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20 SEO Tips for 2018

20 SEO Tips for Success in 2018

More Business. More Customers. Less Effort.

Now that 2018 is just about here, we decided to compile a list of the best 20 tips to boost your website’s presence in Google in 2018. This list is an awesome guide for dominating Google’s search results in 2018. The strategies that your looking at will work right now at the end of 2017 and throughout 2017. This list of SEO tips will help you up your SEO game in 2018 and beyond. Follow this list of SEO tips to give your website the boost it needs to really start moving to the top of Google.

1. Keyword Research

Of course, Keyword Research is the best place you should start when doing any type of SEO Campaign. Keyword Research is important because it tells you exactly what people are really searching for in Google. Without that data, you’ll relying on a best guess as to what people are looking for. That’s a horrible way to run any business!

Keyword Research involves targeting and optimizing for the right keyword for your business. Most SEO beginners make the mistake of not optimizing their sites for any keywords, trying to optimize for too many keywords, or optimizing for keywords that are unimportant.

The best way to avoid making that same mistake is the optimize each page and blog post on their site for just one main keyword. When writing content for a page or blog post, simply ask yourself “what is this page all about?” The answer to that question will lead you down the path of finding the best keyword for that page.

Before going any further, take that search into Google and do a Google search for that keyword. Doing this will help you understand what the best result will be for that keyword. So, if you see results that are the same as where you’re trying to rank, than that’s a great keyword. If the results are totally different from what you are trying to rank, that keyword probably isn’t the best keyword to use.

2. Consider Search Intent

While doing keyword research, it’s totally possible to come across an amazing keyword that has high volume that looks good. However, just because a keyword has high research volume doesn’t mean that it’s a great keyword.

What you have to remember is that there are three different types of searches:

  • Informational Searches: searches when someone is looking for the answer of something or they want to learn more about it.
  • Navigational Searches: searches when someone is looking for a specific website or brand.
  • Buying Searches: this is a search when someone is looking to buy something and is ready to pull the trigger.

If you’re wanting to rank for keywords that bring value to your business, you’ll want to target keywords that have a relevant intent. Ask yourself if people who are searching for that keyword are likely to buy what you are selling? Do you have a clear way to convert that web visitor into a lead? What about the Search Volume? Is the search volume high enough to consider going after that keyword?

If that answer to any of these questions is a no, then you’ve got the wrong keyword.

3. Answer Questions with Compelling Content

Sites like Quora are great places to finding keyword and content ideas. What you want to do is try to find questions that have been asked many times. This means that the question is super popular because it keeps coming up over and over. It can also mean that there aren’t good answers on Google for that particular question. This means that you’ve got a huge opportunity to answer those questions yourself in well written blog posts, infographics, or video posts. The better you answer common questions, the greater you’ll have a chance to grab a number one spot in Google with a compelling piece of content.

Another great way to find questions is to use the Moz Keyword Explorer tool. Their Keyword explorer is so awesome because it allows you to discover common questions. From there, you can begin to come up with content that answers those questions.

Here’s how to use the tool:
1. Login to the Moz Keyword Explorer tool.
2. Do a Search for a keyword.
3. Select see all suggestions
4. On Display keyword suggestions click the down carrot and select are questions.
5. Make a list of great questions to start using in content.

4. Understand Google's Rankbrain

In 2015, Google announced that a new piece of their algorithm called RankBrain would become a major ranking factor. Essentially, RankBrain is an artificial intelligence machine learning system that helps Google organize and sort search results. What RankBrain does is mesaure how people interact with search results and moves them up or down the ranking accordingly. How does RankBrain work in real life? Lets say that you live in Charlotte NC and do a google search for “Plumbers in Charlotte NC.” You then click on the first Five results on the Google Search. While the first Two plumbing companies seem interesting, the Third Plumbing company really has a compelling website. In fact, you end spending 5 whole minutes of time on that particular site, reading about the plumbing company, picking through their testimonials, and eventually contacting them. What Google does through the RankBrain Algorithm is notice how long you spend on all three sites. RankBrain “sees” that you spend just 25 seconds on the First plumbers website, 45 seconds on the Second site, and a whole 5 minutes on the Third site. RankBrain takes note of this and then “watches” what other people do. If enough people bounce away from the first result but keep looking at the third result, Google will move that First result down and move the result where people spend more time on the site up. RankBrain focuses these two main factors: Dwell Time and Click Through Rate. Dwell time is how long people spend on a website. Click Through Rate is what percentage of people who click on your result. A recent study by a company called SearchMetrics found that a top ten Google result usually has a Dwell time that is over 3 minutes. Click Thru Rate, or CTR, is all about making a website show up at the top of Google if people keep clicking on the website. The best SEO tip we can give you regarding RankBrain is to work hard on increasing the Dwell time on your site with compelling content.

4. Understand Google's Rankbrain

In 2015, Google announced that a new piece of their algorithm called RankgBrain would become a major ranking factor.




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