship.

So let’s ask the question: Which Google my business fields affect your SEO ranking? And what we’re going to do is look at this article that answers the questions.

Your rankings. And we’re just going to take a look at it real quick here. So, adding business descriptions to your name can be helpful (but Google doesn’t usually allow it). After that, categories affect your ranking. So there are 4,000 categories, and you can pick the top 10 categories for your business. S the categories are important. Of course, your reviews are essential. And then, the last important thing is your website.

So, um, if you delete your website, it’s going to affect the rankings. Having a website is the fourth thing that will affect your rankings.

So, I wanted to make a video answer that question real quick.  

So, if you have a business listing, don’t delete your website!  

All right. I’m Jeremy Ashburn with push leads, and I play in traffic.


What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

Is your business visible to your potential customers? If you haven’t invested in honing your local SEO, you’re missing out on quality leads on mobile and desktop. After all, you are a local business looking for local customers. Local SEO isn’t all smoke and mirrors, as many people think. That’s why we’re here to clear it all up. It’s the combination of several tools and strategies. Let’s look at four ways to boost your local SEO rankings and help more of your customers find you, exactly when they need you.

Use These Four Tips Immediately to boost your local SEO.

Optimize your Google My Business Page

There are dozens of ways that you can optimizing your Google My Business page, or GMB for short. Google My Business pages allow you to highlight special deals and sales for customers in your area, as well as call attention to local events.

You can start by adding a “Direct Connect” link on your website. In order for this to work, you’ll need to link to a listing of your business on Google Maps, Google My Business, or Google Business Search.

Close-up view of businessman using Google Pay paying for public

From there, you’ll want to do some cleaning and updating of the information available on your page. Use this space to gather more local leads and keep them engaged on the web. You can also use your Google My Business page to showcase your business online.

GMB pages provide essential information, like phone numbers, addresses, hours, and more. Additionally, these pages are home to one of the most essential and most-searched-for aspects of modern-day businesses: reviews.

Grow Your Business with Local SEO

Ask your Customers for Reviews on Google

Everyone wants to tell the world what they think about a product, service, or restaurant. Do your customers do the same thing for you?

According to a study by the Institute for Private Consumer Research, over 70 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If you aren’t asking customers to rate you on Google, you’re missing out on one of the best online marketing methods. It doesn’t take much time at all but can lead to big rewards.

No matter the type of business you have, Google can help you solve your local SEO challenges with its comprehensive reviews. Your loyal customers provide these reviews.

Make Sure you Have a Website

A website is an essential tool in your local SEO arsenal. It’s far more important than the ads you put on Google. Your website can drive leads and keep customers from moving on to a competitor.

With a custom mobile app and live chat feature, you can provide your customers with instant access to your company’s resources. This goes a long way to improving your search rankings.

Your customers need to see you, and a website is the fastest way for them to do that.

But this is more than just a website. You need to have an active website. This is not a passive way to build your company, as we’ve seen with startups who aren’t actively trying to develop their websites. We’ve seen other companies’ websites flop after moving their focus away from their website’s construction and performance.

When paired with excellent web design and branding, things like local SEO keyword usage in webpage copy, meta tags, alt text, etc., will boost your local ranking to gain the visibility you’ve been looking for.

Asheville Local SEO Services

Create a Link Profile

Many businesses that employ search engine optimization already have solidified link profiles, but this doesn’t mean your efforts should stop there.

It’s a good idea to link to other local business pages on relevant social media platforms to create a community-based effect. Doing so will strengthen your brand and provide your customers with a constant stream of content from local businesses.

This helps build a solid and loyal customer base. It’s essential to remain true to your brand’s tone. If you’re a mom-and-pop shop or restaurant, for example, you shouldn’t link to a golf shop, gym, or spa. Remember, these brands are not the same as you.

Consider Local SEO

There’s no shortage of digital marketing strategies. Still, suppose you’re looking for tools to help your business grow and maintain its presence online and in town. In that case, a focus on local SEO needs to be considered.

At PushLeads, we can help you tailor those local SEO efforts to your business model and bring in customers with cash in hand.

We can help your business rank online and locally. Check out our free SEO audit tool and contact us today to get on track for local SEO ranking.

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